Love & Hip Hop | Season 3, Episode 5 Recap

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We begin this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop with a reuniting of Rich and Yandy to talk about Olivia and Erica. Yandy scorns Rich for dating someone he is managing. She gives him the point of view of possibly how Olivia sees the situation. Rich asks Yandy to help him ease the tension between the two ladies. She agrees to only because he asks, otherwise she wants nothing to do with Erica. At Tahiry’s apt she is cooking Joe dinner because she promised it if he passed his drug test. They discuss how to keep him clean and Tahiry discloses that she has been working on music. He begins to clown her about it but says she always accomplishes everything she puts her mind to so he thinks it will be good. They hug after dinner and Joe goes to his studio time. Jen and Raqi meet with a program director from Hot97 to discuss their impending radio show and hopes he thinks it’s a good idea. He tells them he isn’t looking for anyone but he has love for Raqi so he decided to meet. They discussed Jen having a “White Girl Tip of the Week” and it’d be a sugar and spice segment. He says he will give them a chance but they shouldn’t mess it up by flirting and being bimbo types. Jen thinks Raqi may not be able to handle that after the blow up the other night with Rashidah and Tahiry. But he stresses they mess up it and it will be over with the girls never being taken seriously again.

Yandy meets with Erica and they discuss the event fiasco. Yandy says it was uncalled for and Erica says yes now it is but then I guess it was appropriate then when she felt she NEEDED to say what she had to. Erica breaks down and calls Rich her biggest enemy being that she slept with him while he just belittled her. She says she doesn’t want to be that person anymore and hoped Rich would learn how to love her. Yandy thanks Erica for opening up to her and they depart. Yandy has a new perspective on her but says she can’t act a fool any longer if she wants to be taken seriously. Tahiry meets with Rashidah and Winter to discuss her meeting with Joe. She tells them about drug testing Joe and they asked if she was his probation officer. The ladies tell her he will just keep pulling her back into the whirlwind of love they continue to carry. Tahiry says she asked Joe for help with her music career and the ladies are so against it. Neither Winter nor Rashidah really care to have Tahiry go through heartbreak with Joe and they are already preparing tissues for when it all goes south. Should they be better friends to her or do you think their actions are appropriate?

Time for family photos with Mendeecees, Yandy, and Omere being that they haven’t had any since he was first born. Everything is going well and in walks Yandy’s mother much to Mendeecees dismay she will be in the photos. He would’ve invited his mother had he known it was an extended family photo. But she not only rains on his parade once she does it again by telling them she has been looking for places in Jersey. His mouth nearly drops to the floor and he can’t believe it especially after they just had the conversation last show about. Mendeecees wants to speak to Yandy alone and doesn’t have a clear understanding of why she didn’t include him in the home search. He asked her “why you acting stupid wtf you mean you didn’t know. I know I ain’t f***** moving to Jersey so you figure it. And my son ain’t moving to Jersey either.” Yandy just kind of took the steam rolling and said she was going back in to finish the photos. Mendeecees says he was done and she should go take the photos with her family also that he might not come home tonight. Yandy wasn’t hearing that she let him know what time it was. So I am positive he went home that night! Should Yandy learn to at least not live in the same vicinity as her mother or do you think its ok?

Happy Birthday Erica! Rich has her brought to waterfront dinner and she came in to apologize about how she acts. She says she wants him to look at just like he looks at his other artist. They begin to discuss what types of music she has been looking to cut and she brings up using the ballad. He tells her she can’t have him looking crazy out here in these streets especially if she can’t hold a note. Only for you he says only for you. Time to have a meeting of “puds”! Kimbella meets with Yandy to discuss how Mendeecees took the news of her looking for homes without him. Kimbella agrees with Mendeecees and thinks she should move on from her mother. Yandy looks surprised at the suggestion but she warms up to Kimbella’s advice. Yandy discusses that she notices Mendeecees has an attitude with her and she wants to make it right. She tells Yandy to sex it up and make his birthday a time to remember.  They suggest a video {normally those don’t go over well ladies} and Yandy says she will go home and practice.

Mike check 1, 2, 1, 2. Raqi and Jen are auditioning to serve piping hot tea. Gossip and talk radio. Mendeecees helps the ladies out by providing his artist, Vado and the prep interview begins. Jen asks him how he goes about a morning or romantic evening with the ladies. Raqi immediately jumps in saying “are you looking to wife or are you looking to bang”. Hey, hey we’re supposed to be civil and non-flirtatious or did Raqi forget that’s? Jen didn’t and she seems really bothered by it. They begin to discuss Raqi being single. Jen then gives her “White Girl Tip of the Week”. This will hit a rock for Raqi! Jen says “if you over 145lbs you are no longer thick and you’re one hamburger from being a fat girl”.  Vado asks Raqi what’s her type? It went something like rich, long, thick, strong, stamina! Jen got uncomfortable really quick. Jen then made a comment about a date invite. Well, that was awkward! Do you think Raqi went over the top? It sounded like talk radio to me!

Yandy, Rich, and Erica are in the studio going over the ballad. Sounded like auto tune! Then Erica begins to move fast and said she’d perform live. Let’s hope it doesn’t go like Kim Zolciak Biermann’s or Porscha Stewart’s live singing. By that I mean needing time to prepare when real artist normally can sing out of tin can. But Rich said “she sound okay” and even that was with hesitation. Now to another studio where Tahiry is discussing her track with Joe you know the one she said was about him. He enjoys the hookah and she gets touchy feeling while pouring her heart out to him in this record. He says it sounds much better than he thought it would. She lets him know it’s about them and she needs to finish it up. Joe wants to put a verse on the track, a remix already? He suggests coming to one of shows and she mentions if she’ll see Kaylin. They discuss making the remix when he gets off tour and they hug.

If loving you is wrong I don’t wanna be right! Yandy and Mendeecees meet rooftop to discuss their current argument. He says he will move to NJ but not if they have to live with her mother. They go back to the hotel where they first cuddled and he doesn’t remember it. It was nothing special to him but she feels different. She shows him the video. She danced for him and he did clown a few things but enjoyed it because it did what it needed to. Lights out! Jen meets with Raqi to discuss how pissed off she is about the show. They have words and Raqi says she made this happen. Jen lets her know you came to me.  They continue to throw verbal blows and then Jen calls Raqi a B****! Raqi says “do it again and I’ll tear your a** out the frame!” The verbal blows continues and Raqi says” B**** I didn’t get knocked up by a whack a** rapper”. Jen says it’s not getting knocked up we’ve been together 5 years. Jen if you’re not married it’s what we call knocked up, no matter how long you’ve been together. Then Raqi says Consequence wanted her and she had texts and pictures to prove it! Jen walks off and enters her Town car. Raqi comes over to make nice and see if they can salvage it. No doesn’t look like it and Raqi says have fun trying to get a job. Oh why oh why did Jen reply “I’m White, Honey it will get done!” #Dead Wow you can slip up but the RACE CARD. Sometimes you don’t think before you speak but if you think you’ve got it like that then more power to you! Did Jen’s comment bother you or do you think it was ok to bring race into an argument which was never about it to begin with? Also do you feel Joe and Tahiry are working on getting back together?

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