Lisa Vanderpump Wants Kyle & Kim Richards Booted From RHOBH?

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The exclusive gossip and leaks begin …

via Radar Online:
Filming recently began on the fourth season and the claws “came out early when Lisa and Brandi (Glanville) confronted Kyle and hubby Mauricio Umansky, and made catty comments about their marriage. It made Kyle extremely uncomfortable, and she couldn’t believe when they approached Mauricio separately, and had another go at him,” a show insider told Radar.

“It came out of nowhere, and Kyle was just stunned. This isn’t about about two friends concerned about another pal’s marriage…Lisa has made it known she wants Kyle and Kim off of the show. She wanted to be the last original housewife on the show.”

As Radar first reported, in the aftermath of the confrontation, Kyle threatened to quit the show.

The interaction was brutal and when it was over the hit show almost lost Kyle.

Kyle was “so upset and disgusted after the confrontation, that she called producers of the show, and told them she wanted out,” a source previously told Radar.

The Bravo insider revealed, “Lisa did the same thing to Adrienne Maloof last season. She gets Brandi to do all of her dirty work. Lisa is a master manipulator, and now that she is no longer BFF’s with Kyle, she has no use for her, and wants her gone.”

Meanwhile, Lisa wants Kyle’s sis, Kim, off the show, “only because they are related,” the source said.

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  • Nancy Tozier

    I don’t believe this. You always post what Adrienne Maloof tells you to. This is slander and fake.

    • Jord Z

      yes it is fake Lisa has trashed it already. seems she’s the current target of a certain campaign to try make her look bad. bet some journos are being slipped cash by a certain rich businesswoman ;)

  • Kim Rowles

    Really Lisa? I really don’t know who you think you are or why you have such an inflated opinion of yourself…I think you are a pompous elitist, you take Brandi and use her foul mouth and trashy attitude to carry off your shit! why Bravo gave you your own show is beyond me..but know this..and I am sure neither you or Brandi care, I fast forward your parts on the show and think you are both trash, I don’t care how much money you have…

    • Jord Z

      lol is that you maloof? must be to be so bitter. and Lisa has totally rubbished this report on perez hilton and says she actully wants all the originals to stay even the maloof freak so dont believe every trash story you read! she’s not threatened by any of these women she has it all already even without the show.

  • fudgiemonkey1

    Kyle is the fakes of them all and a master pot stirer. And if she wants ANYONE to try and believe she hasn’t had her lips pumped up then she must think we’re all blind – duck lips extraordinaire!

  • Jen

    Ratings is what it comes down to and the drama that Brandi brings to the show brings RATINGS! And it only makes sense that because Brandi is ALWAYS at the center of everything Lisa would be right there because she enjoys the attention. As for Kyle she is caddy and is a follower that is why she is always at the tail end of something. Who cares who stays or goes!

  • bbb

    fake story! again…

  • Marilyn Elle Russell

    They ALL need to stay…they all make the show…I’d like to see Adrienne back even though she behaved bad on the previous series… The producers want DRAMA the viewers want the drama…so of course it’s scripted ..,I enjoy the Cali HW,,orange county , Beverly Hills and third Miami.,I love the homes, the clothes and the extravagance ….I don’t want to see wal mart shoppers and the local chain restaurant or seedy bar…I can see that in our local area every day ,,,boring….

  • Tracey Hunt

    Keep them all x all fab characters x and we need fireworks x that’s what makes a good show x

  • Rarrr

    Faye BigDick is clearly the mysterious Bravo insider…she has said these things in front of the camera practically verbatim

  • Layla

    This is OBVIOUSLY a little bit of Faye’s dirty work. Skanky thing….