Love & Hip Hop’s Mendeecees Harris Faces Sex-Assault Trial

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Well what the damn hell. Yandy Smith’s baby daddy allegedly had ‘relations’ with a 15 year old girl.

Jury selection began Wednesday in Hackensack for the trial of a hip-hop reality TV star accused of molesting an underage girl in Lodi two years ago.

Mandeecees Harris, a 34-year-old actor on the VH1 reality show “Love and Hip-Hop,” is charged with performing various sexual acts with a 15-year-old girl and inappropriately touching her at his former home in Lodi.

Bergen County prosecutors allege that Harris asked for and received oral sex from the girl and fondled her on various occasions between September 2009 and April 2010. He was arrested later that year and charged with aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and child endangerment. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

Harris remains free without bail. He was not present in state Superior Court in Hackensack during jury selection Wednesday. Court officials expect to have a full panel of jurors by Thursday, and attorneys are scheduled to make opening remarks on Jan. 29.

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  • Oh my God…that’s just ridiculous…Yandy just had his kid…what a shame…that 15 yr old might be looking for some./…so who knows

    • JrBroadway

       When it’s “statutory” it doesn’t mean she screamed rape.It means the law says he took advantage of a child too young for him to have sex with regardless if she wanted it or not.I can’t believe some people are defending this dude.30 and 15 and some of you see nothing wrong with it?Wow!Must be a bunch of child molesters and half ass mothers in this bitch.

      • JrBroadway

         And what the f*** is a Mandeecees anyway?

  • Kichabrooks


    • “It takes two?” You are a moron. Even if their was anything else to have happened, on the end of the 15 y/o, AS AN ADULT, you don’t ever put yourself in situations like that in the first place, let alone ACT on it. Get the f*** out of here, with that shit!

      • Boopthereitis

        I can’t like this post enough! Thank you!

    • Adunmore33

      How about you let a 30yr old have sex with your 15 year old daughter …. I hope you have no kids…

    • SpicyDiva

      it takes 2? GTFOH! She is a CHILD! Wth? I hope they fry his ass

    • Dankyd1000

      I hope you are child because no adult would have such a foolish thought…. I agree with the notion of you’re Guilty until proven innocent and the public needs more details….. but know this because u r a possible pedophile too you get incarcerated for some ho shit like that it won’t be nice for u in the Bing!

  • Royaldeepee

    Are you guys serious? No matter how fast she was its the responsibility of the adult in the room to shut that ish down. Ive seen some foul mouthed fast over developed 11 year olds does that mean they can get the D and some 30 year old who knew better can walk? no rules are rules and in this country anything under 18 will get you [raped in] jail time…

    • Boopthereitis

      Thank you! She was a child regardless!

    • msfreway

      You are so right.  30 years and 15 What the hell is wrong with you horny as men. I have 2 daughters and i wish a mother f–k would. You wouldn’t live to tell nobody. Sick ass weak minded freaks.

  • Knsizemore

    Sounds fishy to me. 15 year olds aren’t the same as they use to be…they are way beyond their years…even 2 years ago! We’ll see what happens

  • Loveangels137

    Like really for all y’all know she lied to him bout her age then he pissed her off n she calls rape! These LIL girls look like grown women out here! N got damn right if it happened more than once then it takes two

    • Lplachett

      Knowing young girls look older it is up to the adult to ask for I’d… its a shame but its better to be safe than in jail, on the pedophile list for the rest of your life oh and carry this label….

    • _

      The lil girl his is step daughter he was living with her mom and his oldest son in the same home.

    • msfreway

      Well if you can’t tell a child from a woman, Then you need to keep your hands and words to your self. I’m surprise that he is still living. where are her Parents.

  • Tisharippy

    No whats really sad is this happened in 2009 thru 2010 and this said they charged him later in 2010 and yandy still chose 2 have baby with this scum bag.

    • Luvnmsrita

      That’s what I was thinking…like really!?!

    • msfreway

      That’s because scum love scum

  • M_stevens09


  • Anastasiaangel69

    The 15 year old girl was the daughter of his baby mama! And if the accusations are true, he is a sexual predator & child molester..anyone that thinks its OK for a 30 yr old man to have sexual acts with a teenager is twisted..

