Warning Graphic Images: Mob Wives | Man Who Stabbed Natalie Guercio’s Boyfriend London Rene Arrested

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via TMZ:
The fugitive who allegedly slashed the face of “Mob Wives” star London Rene … turned himself into NYPD late Tuesday.
London’s gf, and ‘Mob’ co-star Natalie Guercio tells TMZ Rodolfo “Rudy” Lopez was taken into custody after he walked into a Brooklyn police station. Earlier in the day … police announced Lopez was wanted for the knife attack that went down early Sunday morning.

Natalie says cops called her and London to identify Lopez … which she says they just did. He was booked for felony assault, reckless endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon.

TMZ broke the story … Lopez allegedly jumped London and slashed his face, abdomen, and arm.

Calls to Lopez’s attorney haven’t been returned.

The picture look like he got a telephone scar/ cut: A cut, that is curved from one’s ear to their upper lip. Normally representing payback for being a snitch. Rudolfo was booked for felony assault and possession of a deadly weapon.

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  • mamma

    but why did he do it???

    • 2ceeTv

      They were jumping Lopez.. He was just defending himself

  • Lenicebeing MommyComes Beforei

    Damn he got him good smh

  • 2ceeTv

    This sh*t is wack, I’m pretty sure her big mouth caused this thing.. trying to make her man be tough Starting fights, and now they wanna RAT.. SMH Fake ass people , B*tch this is real life not a SHOW!! Self defense

  • Mercer_NHP

    First of all I’ve known Rodolfo for many years as well as 2cee. Like Cee said, Lopez is a humble dude, he wouldn’t just do something like that out of no where. Kinda f*cked up how he was made to look like the bad guy on #tmz and the news. I know as well as anyone else who knows him, if he did something like this it was purely out of self defense. So called mob life, Snitchin. Smh. Here’s more publicity for their show. Although…. Yo Rodolfie you on #tmz bro.

  • Nikki Gloom

    if he treat it right that wont even scar… he must have been jealous over his looks.

  • Maxien Fisher

    Probably because of Natalie’s big mouth

  • Elaine D. Tempesta

    a lowlife reekin beaner

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