Love & Hip Hop: Episode 5 Sneak Peek

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Emily’s new life as a single working mom takes off when she lands a high profile styling job during New York’s fashion week. But when Fab shows up to support her, everyone begins to wonder just how “single” she really is. Chrissy and Kimbella meet to try and resolve their long simmering feud. Yandy is forced to work a few miracles when Jim decides to shoot a video with 48 hours notice.

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  • Olivia and Yandy are some back stabbing BITCHES. I don’t expect better from yandy but Chrissy need to punch Olivia in the face when she sees this clip. Olivia is a back-stabbing bitch. When she’s in front of Chrissy she’s all on her side but now that she’s in front of Yandy and Kimbella she’s on Kimbella side. Fake ass friend

  • i feel like olivia should keep her mouth out of it because chrissy was suppose to be her friends and i keep that if she has a problem then she should have talked to chrissy about it like yo that is wrong but dont talk about her behind her back to kim and yandy who are not her friends… that not cool…and i think chrissy should say im sorry or they both should say it.. emily is chrissy friend and she looked out for her any friend and chrissy will neer be friends they are in different lanes that will never meet up… it is what it is..

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