Lynne Curtin Is A Grandmother, Daughter Alexa Is Married & Raquel Has A Son

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Former Real Housewives Of Orange County star, Lynne Curtin is a grandmother. The troubled Curtin family faced some hardships since leaving the reality show.

Frank and Lynne faced eviction, then they got divorced. Their wayward daughters Alexa and Raquel dabbled and still are involved in pornography and alternative modeling. Alexa filmed a few porno flicks as Jayden Taylors and Raquel goes by Suttin Suicide when she poses in lingerie and nude for the alternative modeling site, Suicide Girls.

The Curtin daughters are now married with children, Alexa is married to the man she was arrested for assaulting, Michael Devecchio and Raquel has a year-old son named Carter Peterson with boyfriend Alex Peterson. How sweet. This is a much better story than when we reported about their porn and arrest situations.

Pregnant Raquel with sister Alexa

Raquel Curtin_Carter_Alex Peterson_IG_md

Raquel with son 1-year-old Carter and boyfriend Alex Peterson

Alexa with husband Michael Delvecchio

Real Housewives Of Orange County

Real Housewives Of Orange County

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