Kim Richards Refusing Rehab After Arrest, Wants Sober Living Companion Instead

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via Radar Online:
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards still isn’t ready for rehab, despite being arrested for being drunk in public earlier this week after a very public relapse. Instead, Radar has learned, she’s telling those in her inner circle that she wants a sober living companion to help her cope with the ongoing stress in her life. ​

With ex-husband, Monty, battling terminal cancer, and one of her adult children recently hospitalized for mental health issues, “Kim knows that she needs help,” a source told Radar. “But she is refusing to go to rehab. She doesn’t want to be away from Monty and with Brooke‘s second wedding coming up, it’s just not a good time. Instead, Kim wants a sober living companion to live with her.”

“Kim seems to think the sober living companion would prevent her from drinking again, but her family thinks it’s a terrible idea,” the source continued. “It’s just a glorified babysitter, and it does not address Kim’s problems.”

“If anybody thinks Kim fell of the wagon for the first time because she watched the RHOBH reunion, well, they need to go buy oceanfront property in Arizona. The drinking had been getting worse over the past few weeks, but to blame it on the show is just Kim’s attempt to deflect responsibility for her addiction.”

Richards was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel early Thursday morning for being drunk in public, trespassing and kicking a cop.

Adding to the drama, she has been feuding with her sister, Kyle, and dealing with a lawsuit from a former friend, Kay Rozario, who was attacked by her dog.

Kim needs a massive, intervention. She actually needs to go on the television show, Intervention on LMN, (Lifetime Movie Network). This woman is a classic case of someone who is in so much denial it’s painful. Bravo also should NOT bring her back on the show, it’s not healthy for her. What are your thoughts? Rehab? Sober living companion or firing? Post your comments below.

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  • Bobby

    Kim needs to get help and RHOBH fans have known that for awhile now. BRAVO needs t

  • Tiffy

    She needs the rehab. BADLY.

  • shadowpawpaw

    So far she had blamed everything but her own addictive personality and everyone has blamed Brandi.. Kim has been drinking for a long long time.. it’s no secret even tho Kyle tried to hide it until it suited her and the camera angle was right.. Kim needs help and she need to get off the show to get it.

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