Love & Hip Hop | Season 3, Episode 8 Recap

Love & Hip Hop has pulled out all the stops this season! A love triangle, everyone thinks they’re an artist, and a few fights. But what has been most memorable for you? We begin tonight’s episode with Rich Dollaz meeting Peter Gunz again. Rich still tries to sell Erica but Peter says are we doing this again? The discussion they had last week was to give Erica the record and send her on her way. Peter shows Rich a photo of Erica hosting a party that he is not getting a cut of. Rich is pissed! Lore’l heads to Black Enterprise Magazine to meet Yandy who works there as well. They discuss the book cover reveal and how Winter played Lore’l by putting her business on the street. Yandy says they can do a trial basis so Lore’l can have time to find herself. Yandy will do damage control for Lore’l which sounds good! Joe decides to go approach Tahiry about why she mushed Kaylin. Tahiry is really getting on my nerves. Why does she feel the need to stay in his life? She is still hopeful that one day he will say please come back. She told Joe he was Black History!

In New Jersey Rich and Peter surprise Erica at her hosting gig! She says it’s no big deal. The company says Rich was unreachable. Rich played Erica to the left and asked her how long was she going to keep taking her girls, getting two bottles, and getting shoe money. She’s already done it for 5 years. Rashidah tells us about a bouncer’s face being slashed and how she got blamed. Today is court day and she is hoping to be done with the charges. She was found not guilty! Mendeecees and Yandy stop by Winter’s to talk.  We find out Mendeecees and Rashidah have done the dirty dirty. She also owes him money! But he left to let Yandy talk to Winter. They discuss the book and Yandy says she doesn’t really feel having her name in it. Winter says she will take it out. Joe took Kaylin shopping and let her know he went to see Tahiry. Kaylin says Joe should give Tahiry a musical gift! But she is being an understanding girlfriend maybe too understanding don’t you think.

It’s the holiday season and Jen the Pen can’t celebrate how she wants to.  Lauren says Jen maybe ignoring the facts. Lauren says everything should be equal but she doesn’t know Cons. See Jen this is why it was important to discuss these facts before making the baby. Raqi is Djing and Yandy visits so she tells her about when she saw Cons. Yandy mentions Rashidah Ali’s shoe launch and Raqi dismisses her like everyone else is. Raqi tells about all the dirt she uncover about Rashidah and Yandy isn’t too sure about this person she barely knows.  Rich meets with Erica so they discuss that Rich is totally done with her. Erica says he doesn’t need to leave her hanging and help her. Rich says Erica needs to go to timeout and taking the record is just what she needs. She says she’ll buy the record from Rich. Erica asks Rich if he wants to manage her. He doesn’t respond.

Winter meets with Lore’l to discuss the book cover real. Lore’l says it wasn’t cool and Winter says she apologizes. Lore’l says she hopes the book won’t sell and she wants her chapter removed. Winter says she will do so. Jen is reminiscing on Christmas and she looks like a sad puppy. She meets with Cons to discuss tradition. They try to come to terms with how they will run the house. Cons says he gives Jen Christmas every day and she gets what she wants. He asks her what she wants since she is talking big girl talk. Cons says he just doesn’t want Caiden going to Mass but he can open gifts. Rashidah throws the launch party for Encore her private label shoe line. I am too distracted by her invisible red part/ditch! Winter tells that Mendeecees brought her up about how they had sex and how he gave her money for an apt. Rashidah tried to act but then just came out and said a few things.

Yandy arrives to the launch and Rashidah comes over to introduce herself. The ladies begin to talk. She brings up Mendeecees and says she thinks he is a clown. Yandy says Rashidah looks like a clown. Rashidah says she’d like to explain but Yandy says she is on business time. She says Mendeecees wants that money back. Yandy says he could care less about that money. Rashidah says she will talk to Mendeecees and Yandy says just come to me no need to talk to my man. I don’t know what I make of the newest tidbit of info that we had no idea about. But I can say that no matter how much people drag your name through the mud often times they may not have the entire story but the sure do have a good paraphrase. Do you trust Rashidah? Do you think Winter became a wimp when she told the ladies she’d take their respective chapters and mentions from her book?

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