Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | K Michelle “I Stand By My Story Memphitz Beat Me!”

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I Stand By My Story Memphitz Beat Me!

K Michelle spoke to TMZ about her abuse and her alleged abuser, Memphitz’ Lawsuit against the creators of Love & Hip Hop & VH1.

“Love & Hip Hop” star K. Michelle isn’t scared of the defamation lawsuit filed by her ex Memphitz Wright — telling TMZ, she stands behind her story 100% … that the music producer beat her during their relationship.

K. Michelle tells us, “I¹ve always been told that the truth shall set you free. I stand behind my story 100%. I came on the ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ show mainly because I wanted to give a voice and bring light to a very serious issue.”

“I am very grateful to Vh1 and Monami Ent. for the opportunity to tell my story, and touch lives worldwide … I look forward to having my day in court and finally having the truth of my story confirmed in a court of law.”

Source: TMZ

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    • 225brownnsexy

      She isnt the only woman who dont call the cops. When a women is n a relationship and she loves that man. She will do what she thinks will keep that man happy. Sometimes she feels that its something that she did to make him that way. She wills stay until she gets tired of the abuse and even then she might not leave.

    • marie mcintosh

      there is a lot of women that dont call the cops when being abused in a relationship so you cant say she has to be the only woman that never call the cops

    • KJ1983

      That’s no true I know plenty of women who have been abused and did not call the police cause the love they have 4 that man……and this is not the first time k michelle has talked about this…….she has been telling her story 4 years

    • Precious_bless05

      no she was telling her story before but nobody care if you got beat and nobody believed you what would you do? ALOT of women dont tell police 4 many of reasons…and she finally had a voice on a reality which she know ppl would listen millions of ppl watch reality tv! and he filed 4 a lawsuit she didn’t

  • Shay_vsu

    She should’ve told her story to the police four years ago

    • Precious_bless05

      right! but a lot of women are scared and ashamed also this is sad but a lot of women still love their men and dont want them to get into trouble with the law so I’m sure she thinks its a mistake now that she didn’t because a lot of ppl dont believe thats probably why she used love and hip hop as a platform

  • MarissaFuentes

    Reguardless of how long ago it happened , some women become scared from being in an abusive relationship for the rest of their lives ! You can’t say wether she’s telling the truth ot not based on a time limit or if she called the police smh . I know this because I myself was in an abusive relationship when i was 15-17 and im only 20years old now and NO i never called the police either ! and I STILL to this day think about it and have certain trust issues and fears!
    I believe K.Michelle 1000% because things like what happened to her happens to girls & women all over the world & every day…As long as you got the truth God will handle the rest

  • Chynadoll327

    She says she got beat like it was on the regular basis, I’m confused. Was it 1 incident or many?

    • Precious_bless05

      nope 1 she’s just using bad grammar lol

  • Antoinettedunn2982

    I think she is telling the truth because what women in there right mind would say on and off t that a man beat her also her story never changed one time but his has changed several… Reshdia may be there friend but now but was she his friend when he was with K? Last but not least you never know what happens behind closed doors

  • Kristen

    Keith u have no idea what ur talking about…I know of many women who have been in a domestic situation n did not call the cops.

  • Mz.P.B.

    this is old, way before he filed that Lawsuit why it’s posted like it don’t add up

    • Precious_bless05

      cuz nobody really cared about her story (which she has said)  and also because its been said nationally now and he is more known by the world because he is married to toya and they had that reality tv show….soooo everybody knows now who he is …..lets just hope 4 both of their sake that the real truth is brought out so they can get help and peace

  • Antoinettercage

    i believe her to da end. hell why would she lie on him…hell if she lyin she a damn good lier cuz she stick to her same story

  • Shautaundria

     k. michelle has mention these allegations about 2 years. The situation just blown up, once it aired on VH1.

  • keke12108

    i wish people would stop judging her on whether she called the police or not none of us was there nor do we know what happened if he hit her then she needs to tell that story because women a lot of times are to ashamed to call police or tell anyone about abuse for the fear of being judged and if she is lying then let God deal with that…

  • Chocity457

    I will not and can not have any particular feelings about this situation because I was not there. Since it’s going back and forth so much, im glad the lawsuit is definitely going to bring the truth completely out…

  • i was in three of a abuser relationship and i call the police one timeon  one of them and this is what the police told me there is nothing they can do about it both of yall been together for a year they look at us like we r marry they didnt do nothing so i took it in my own hand i told my self that i wont call the police for shit no more not about not relationship yes i beat the shit out all of them and still didnt call the police i feel like this what ever happen in my house stay in my house if the police cant do nothing about that well imma do it my self by whooping their ass then they will leave me alone. POLICE  aint goin do none unless some one is dead and gone TO OUR FEMALE STAND YOUR GROUND WHEN IT COME TO MAN LIKE THAT DONT B AFRAID TO GIVE HIM THAT ASS WHOOPIN THAT HIS MOTHER NEVER GIVE HIM IF THE POLICE AINT DOIN NOTHING I DIDNT SAY KILL HIM IMMA SAY THIS BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THEM TO LET THEM KNOW U IS NOT THE ONEWE FEMALE AINT NO MAN i feel like this if a man beat on a woman he cant fight a real man……. then again shouldnt no body put their hand on nobody if u hit him first he got a right to hit yo ass back to the female if the man hit u u better pick up som and beat dat asssss

  • Emmondryia

    A coworker && i were reading in article that said Jive Records and Memphitz are releasing a video recording of the fight between him and k michelle to prove her story is not 100% accurate

    • What???ChiBoo

      How can they release video of the fight between him and her and they were in a hotel room

  • What???ChiBoo

    Right before I read this I said, K. Michelle is gonna F around and get a law suit. Then I see this. Okay It happened 2 years ago she needs to go to counseling to fix this. She is too angry and for what reason? I am a K.Michelle fan but she even working on my damn nerves for real. Now, How can HE sue ANYBODY when She never called his name one time on the shoe? If she did and I watched every episode and both parts of the reunion, I must have missed that “NAME DROPPING”. And What the hell took him so long to file the lawsuit? This show has been aired for MONTHS. 9 months if i am not mistaken and We all are just now ready to see it. I want K. Michelle to put this drama behind her, her voice is beautiful and she seems like fun but that same old story is really stirring up the stink off the shit. If she has been telling this same story for 2 years, why the HELL are we still hearing it every time somebody talk to her. And I am really disappointed in how she representing herself on these mixtapes. Honey you really have some issues and I feel for you that your heart cant heal for all that hate you have for Memphitz and you cant find love cuz you are stuck in this dark place where he embedded you years about. STOP LETTING HIM CONTROL YOU GIRL. THE MORE YOU TALK ABOUT HIM THE MORE POWER HE IS GAINING OVER YOUR LIFE. YOU ARE TRYING TO OVERCOME THIS NIGGA NOT SUCCUMB TO HIS ASS.

    • What???ChiBoo


  • Esthesiawilliams

    I believe that there was an altercation between the 2…and Toya granted that’s ur husband u r gonna look real stupid. .u better hope memphitz is keeping it 100..n truth be told..while ur bashing kmichelle..u need 2 shut the hell up..u told ur story..let her do the same..n not 2 mentionm..u only settled 4 memphitz..cuz wayne ain’t want u
    r ass no more…n we all know ur still n luv with weezy…biatch…. ..

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