    • Boopthereitis


    • Kaymck2

      Wth she find this creep??? And they make all this bread and can’t do a simple ass background check then you make baby with this idiot just to say they have a man smh

  • Coreycrobinson

    His ass is screwed! This the same county that smoked max b boots…

  • Nyeshabrown

    Dezz lil azz girls alwayz screaming rape when dae been da one coming on to dezz men..Suducing men an being fast an grown..An now dayz u cant even tell a lil girl fr a grown azz woman cause da parents letting dae kids dress grown azz hell..But in reailty I blame da parents..Teach ur kids to not on respect dae self but respect dae body azz well..Be,wise an be picky..Take ur time in find men in ur life..focus on ur education an ur goal…

    • Boopthereitis

      Are you kidding me?! The child was 15 years old! Regardless if she was fast or not, she was a child! Yes, it is absolutely necessary for parents to instill a sense of self respect within their children but I 110% doubt that these parents encouraged their child to be promiscious. Bottomline is this mofo took advantage of a child therefore he is a child molester that gets no sympathy from me. The only person I feel sorry for is that little girl who is obviously lost

      • Ramos 23

        u must not be from this planet !!!!! how do u know this actually happen? u don’t!!!!! and yes parents would be insane to encourage their children to be promiscuous but in this sad world we live in today  lots of mothers turn their backs while the FATHER OR STEP FATHER  sexually abuse of  their own children , wen children see mommy or daddy cheating , when crack heads sell the kids for a quick hit, my uncle was falsely accused same situation his ex couldn’t deal with the brake up so she and her 15 yr old daughter came up with huge fake story on how my uncle was sexually abusing her , my uncle was arrested but after a trial and no evidence what so ever they found him innocent and proved she was a liar and a slut bag, she was sexually active with multiple partners some at the same time. It it all come out at the end !!!!

        • Boopthereitis

          Same as you don’t know, I have my own personal opinion about this article. Don’t try to conjure up some story based on wuhat happened in your personal life.

          In siutations like this the childs story is always believed first and foremost! And if she was sleeping with multiple partners, she was still 15, a child and he was 30 f$$$kin years old!

    • Mea Kya

      you need to focuse on your education as well!

  •  “asked for and received oral sex from the girl and fondled her on various occasions between September 2009 and April 2010″

    didnt say he screwed her so if he didnt screw her he knew how old she was……..why would they sign him up for a reality show if he is facing child molestation ….I dont get it….

    • Because they look at it from a rating stand point and also proabably there is no such thing as bad publicity

    • Ljfddtg

      You answered your own question! “Good” for tv brings more viewers

    • Mrbiggz514


  • Adunmore33

    Wtf does a 15 year old know about laws….for those of you who say he shouldnt be charged … Imagine if you had a 15 yr old daughter and found out she was having sex with a 30 yr old man….. I believe… He should be charged with statutory rape … Not sexual assualt…. Unless he really did sexually assualt her…. But sounds to me like he was given her that d and she probably was with it ….but grown ass men shouldnt be sexn children…pedophiles…..

  • Arkeliaeubanks

    Sad I hope it, isn’t true.

  • Prphevg2


  • Prphevg2

    …& P.S. on the “Baby Shower” episode, he CLEARLY WASN’T CONCERNED ABOUT his responsibility as a GRACIOUS NEW FATHER at their shower. He was trying to get his club on w/the fellas & ditched her to get the gifts home, on her own. Yandy is CLEARLY IN TROUBLE!!!  *PoorYandy&baby*



  • mrsa1sinceday1

    If its his bm’s daugther this is fishy, especially if they let him out on a pr bond. Him and Yandy have custody of his oldest son. Can baby mama be seeking revenge? And what judge would give him custody if the case carried evidence. Lets see how this plays out.

  • Jstar11231

    Did u ppl not wtch the show thats his sons mother daughter she either want money but im pretty sure yandy said his son was with them so jail for him= publicity for her and her tryna get her son back

  • Jylv2002

    I don’t care if these 15yr olds look like they are older, once they open there mouth you know that they are kids, just the conversation alone tells it all…if he did it then he gets what he deserves! As for Yandy i didn’t like her on the first show and you can tell that she needed a man any kind of man!

  • Lonelinessmom29

    first off i am not saying he is innocent by no means.. i just am shocked that they wait til he is on reality t.v and he is rapper now which i have no clue who he is but whatever anyways i am just saying sounds fishy to me.. i think this has to do with money and fame all together i think that they just want lil spot like b/c if it was that he would have been charged 2 years ago so it means the girl was not scared now probably 18 pissed off cause he gotta baby by another bitch won’t be with her so she gonna make up lies…  i am just saying sounds fishy to me cause if i was molested rapped i would turned that shit in day off or after there is no rape kit on the bitch so proof he said she said bullshit… that is what people go through when they got money people coming out the wood works to f*** you to get some fame and light and some money off you… lies and bullshit 

  • Sa

    Poor Yandy!

