Kim Zolciak Welcomes Son Kash Kade

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Kim Zolciak welcomes her 4th child, you go girl!

Kim and husband, defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons Kroy Bierman welcomed their second son together on Wednesday! Kash joins Kroy Jr, 15 months.

Kim Zolciak: @biermann71 and I are sooo excited to tell you baby Kash Kade arrived today!!! Baby and I are doing great!!!! #soblessed,” Zolciak, 34, wrote on Twitter.

The Biermann’s family of four includes big sisters, daughter, Ariana, 10 and Brielle, 15 from Kim’s previous relationships.

Congratulations Kim, Kroy and family! We’re very happy for you!

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  • Congrats! I bet he’s a qt pie!

  • Awww! AWESOME!!! Congratulations to ALL of you guys! You have a beautiful and blessed family!

  • Karmel kim

    Great Kim and Kroy…..lil kj has someome to play with…happy for you guys!!!!

  • Nicole

    Again…. who really cares…. another ‘ghetto azz’ name for a child…now her 15 minutes of fame can be about making babies … since she has no other real talent…ROFLMAO

  • munchie

    Ummm she was pregnant? When did this happen? KJ wasn’t even given the chance to turn one before she got pregnant again. Not knocking her for having kids but I just hope she’s up for the challenge 0_o

    • breanna

      her biggest challenge would be to find a new nanny…another child who will be raised by the nanny and not knw a thing about his parents except through t.v. smh

    • Cierra

      I have 3! A 5 year old, 2 year old, and 1 year old. The youngest are 14 months apart. Shell do fine. And you hope she sup for the challenge? Do you even have kids and if so are they even close  together? Everyone has their own unique challenges in life. remember that

    • LamGerrard

      She doesn’t have to be “up to the challenge” – she’s got a nanny for KJ. I’m sure the nanny will take care of KK too or they’ll just hire another nanny, one for each baby.

  • Keymorrya01

    i dont like kroy,he think he all that,and doesnt like blacks,he is fake