Kim Zolciak Is Pregnant

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Kim Zolciak has revealed to Life & Style that she is expecting her second child with husband Kroy Biermann!

Kroy and I are so excited. To decide we wanted to get pregnant again and have it happen so quickly was such a blessing. People are going to be shocked, because nobody knows,” says Kim, who has yet to find out the sex of the baby. But boy or girl, “I’m so excited that KJ will have a little buddy.

Kim is four months along. Kim and Kroy are the parents of their first child together, son Kroy Jagger (KJ) Jr., born in May 2011 and Kim has two daughters, Brielle, 15, and Ariana, 9, from previous relationships.

Kim and Kroy began dating in May 2010 and their fairy-tale wedding was filmed for their Bravo show, Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding, which premieres April 26 at 9/8c.

Congrats Kim and Kroy!

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  • Audrey19 Daniels

    Congrats Kim and Kroy!!!!!

  • Shes just another one tryna get fame off tv. She probably has a nanny raising them kids. Shame…

  • Jlady

    This one and Sherae are my least favorites.  Kim has everybody else helping her with the baby she has now, so make the baby, give birth but where is she active, before you disagree watch the show.

    • syd-n-sky’s mommy

      She needs help with EVERYTHING!!! Nanny’s, a personal assistant. She is the laziest mother I have ever seen!!!

  • Ceecarmen1983


  • Klady3368

    Congratulations Kim & Kroy! I love the fact that you don’t engage in the foolishness with the other women. Keep doing what your doing taking care of your family putting them FIRST. Congrats again.

    • Shelia

      I am so sorry for Kory, everything she have came from big papa!!!! She need someone to sit here down and let her know,the person she call her best friend she turn around and fired. She propably didn’t want to go through raising Who told her to lay with a man and get herself pregnant in 8 month. 

  • Melissa

    I am so glad that she has found a real family man. She is Happy and thats why people hate on her.

    • Sheila

      No, it is not about hate. Kim do not know how to treat anyone. she is lazy!!!!!!!!!!! I like Kroy, but Kim needs to know who is a real friend. She have miss treated someone who truely love her. She is a gold digger. Her oldest daughter don’t listen to her, but she want her best friend to be a slave to her, when her own seed tell her what she is not going to do. All, Kim wants is to sit on her flat behind, and have someone serve her. She need to get that oldest child in order. Why should anyone hate on her, when she was laying up with a married man, and everything she own it is because of him. So, it is not hate, I dislike like women who would lay down with a married man, but talk about everyone else. She don’t have respect for herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What goes around ,will come around. I pray God help Kim with her heart! Stop gossiping about everyone.

  • Annie

    Have to say congrats to Kroy & Kim. Kim you’ve found a really honest guy. be humble and learn to be a proper wife. You could still stay true to yourself but remove the trash in you.

  • Divadollface Gabby

    Im glad that Kim found the man of her dreams because every woman deserve that,but the prego part i don’t know how to feel about that because based on what i see on the show, she got sweetie and everybody else taking care of the new baby baby not her.

    • Sheila

      Thank you!!!!! She is Lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, she can sit around and gossip about everyone. Kim, take the time out and look in a mirror, a very long look. You have hurt a lot of people. First, sleeping with any married man, nothing good comes out of it. God don’t like it, Second, the one that i felt who truely had your back, was the only friend that who have not allow anyone to say anything negative about you, that was Sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When, you told your new hair designer about Sweetie, the adult thing you should have done was sit down and had a long talk with her. Maybe, after Kory came into your life, you forgot all about her. She probably felt maybe what everyone was saying, that she was only your slave. You step on people,and don’t even realize it. Your father,your hair designer or anyone else should have mind their own buisness. You didn’t go to Kandi, Phaedra, and your best freind Sheree,you didn’t talk with them about Sweetie. To be honest, you have got rid of all your help that was black. Your hair designer,and your true friend Sweetie. I really think Kory have change you mind on the people who was their before he came along. Kory seems prejudice, as well as your father. Kim clean up around your own front door. Get your house in order, you have such a nasty mouth. Cynthia, said “the baby was handsome, look at the words that came out your mouth. I thought Nene maybe treat you wrong, but she also had a special bond with you and your kids. I am very proud of Nene, that she decide to leave you alone totally. You also wanted to talk about  Mallow and how she got her money, Omg,,the same thing you did. So, I don’t hate you, i just don’t like the way you have treat those who love you. Take the time and look in the mirror, and at the same time GROW-UP>

  • Faithful viewer

    Kim can have 8 more babies just pls, pls, pls don’t renew her contract to come back on housewives of ATL she is boring and fake as the wigs and  tits she wears.  Just gone off with your husband and kids and get your own show so that when Real Housewives of ATL comes on I don’t have to sit through your boring as segments.  Pls I beg of you don’t come back to show, your time has ran it’s course.

  • Jazigemini

    I really dislike this woman, she looking a hot mess in them wigs.

  • Daysof

    @Sheila you hit the right on the head.
    I also think Kroy has influenced Kim also. Sweetie was her best friend, when she told him that she fired Sweetie. He was like good job, so sad. She has gotten rid of all her black help and it has got a lot to do with Kroy. It must be killing him that they are leasing that house from an AA woman. That football contract must not be that big.