Khloe & Lamar | Season 2, Episode 10 – Recap

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Family Reunion

 by Melissa Cherenfant

Rob is in the house!! Khloe is so happy she has her brother in Texas that she does not want him to go back. She is giving Rob the Texan VIP style so he will stay. But, Rob is not feeling it. He likes being home and really does not want to stay.

Kris is getting involved where she shouldn’t as usual. She thinks because she is Lamar’s manager she should be getting the VIP treatment. Rob goes to Kris’s room and see’s that she has the penthouse suite. Rob feels that his mother should not be rubbing shoulders with Mark Cuban because of Lamar’s connection with him. But as usual she does not care.

Kris decides to fly the whole family out on Mark Cuban’s dime. They all go to see the game and Khloe does not realize that the sky box belongs to Mark. Khloe realizes that Kris is going behind her back and she is not happy. She leaves the box and goes and sits in her regular seats. It was a priceless moment when she looks into the crowd and sees Khloe and Kourtney going to her regular seats. Khloe does not think Lamar is not going to be happy about what she is doing. She is definitely crossing the line for perks.

The Kardashian clan are all pressuring Rob to stay with Lamar. He just wants to go home. I feel Rob is gaining his own confidence and being on his own is a good thing. They try and guilt him into staying. Kris is giving Lamar advice about getting in tune with his team. Lamar does not have his mother and Kris is giving him moral support. I get it Kris but, I know there are dollar signs in her head all the time.

The Kardashian’s are having a last meal before they go home. And Lamar was not offended at all that Kris got the VIP treatment from the Mavericks. He actually liked to have them around. Rob wants to have his own independence. But, at the last minute he decides to not go home and they are so happy he is staying. Last season they all got on him about being a bum and now he is trying to do things for himself and they are bothering him again. FREE ROB FROM THEM LOL!!!!!!!!

Next episode Compulsive Behavior Sun, May 6 10:00 PM
Rob’s compulsive behavior gets out of hand after his living arrangements change; Malika gets jealous of Khloe’s friendship with NBA wife Porschla Kidd.

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