Kim Zolciak Biermann Gives The Reason Why She Has 4 Children Under 2½!

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Kim Zolciak Biermann showed us a picture of her sexy and hunky husband yesterday, and claimed he is the reason she will have 4 children under the age of 2½. I’m not blaming Kim at all, I would probably have a child a year working with that.
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kroy biermann-shirtless

Yes! I ain’t mad atcha Kim. But she also does states that this will be her last pregnancy :-). What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • Mixed Chick

    I’d have 4 kids and more lol

    • Emily


  • Soncie22

    I don’t know about having FOUR kids, but I do know there would be lots and lots of practice!

  • j lo

    She just went he’s money.

    • Martha

      Yeah, women have 4 kids in a row to get a guys money. It takes a toll on the body so I doubt that she is using him for $$$.

  • FifeRJ

    Wow she’s going to have 6 kids once her twins are born! And boy her husband is almost as hot as mine!!

  • Jennifer Frisbee

    In her show the Nanny looked after the boys more than she did, that is sad. It will be the Nanny watching them not her.

    • luvsbnagrammy

      EXACTLY, she couldn’t deal with just KJ, so you know she will have 4 nannies for each kid, Kroy better never loose his job, nor get injured, 6kids and a materialistic wife, don’t come cheap these days!!

  • Joanne Truppo Black

    Guess she hasn’t heard of birth control!

  • luvsbnagrammy

    Such a dumb article, her ass got preggers because she didn’t use birth control, don’t put the blame on the hubby’s looks, my hubby is very nice looking also, but I don’t have 4 kids one right after another, she wanted to keep him tied down with kids so he don’t leave her ass, you know the saying ”cheaper to keep her!!