LHHATL Trailer | Spice Goes White Face To Prove A Point

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Spice was feeling pressured by the music industry about her dark skin which was why she went white face to promote new music.

In a LHHATL season 8, Spice is being told by an artist development agent that her appearance is sub-par, which sends her to a doctor’s office as she starts to consider whether she should bleach her skin.

The doctor tells her she should get a psychological evaluation before bleaching her skinl.

Spice went white face as part of her new mixtape, “Black Hypocrisy.”

Spice later said publicly that she had not, bleached her skin and that the photo was aimed at raising awareness of colorism among Black people.

Season 8 of LHHATL premieres on the 25th March.

Source: TMZ

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