  • Irie

    First Of All We Have To Remember That “Reality TV” Is Pre-Recorded, So One Cannot Say That “It Is Because He’s On Television” This Is Out Now……..How Do you Know That This Isn’t Something That Mista Was Tryna Keep Under Wraps!?! Not Every Court Case/Hearing/Indictment Is Brought To The Public Eye……….Sounds As If You Got Personal Issues Boo Boo Handle That!!!

  • Jahzwifey07

    they need to fuk off….dat bytch wanted to do it sooo it was done

    • Ms_fantastic6

      Your an idiot!!! She was 15, even if she THOUGHT she wanted it; he is a GROWN MAN and he knows better than that!!!!! You must be a pervert that condones inappropriate behavior like that…

    • JrBroadway

       You must be a Jumpoff

  • Yup

    Must read the story CLEARLY!!! It says jury selection began, not he was just “CHARGED”! So, you can’t use that “oh they’re just picking with him because he’s on tv, why’d they wait until now to charge him?!” First, he’s nobody! So out of all celebrities, and real reality stars, why pick with him?!?! Secondly, if you’re at all familiar with court proceedings, it can take a while to actually go to trial and even longer to fight it. It doesn’t mean he wasn’t charged, it means he hasn’t been convicted yet! There’s a difference in CHARGED and CONVICTED! Look at how long it took to build cases against R Kelly or Michael Jackson. Throwing your a$$ in jail doesn’t happen over night, so I don’t think it’s because he’s on tv. I think it’s horrible for the minor involved and even more unfortunate for Yandy, who just had his child, because its a reflection on her too and her son could possibly lose his dad.

  • thebeautiful34


  • Bossladysn

    This case has been going since way before he got on Love and Hip Hop. People talked about this when his chick first was on the show. This is his 1st season on the show and so far theyve only shown one episode soooo yeah

  • Whoaluva

    Its some real ignorant people in this world and this post just proved it, SMFH….. She was 15 he was 30 he should know better.

  • Tip012002


  • Ceelovely769

    Now I see y she was hard on jimmy nuts!!!!!! Straight bird.

  • Buttascotch_5ft11

    People kill me with their opinions that don’t go with what happened or they guess what happened. Given: she’s 15… when I was 15 I looked all of 20. I had a 19 yr old boyfriend and lost my virginity, I chose him. There were charges pressed because it was consentual and something I chose to do. Given: she performed sexual acts on him and he touched her inappropriately. Just because she was 15 doesn’t mean she didn’t want to do it or didn’t lie abt her age.
    Mandeecees is known in Harlem and doesn’t have a problem getting pu$$y. She probably thought she would get some money out of him (and may have) but he’s not pressed for it. Nobody knows the full extent of what happened so everything at this point is an assumption. Until he is CONVICTED, leave him alone.

    • JrBroadway

       You are a Jumpoff Embracing your hoe-ishness.I hear you hoe.

  • dirty red

    when I was 15 I knew exactly what I was doing.  Dont let the teenagers fool you.  Dont blame him.  What? She was retarded and didnt know how to say no or didnt want to say it?  She probably did look 20.  Do you show your ID to everyone you f*** with?  I didn’t think so

    • Ebhill13

      So true

    • Checking you fools

      whether she looked 20 or not he knew exactly how old she was because he was screwing the child’s mother.  MORON!!!

  • This is real f***** up. While a 15 year old know wtf they’re doing, they don’t know at the same time. And him as a 30 year old MAN should know better. SMH. This is freakin’ crazy.

  • alphabadgirl

    Hello it is his step daughter, his baby moms daughter, he didnt know?? how did he not know how old the mother of his childs other daughter was, give me a break, he knew exactly how old she was and used that to be in control. Do not tell me he didnt know, this is not a random girl he met at a club this is basically his step daughter who probably came over his house with her sister/brother to spend time with their dad and he took advantage of the alone time. He didnt know. B.S and even if she consented it does not make a lick of a difference, 15 is a child until 18, 15 is emotionally confused and still developing in the brain, 15 is doing something to make someone happy or out of fear. 15 is a child!!!! No matter if she is fast, looks older or whatever, that is why 18 is an adult, why we have laws for this stuff. Do not tell me she is a slut and knew better, she is a child first, confused second.

