Love & Hip Hop | Season 3, Episode 6 Recap

“I am white honey, it will get done!” Remember the last thing we heard on Love & Hip Hop New York? Of course you do, it sparked outrage about Jen’s racial security so to speak. Well of course she and Cons took to Twitter to dismiss any racist claims. It blew over for the most part but it does make you think or doesn’t it. People say “oh I’m this and I’m that we make it happen”. But does it feel different coming from a Caucasian? Well, you think what you want but let’s get into this week’s show. We start off in the kitchen with Rich and Erica doing what they love best, Drinking! Rich discusses how Erica really made her single work. She discusses making a video, he seems reluctant. Rich says he can’t ask for favors anymore because she is his lady.  He calls the song a hit! More like an auto tuned hit.

Let’s head to Times Square to hear Lore’l in the box. She is cutting a track and in walks Winter. Winter says she likes what she hears, but says her career is stagnant. Is Lore’l, Jasmine Guys daughter? Winter just knows she is a record executive because she slept with rappers but how could she possibly begin to tell someone about their career. Stay in your lane dear! Lore’l begins to tell of what she is doing to progress. Winter doesn’t think she is taking it seriously. Lore’l mentions a local DJ Angela Yee! You know who she is if you’re from or live in NYC but she also caused Erica Mena to go stir crazy a few weeks back. Winter puts in the “who is she” face and Lore’l asks why? Winter then asks who she is because she has done nothing for Lore’l. She mentions that she’s never played any of her records. Winter is really laying it down for Lore’l. She basically says put your friendship behind and get to business. Lore’l looks like she just got grounded.

Jersey time, well at least at Joe Budden’s house it is. Kaylin listens to “Devil” you remember the song Tahiry wrote for him. Kaylin asks if she thinks Joe will get on the track. She says Tahiry doesn’t keep it real enough for Joe to get on the track. Kaylin says I’m putting my foot down, “you’re not doing the track”. He tells her he extended the olive branch to Tahiry and she grabbed it. He tells Kaylin to finish packing so they can tour and calls her a devil. Joey boy, when will you learn? Raqi goes to visit Yandy for advice. Let’s see how this goes. Raqi begins to tell Yandy about the Hot97 meeting. She says she “handed her an opportunity” but Jen disrespected her.  Raqi says she told Jen, Cons had been trying to get up with her. Raqi lied! She tells her about the comment Jen made. Yandy is in disbelief! She tells Raqi to apologize to Cons about bringing him into the situation. She says will never make that mistake again.

Jen and Cons have a meeting in the car about the discussion about what took place between her and Raqi. She says she didn’t care about being the white girl in the room before but she wanted to get back at Raqi. Cons says don’t give people ammunition to say you have anything other than class. They call Raqi a *************** repeatedly. He pops in a track that he dedicated to Jen about Raqi and he raps while the track plays. You should have just gone freestyle guy. He wrote a diss song for her and she said it, not him. He tells her he has her back. Let’s work out with Yandy and her trainer. She wants her body back and she went to her cousin for help because he is an ex NFL player. He begins to take pictures to record Yandy’s progress so she will have comparison photos. They have a nutrition discussion and she says she will cut all of that out.

Mendeecees has spoken and he isn’t too happy. He has seen Yandy’s workout picture on Instagram. Remember when she wasn’t feeling what he liked on there?  He says he isn’t having it so he comes to the gym right as she is leaving. He tells her they need to have a talk! He says he shouldn’t be looking on Instagram seeing his, I mean her ***! She asks how he could’ve seen such a picture and she says it’s from her trainer/cousins Instagram. She brushes it off. He says he could see camel toe and all that she is missing is THE POLE. She tells us that was the deal she and Maurice have. He uses her for business and she gets free services. Judging by the way Mendeecees is talking about Maurice I somehow believe he has no idea this is her cousin. He says he will tell him to take them down. He says how is that even her cousin when he’s never seen him before and he popped up 3 months ago. She explains how they’re related and asks him what he has had that has popped up in the 6 years they’ve been together. Could she be referring to the molestation charges that he just recently beat? Mendeecees says check your cousin! She says if he disrespects her family and he cuts her off and says what will happen and she replies it will be a problem for him.

