Kordell Stewart Denies He’s The Father Of Porsha Williams’ Baby: “I Am Not The Father Of That Child”

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via Radar Online:
Could the Real Housewives of Atlanta be welcoming another, tiny cast member? New photos of Porsha Stewart‘s suspicious belly bump have ignited a firestorm of speculation that she is pregnant. The rumors have reached such a fever pitch, RadarOnline.com, that her ex-husband Kordell Stewart is speaking out to deny that he is the father of her child.

Porsha posted a bumpy shot on January 31, causing fans to weigh in with surprise.

Days later, Porsha’s ex Kordell was moved to set the record straight.

“I am not the father of that child,” he told Atlanta’s 92.9 The Game radio show.

The couple divorced last year, and had no children together. He has a son from a previous marriage but she’s never had kids. Until now?

Adding to the mystery, Porsha has not been seen on any public dates since splitting from her NFL star husband, although he has been spotted out with Braxton Family Values star Towanda Braxton.

But nearly a week after posting the bumpy selfie, Porsha’s still silent about whether she’s expecting a little peach.

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  • Mixed Chick

    Really Kordell? No one thought you were the father.

    • Etta Samples-Bredeson

      If she is I hope it’s not his can you imagine how miserable he would make her life….

  • cece

    I means really “that” baby! Chile please Kordell please go have 10 seats back! I don’t know him personally but from what I do hear and see, he is a sad and hateful man! I pray it is not for him because he do’s not have the qualities of a good husband. We wants to raise a woman, not be a husband to them. And any woman that’s in a personal relationship with him need to pray that she a make him to a GOD gifted man!

  • StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

    There is no way he should be getting up in arms — and to say that he is dating a Braxton — she was on Andy’s Bravo show and she is married — they are friends or just taking a picture for publicity — that is all = Porsche you are beautiful = an little nieve but otherwise beautiful == do not sweat the small stuff — Cordell can climb back in the rats nest hole he came out of

  • This is hilarouis

    I don’t see a baby bump, it’s probably the DRESS pattern. Even if she was, what makes him come out and start yelling he’s not the father, who SAID he was?

    • Lou

      Exactly! His over inflated ego is on overdrive!!!


    mamma’s baby…papa’s maybe…thought u were nice until u blocked me on twitter because I corrected something on ur twitter tweet…and I hashtagged #undergroundrailroad and #lol…….so CHILDISH, dont be upset w/me because u ACTUALLY thought someone “had” to be driving the train…well, it’s Black History month. #study #study #study . u really are #simple, ur actions proved that on twitter…#noSympathy #none

  • Lou

    Man that dude is U G L Y what a cocky a** of course it isn’t yours, no one said it was!! Get over your U G L Y self.



  • Patricia Collins

    Nobody would want to have a baby with his uglyass anyway! P.U!!!