Love & Hip Hop: New Cast Member – Erica Mena

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You may be wondering who is Erica Mena. Erica is a model and the newest cast member on Love & Hip Hop. She has a child with Raul Conde who is in the music business, is an affiliate of Fat Joe and had directed a few music videos. He is very good friends with Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy Scott Disick. She worked in the Kardashian’s store Dash on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami she helped them get the store up and running. How is that store doing?

The video shows her behaving like a lady and taking out her frustrations on the father of her child. Classy huh?

Here is Erica with her son King Mena.

and Raul Conde

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  • MSMD

    i knew she looked familiar.!!!! She’s the chick that fought Kimbella, right?
    I didnt like her on Kourtney & Kim’s thang (didnt they fire her?) and I don’t like her now…. tsk tsk…. I understand wanting to beat your son’s father’s ass but come on chick. seems like you got shit going for you. Why let him get to you? He’s ugly and she must have been after $

    • crystal edwards

      I remember her she that girl who kicked that man out of the dash store earlier than the closing time and was talking about how she’s a mother. I didn’t care for her on that show her babydaddy probably had to pull some strings to get her that job.

  • Tavia E.

    And this bitch called the police on Kimbella? Hoe sit down! Talking about how women like Kimbella make it hard for you. No, you simple bitch you make it hard for yourself. You act trashy and should be ashamed for behaving the way you do as a woman and as a mother. Public altercations are just plain tacky, I’m sure the father of your child regrets he ever met you. 

  • What a trashy piece…..24 years old and already look like an old hoo*er fightin with her pimp on the street. Nice. She won’t get further than this in her industry. Calling Kimbella out should’ve made her take a good look in the mirror. Puta!

  • This chick is really trying to come across as this high end model slash,I forgot the other shit she so call does…but really???The way she carries her itty bitty weight around is not HIGH END at all! If u ask me,Loud,Ghetto,Trashy,No Class! Pour excuse for a hispanic woman!!!Carry yourself alittle,no,alot better then what we’ve seen…Maybe then you can say,”I’m up here and your down there.”

  • Neferteti_01

    well all im going to say is all that experience maybe thats why he kept her CERTIFIED FREAK BIT$H HE CANT SAY HE CHEATED BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE DONT DO  

  • T Mekahall

    Trash, just ghetto trash,.I for one won’t be watching tired of this ghetto bull sh!t, I can see this on the streets if I want, but I don’t want too, that why I won’t be watching.

  • Rube_williams

    Erica is just do sloppy and trashy…she always try to go against small people of dudes…if i was him i would’ve slapped the shit outta her or had my sister beat her ass…she is just unclasp and off the handle


    All I’ll say is this, Damn why can’t she run up on me??? lol I would give her an a class project bitch beatdown… RT

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