    And definetly dont tell me he did not know. A stranger maybe, your step daughter…gtfoh

  • Chocolatecreole


  • Shalimarlove456

    All u people talking bout she look 20, when i was 15 i f***** are so damn stupid smdh! See that’s why this world is messed up kids are running around doing what the hell they want cause their punk ass parents are teenagers or not so bright parents aren’t doing shit! Anybody talking that i was 15 and f****** and looked 20, must’ve been born in the 90s cause if u were born in the 70s and later that dumb shit is not coming out ur mouth! See we don’t have big mommas no more cause this is just ridiculous! It don’t matter what she look like she 15 and he’s 30 or so he’s supposed to know better! Shit he look like he’s 15 and he talks uneducated and this is probably not his first time! He probably likes young girls f****** pedophile, they need to put all these bastards on a island and castrate them all!

    • Agreed! I’ve always looked younger. I am 35 and I still can pass for 18 on a good day. I see these young girls acting grown and looking even more mature. I feel bad for men, because they are subject to this kind of foolery and misleading behavior from our youth. I think unless the girl cries rape, their shouldn’t be any statutory rape charge.  
      Then again, one could say that men should stop believing these young girls and start asking for proof, like an state issued ID.

  • Malayna071

    I may have been having sex at 15 but I was still confused. And also didn’t look older than I was. I wasn’t having sex with people who I was older than, just in my age range. May have had sex 2 or 3 times between age 13-17. I am a 70’s baby and was scared as hell to tell my parents but eventually did and got my ass whooped, that’s why I say maybe 2-3 times. I honestly think the girls these days don’t think and do it to “fit in” because their friends already had sex. He needs to get that 20 years and if Yandi was smart, she would leave his ass behind that shit. I would even have had him on the show because there ain’t no way in hell she didn’t know before taping!

    • Malayna071

      *wouldn’t even have had….

  • Mofodolo

    This guy was stupid to put himself in that situation, and just to open eyes to the situation, this was going on before you got paid and as soon as she saw you on television, she saw her pay day…

    • It sounds like this incident happened in late 2009 early 2010.  I doubt the victum saw Menceedee on TV and saw an opportunity for a “pay day”. I bet the state took over the charges or maybe the young girls parents.
      I’m surprised that Yandy wants to marry him. Yandy needs to realize that a judgement/suttlement against the husband can be inforced on the wife.

  • Judeen Scott

    He looks like a blasted pervert and yandy is so busy minding other people’s business instead of worrying about her man. He needs to go to prison for life and then the inmates can do to him, what he did to that child. He’s a sorry son if a bitch and he has a son.

  • Kolorchangin

    why are men sooooo stupid when it comes to sex OMG they ruin their lives in pursuit of it

  • JrBroadway

    That nigga got pedophile eyes.

  • JrBroadway

    This dumb bitch said “he’s known around Harlem and has no problem getting pu**y.You think R. Kelly has a problem getting some?Dumbass hoe.And you’re right,I’m sure all the little kids in Harlem know him.

  • no if’s and’s about it…lock his pedophile ass up..all these grown ass women around here and he wants to mess with somebody’s child…15!!!!..I can’t believe Yandy has a child by this….UGH!!!!!

  •  no if’s and’s OR but’s about it…lock his pedophile ass up..all these grown ass
    women around here and he wants to mess with somebody’s child…15!!!!..I
    can’t believe Yandy has a child by this….UGH!!!!!

  • Ibgodis

    smh, WHAT do u xpect…THIS WORLD IS GOING TO CRAP!!! u got a trick on the show bragn bout (& PROUD OF IT) she wrote a book about what celebrity husband/boyfriend she fucd (btw…superhead already wrote this book!). if they got a self declared hoe on the show, them havn an alleged pedophile on the show aint hard to believe!
    damn shame!!!

  • Blaccdiamond1990

    he aint even do it so i dont know why you guys are going in on him…lets be real!!

  • Shondaaq

    Chile Mendeecees can get it!! I wasn’t there so ion know..He was found not guilty and that’s that…

  • chupz all ya’ll on here talkin f**kery did u guys kno whats transpired???/ who said the chick didnt give him wrong age huh? cuz those lil girls nowadays love big man also they asses is so damn big for they age a f**kin 15yr old chick looks way mature than me and im 22 huh so r u shut the hell up! he’s proven not guilty fa now so jus wait until we see what happens!!!! ……….