Kenya Moore Is Disgusted By Chuck Smith

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore was a little disgusted by Chuck’s behavior on this episode, also she had a few choice words for Cynthia and Peter’s relationship. Check out her blog below.

via Kenya Moore’s Blog:
I’m so happy to be healthy. I underwent surgery last week (myomectomy), which is a surgery to remove fibroid tumors of the uterus. The surgery was successful, and I was able the watch the episode Sunday from my hospital bed. Thank you for all of your well wishes and kind regards.


I was disgusted by Chuck’s distasteful admissions and disrespect for his wife, Kandi, and Phaedra. We all were told a very different story on what their “relationships” were. Chuck didn’t need to admit he had casual sex with Phaedra or throw Kandi under the bus with her. Frankly, it isn’t any of our business. I would be ashamed to be married to a man like that. A real man doesn’t need to drag a woman through the mud for the sake of appeasing his wife. Phaedra should be familiar with this. However, in this case, Chuck looked like a real jackass not a “real player.” A gentleman or real “player” doesn’t have to try to prove to everyone how much of a player he is or was or…clearly wasn’t. Chuck’s respect for women is in the same place his hairline is now…it left him a long time ago.


What the hell? A married man of less than 5 years tells his wife he wants a man cave of his own in the form of an apartment across town! Cynthia is a better woman than me. I imagine my response to that request would be to pack all of my husband’s belongings and throw him out on the curb where he should be for that kind of nonsense. Married men don’t get their own apartments “to escape” their lives with their wives. That’s what the strip club is for. LOL! Seriously, marriage is for better or for worse. It appears that the communication in their relationship needs a lot of work. You cannot operate independently when you have a lifetime partnership and commitment with someone. No, I’ve never been married but I have been in long-term relationships lasting longer than most marriages do. So yes, I do understand that communication and honesty is the foundation of ANY relationship. Bar none.

Cynthia’s sister Malorie dropping by for a 2-month impromptu visit is insane. I appreciate that she wants to heal the relationship with Cynthia, but she is married, therefore, Peter’s feelings must be consulted and respected.


Malorie telling Cynthia sex 2-3 times is fine…A DAY!

Chuck telling kids NeNe was the top actress in the world. I guess Athens is a small town.

What are your thoughts, do you agree with Kenya? Post your comments below.

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  • Carrie Sears

    Kenya just shocked me, she just spoke like she had good sense.

  • JustI

    She just made a whole a lot of sense but Peter being mad that mel just popped up is understandable but not if he didn’t tell Cynthia he was gonna buy a new car.

  • MaryLynn

    I never thought I would agree with Kenya but in this case she is right on.

  • Cheryl Galmer

    I have to say that everything that Kenya said is correct. I’m not one of her fans normally, but everything she said about Chuck Smith right on the money, I’m sure his wife has a lot of respect for a man who showed the world how he really feels about women. Peter is really starting to make me ill, the way he treats Cynthia, she is a beautiful women who deserves to have her feelings acknowledged. And probably needs to go and think about her future with this man, who really doesn’t respect her for the business women she is and the beautiful women with class.

  • Pooochee

    I am usually not team Kenya; however, everything she said was right and I am in total agreement with her. I’m not necessarily a fan of Nene either so we need to remember how all of these “who slept with chuck” conversations started. NENE started it at Chuck’s house. What was her point to bring this up in front of his wife who is supposedly her friend whom she wants be around the “girls” more.
    Goes to show you money can’t buy a person class.

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