Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Does Jasmine Washington’s Son, Kannon Look Like Karter Frost?

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Last night on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we finally saw Jasmine Washington’s alleged son with slimy Kirk Frost. My first thought was that Kannon looks like Karter, the son that Kirk got a DNA test on as he thought Karter wasn’t his. What do you think?

Does Kannon look like Karter Frost? #LHHATL #KirkFrost #JasmineWashington #RasheedaFrost

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Instant Video: Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
DVD: Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
LHHATL Music: K. Michelle Karlie Redd Lil Scrappy Nivea Rasheeda
LHHH Music: Hazel E Mally Mall

Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
LHHNY Music: Amina Buddafly
LHHATL Music: K. Michelle Karlie Redd Lil Scrappy Nivea Rasheeda Yung Joc Momma Dee – I Deserve”
LHHH Music: Hazel-E Mally Mall Masika Kalysha

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  • Danielle Thompson

    They sure do look alike,look at those lips….the nose and forehead,
    Kirk Gon’ be in trouble

  • Evelyn Lewis

    Yes they look alike Kirk is outta line why would you do your beautiful wife like that omg I feel bad for rasheeda and the kids

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