Whew, let’s watch Rich handle some business. He is soliciting money to get Erica’s video shot. He is selling her pretty good but on a YouTube platform. He asks his friend for $15-20 grand for the shooting. Keenan point blankly says “She’s a video girl though right…A video girl trying to be a singer”. He says he only deals with sure bets and he thinks it’s good but isn’t sure the company will fall for it.  Rich seriously work your magic and create a low budget video. Now let the games begin! Raqi and Cons meet and he begins to take charge. He tells her she could’ve ruined him. Raqi says she is coming to apologize not for the BS. He says he doesn’t want to hear it. She clowns his teeth and talks about not wanting to have sex with one another. They should kiss; we would never have seen that coming! He discusses his privates and she tells him he has a bigger problem! Raqi tells Cons he is sleeping with the enemy. Cons says he isn’t, he is only sleeping with his woman. She brings up the white comment and he dismisses her. He tells her he feels like she is desperate. He calls her a disrespectful B***h and she needs to get out of his studio session.

Lore’l meets with her business manager Angela Yee to talk music. She says she wants her music all over and that’s what’s going on now isn’t enough. Angela Yee says radio is the last outlet she needs to worry about because she has no control over it. Lore’l begins to discuss her meeting with Winter and how Winter feels like Angela isn’t giving her the full attention she needs as an artist. Immediately, Angela questions who Winter is and what value does her feedback hold. Good question! Angela says money is a problem, she’s not signed, she’s a female and Lore’l needs to understand that things don’t happen overnight. Lore’l cries and Angela says she has done good building her foundation. Lore’l says maybe they shouldn’t mix friendship with business. Angela looks as if she could care less.

Here we see Tahiry coming to one of Joe’s shows because he invited her. Did she just walk in, by pass Kaylin and hug Joe while still dismissing the fact Kaylin is present. They talk music and seriously act like Kaylin isn’t there. Tahiry still wants Joe! Joe tells Tahiry he isn’t going to be on her track.  Tahiry keeps bringing up their old time together.  And basically she is pleading with Joe to work on her record. She wants to know who doesn’t want them working together. Duh, Kaylin! Kaylin says it’s a privilege to work with Joe. Tahiry says Kaylin is a side chick that does whatever Joe asks her too. Kaylin makes it her business to let Tahiry know she isn’t the one on the side; she is the one that is making him clean himself up. Kaylin tells Tahiry if she had done her job in the first place she’d be where Kaylin is. By this time Kaylin has stood up and so has Joe! Tahiry says if Kaylin was handling her business Joe wouldn’t have to call her all the time. Joe says he doesn’t call her ever. Tahiry leaves after Joe makes this statement but Kaylin throws in that she is 21 and Tahiry is 24 still trying to make a career. Tahiry gets heated and swings on Kaylin. Of course it doesn’t go further. Joe tells Tahiry she looks stupid and she says don’t call her; he continues to say he doesn’t.  He goes back to his woman and tells her she doesn’t need to defend herself against stupidity and Tahiry looked stupid. If Joe invites her, it’s for kindness don’t go girl just stay away from him.

Now that the fists have gone down lets go see Erica and Rich. She asks him what the update on the video is. He says he is doing his part when he lets her know Keenan passed on the deal. She isn’t hearing him, baby don’t you model where is your money? Front your own video! She begins to yell meanwhile other people in the buildings gym are still trying to work out. Rich says he feels like Erica thinks she is doing him a favor. Rich states he isn’t paying for a video. He tells her to come up with the capital via hosting club parties, the way all video girls make income and she is offended. She exits the gym but not before calling him a cheap *************. Erica, it’s your video get your own funds!

Now Mendeecees just isn’t satisfied with Yandy’s progress with her cousin Maurice so he goes to check him. He interrupts his workout. Mendeecees is highly upset and Maurice isn’t feeling it. Maurice says tell Yandy to tell him to take the photos down. But Mendeecees says he could care less about muscles because he will put him down. THREATS just flow so causally from people of means! Maurice gets up and says he is affecting his workout. He tells Maurice to take the pictures down and he grabs his neck and bends him over the treadmill. Security breaks it up and Maurice still screams he will not take those pictures down ever. Mendeecees vows he will get him next time he sees him. Do you think Mendeecees overreacted about the photos? Also shouldn’t Erica be hip to the fact that Rich isn’t including his money to front the video?

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