Love & Hop Hop – Episode 2

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Chrissy Lampkin

Emily asks one of her clients Darrelle Revis, who Olivia stated she was dating and he tells Emily he hasn’t seen Olivia in over a year, hmmm, why the lie Olivia?

Chrissy still has a problem with Somaya and doesn’t think she is ready to release her music.

Jimmy’s mother Nancy plans a Hawaiian theme birthday party for Jimmy, grass skirts and all. Hawaiian? Which 34 year old adult male hip-hop artist has a Hawaiian theme party in New York?

Jim in his side interview insinuates he is ready to put a ring on Chrissy. We will see.

Next week: The Yacht
Chrissy sees Somaya perform, and tells Jim she’s not ready to record, which leads to a blow-up between Somaya and Chrissy. USA, LLC
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  • christy sweet

    I think that chrissy was jealous her man thought somaya was hot.. She was def not thinking of his best interest she was hating.. Dont get me wrong Iam not a big somaya fan although i do like her some. shes working to take care of her parents and big props for that. Somaya with out a DOUBT was probably the most popular on love and hip hop and her guy from back home was hella fly. Jim wouldnt have suffered doing a album with her it would have opened up a whole new audience of fans who have never listened to any jim jones songs. Like me and few other people i know. She thinks she is the shit with that big ass mole no wonder jimmy wont marry her. advice quit hating trust your man and remove the mole and respect his mother no matter what she says to you!! Ignore what she has to say if you dont like it. Olivia you are the bomb your voice is beautiful and I hope you go far.. advice for you drop your money hungry manager. Hes a punk ass bitch!!! Emily make fab come out and acknowledge you girl. you are beautiful and can have any man you want who would be afraid to tell the world thats my woman…

  • I like Chrissy, she keeps it 100!

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