Is Kandi Burruss Jealous Of Nene Leakes?

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Many of you noticed the eye Kandi Burruss gave Nene Leakes during the reunion on Sunday, when Andrew Cohen was admiring her 15 carat engagement ring. Was Kandi rolling her eyes due to the rumors about Nene buying her own engagement ring or is she jealous of her Hollywood success?

Left: Nene's 15 carat engagement ring. Right: Kandi's 2 carat pave diamond ring.

NeNe retweeted one of her follower’s observations, sharing, “u can c Kandi’s envy when Andy says how big a bling u got. honey shine bright like a diamond.”
Kandi obviously heard the whispers and tweeted to her fans.

Kandi has always said she balled on a budget, she lived in her first house for 19 years and only recently bought a huge mansion. She appears to be a shrewd business woman, spending very limited money on her wardrobe, cars, and frivolous material items, unlike some of her co-stars. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Is Kandi Jealous Of Nene?

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  • i doubt it…i think Kandi had the luxury to getting a ring like that and chose to go with something was comfortable for her. Nene on the other hand got something that was comfortable to her…which is bling bling bling lol. I doubt there is any jealousy they are two different type of people with two different types of taste

  • I agree with Ebonye I think that they are two very different personalities.

  • bigKitty

    Kandi has been wealthy and self-sufficient for years; she has absolutely no reason to be jealous of NeNe – she just doesn’t like her and sometimes you just don’t like some people.

  • keyiaG

    Kandi been making $$$$. She understands perfectly that in order to continue to stay wealthy you have to invest in things wisely. A 15 carat ring isn’t wise especially for a person who just newly found fame. Ne Ne is foolish. She’s not that rich.

  • MaChelle

    Why was there a big controversy about Kandi’s engagement and whether she bought it or not? Who bought Nene’s 15 carat engagement ring? Greg holdin’ like that!? O_o

  • Minx

    Kandi has nothing to be jealous about! She is the most successful woman on the show Nene can not compete with kandi’s net worth! So Nene needs to get over herself.

    • speak. kandi been making the money nene just started making since nene before nene even hit the stripper pole

  • I’m glad Nene is doing so well, but tired of all her bragging. I think Kandi has heard enough of it too. Not jealous at all

  • i seriously dont believe that kandi is or even has to be jealous of nee nee leaks. kandi has been on the scene since i was a child… so what she does not “ball out” like the rest of her cast mates… she knows that as fast as it comes it can also go… ppl just want to think that everyone wants what they have but its not always the case… nee nee leaks needs to grow up and get a life….

  • There is no way Kandi is jealous of Nene by any means. Kandi been had money on top of money and can out spend Nene any day. Kandi can run miles around her with out thinking twice. We all now how money changes people it just shows a fool will part with its money if you don’t spend it wisely. Kandi has proven she’s no fool. Team Kandi!

  • Joyce Tigner

    The difference is Kandi is use to having money and has nothing to prove! NeNe has new money and wants to show that she has it. That’s why Kandi has money and will keep money! Kandi does not strike me as the type that would require Todd to purchase her a big huge ring to prove his love.

  • Shay

    I don’t think Kandi is jealous. I think she’s tired of the so called bragging. Truth be told Nene has been blinging since day one, so what is there to get upset over.

  • The reason Kandi is still rich is because she is smart with her MONEY and she has been rich for quite sometime. Neenee is new to having the money
    and fame. Plus Greg had to compete with the rich guy from the previuos season that was showering NeeNEE with all those gifts. I like both women both are strong and have different personalities thats all.

  • connie

    I think she was a lil jealous that the fact Andy gushed over Nene’s ring more. Like stated they both have differ taste. Ev1 stating Nene bragging but you remember Nene buy on a budget too. She might be doing a lil more bcuz she has the means too. Theyre all Fabulous women in their own way.


    NeNe have a 15 carat ring on her finger but have a used dinette sets from Kenya

  • kandi is a smart chick in business, and in her personal life, nene leakes feel she have to keep up with the jones so of course she would spend HER money on a ring f*** that tall manly looking bitch with her bleach blonde hair that look like she spit in a comb and combed through it. she shady as f*** and I honestly feel she is jealous of kandi,

  • Hell naw she ain’t jealous. Kandi is too smart and too classy. That’s what really bothers Nene because she’d like to think that the show put Kandi on the map like it did her. She’d like to come out and say that she helped put Kandi on, like she was able to say with Kim, and that’s not true. As happy as one can be for Nene’s success, the truth is that she based her career on being kind of a buffoon for the masses. She can’t say that about Kandi and she hates that.

  • I admire Kandi. Kandi and Nene are very different. Am proud of Nene success, and Kandi. Every one of the housewives are successful in there own right, their is no need to be envy of anyone else. Kandi please continue to be yourself. Kandi am a very big fan of yours, and starting real soon I will be selling your sex toy line, I cant wait to get started

  • Miss Kandi got the engagement ring she wanted if she had wanted a 20 carat ring trust she would have it. Bur Todd got her the exact ring she ask for. Go Todd you made your woman happy and that’s all that matters.

  • Kelle73

    Kandi is worthy $35 million and Nee Nee is worth $5 million… now tell me who is jealous!…. lol