Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Preview | Season 6, Episode 8 | Will Rasheeda Ever Divorce Kirk

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | In Due Time | Tommie’s wine tasting brings drama and a surprise guest. Scrappy holds Kirk to the fire on the paternity of baby Kannon; Karlie finds out some truths about Joc; Joseline prepares for the birth of Bonnie; and Mimi confronts Melissa.

Rasheeda opens up to Scrappy about all the drama that has entered her marriage because of the baby Kirk may have had with Jasmine. Is this the last straw for Kirk?

Instant Video: Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
DVD: Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
LHHATL Music: K. Michelle Karlie Redd Lil Scrappy Nivea Rasheeda
LHHH Music: Hazel E Mally Mall

Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
LHHNY Music: Amina Buddafly
LHHATL Music: K. Michelle Karlie Redd Lil Scrappy Nivea Rasheeda Yung Joc Momma Dee – I Deserve”
LHHH Music: Hazel-E Mally Mall Masika Kalysha

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