Blogger Lynn ‘N Chicago’ Hudson Dies From A Heart Attack

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Carolyn A Hudson, Aug 16 1963 – Aug 16, 2012

My friend and colleague Lynn Hudson died of a heart attack on her 49th birthday, yesterday.

49 is too young.

I’m shocked and immensely saddened by this news. I’m closer to some of my online family than I am to my real family, so when a buddy who especially understands your ‘obsession’ is taken away from you, it makes the heart heavy.

I met Lynn online and we quickly struck up a friendship, she was quirky, rude, irreverent, witty and a great writer. She was one of my earlier supporters and we became friends as I started out in this blogging world. Lynn was unconventional and you all know she hated Jill Zarin. We disagreed many times and had varied opinions, but we were able to put aside those differences as family should, and still remain human, civil and make each other laugh.

When I heard of her passing, I immediately broke down crying. The Real Housewives world has lost a great blogger, writer, troublemaker and twitter buddy; who was also a wife, mother, sister, friend and colleague.

My condolences to her family and friends.

I miss Lynn

– Stacey

There will be a viewing on, Mon Aug 20, 2012 from 3:00 – 9:00pm and the funeral is at 10:00 am Tue Aug 21, 2012
Please send all flowers and cards to Cuneo-Columbian funeral home, 10300 West Grand Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131 USA, LLC

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  • anon

    may she rip. wow.

    • Okillian200

      lynn was a hateful bitch. and she looks like a dude. was she transgendered?

      • DJ

        You are a sick bastard.

  • Beckymgrey

    I still can’t believe it.

  • Irenemark

    It really says so much about Lynn that she affected so many of us that she never even met, knew us from online because we enjoyed so much what she wrote :-) I hope you can see us Lynn – I will miss you & wish you sweet dreams :-)

  • KarenG

    So tragic…a truly wonderful person who made many people happy!

  • Lola839

    So sad. Is there a link to her obituary? 

  • Dee

    I have to admit, her blogs were the most informative out there. She rarely went a day without a new blog and gossip being posted. I lurked every couple days and enjoyed reading them although I rarely commented on them. Her blogs will be missed, but most of all, I feel for her family 

  • OneMoreInBoston

    Stacey-Thank you for your blog, I know Lynn would be honored that you wrote it, and I know how hard it must have been to do it.

    Beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul.

    RIP LynnNChicago

  • Jillian

    Angels on your pillow.

  • Catseye

    I’m shocked. I am so sad to hear this news. This woman had a wonderful gift of writing and sharing her thoughts with so many people. It was the only site that I visited repeatedly, to read not only what she had to say, but the other readers as well. What a tragic loss.

  • Ilianna M.

    She shouldn’t have had hate in her heart for Jill or anyone. This is what hate does to a person. Stop hating and live a long life.

  • Horrifying that Lynn had so much hate. This was a grown women spewing such vile, foul mouthed rants. She never met Jill Zarin in person, how can you hate when you’ve never met one in real life. Delusional much, and now people are acting as though this woman was an angel? I have nothing bad to say about someone who has passed, but I will say that she was very disrespectful when she was alive and said a lot of negative things about people she never knew. Just because you can start a blog doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful with your word choice. Sorry to anyone that thinks it’s acceptable to be a bully while hiding behind a computer. Not okay!

  • Traceyhartman2

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend .May she rest n peace .

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