Lesbian Waitress Accused Of Anti-Gay Note Hoax Is Fired, She Refunds Gullible Well-Wishers Thousands Of Dollars

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Dayna Morales-fired

via NY Post:
A New Jersey waitress who raked in thousands in donations after claiming a couple didn’t tip her because she’s gay was fired from her job on Saturday. Dayna Morales, 22, was finally canned from Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater — nearly a month after she made national headlines over what’s likely a hoax.

The restaurant announced her termination on Facebook Saturday shortly after it was revealed she was returning donations from supporters across the world.

“In light of … recent events, both Ms. Morales and Gallop Asian Bistro have made a joint decision that Ms. Morales will no longer continue her employment at our restaurant,” the eatery wrote. “We wish her well in the future.”

Gallop Asian Bistro

The waitress, a former Marine, claimed the couple stiffed her on a $93.55 bill and left a note saying, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle.”

The receipt allegedly said: “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I don’t agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life.”

But her tale of prejudice began to unravel after the unnamed diners came forward with receipts showing an $18 tip.

The purported incident created a media firestorm, with well-wishers sending Morales at least $3,000 in donations through a PayPal account. Morales claimed she’d send proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project, but the group said it hasn’t received anything.

Meanwhile some donors said their money was quietly returned over the weekend.

“I received a refund … for the donation I made to Dayna Morales,” Kate Dols posted on the “Have a Gay Day” Facebook page. “Glad to see she is doing the right thing … Dayna, you need help, please seek it.”

Acquaintances say Morales — who was dishonorably discharged from the military — has a history of fibbing and at one point pretended she had terminal cancer.

“She exaggerated every story,” former coworker Julie Howat told The Post. “I knew [the receipt] was fake. When the articles came out, everyone at my job laughed.”

dayna morales-md

The waitress had apparently doctored the receipt to make it look like they hadn’t tipped her. The receipt allegedly said: ‘I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I don’t agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life.’

But the former marine’s story fell apart just days later when the couple came forward with their copy of the receipt showing an $18 tip.

dayna morales-receipts

via Daily Mail:
Meanwhile, Mail Online has independently confirmed through an interview with a Gallop Bistro co-owner that there were massive cracks in Morales’ story. The co-owner, who only gave his name as Jack, said that after the family came forward to claim Morales was lying, the waitress changed her story again.

He said: ‘The next day news is so big, and I tell Dayna “You need to talk to me. Talk to the manager. It gets so big. And she said, “I put in the $18 dollar tip.”

‘“What the reason,” he asks Morales. “Talk to me.”’

But Morales seemed incapable of explanation. ‘She says to me, ‘Everything is blown, blown so big.’

But asked point blank if Morales would be fired if she was found of wrongdoing – Jack said nothing was certain.
You cannot say that,’ he said. ‘You have no proof that she did wrong and can’t assume that she’s wrong. You have no proof.’

Morales has since been suspended and retained a lawyer, Mail Online has learned, while the restaurant have hired their own lawyers. Their investigation is due to be completed next week. Michael Knote, founder of Ohio-based Have A Gay Day told Mail Online that he was disheartened but Dayna Morales’ lowball tactics.

‘I feel let down,’ he said. ‘That someone would have the ability to just lie like this.

‘I’m in a little disbelief that she didn’t donate to the Wounded Warrior project, but I’m happy people are getting their money back.’

But for some of the people who came in-person to leave cash–the fate of that money remains in question.

‘Some people dropped by cash,’ Gallop Asian Bistro co-owner said. ‘They come here and dropped a lot of money,’ Jack said. ‘I saw at least three or four people come here to give her cash and they will never come back.’

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