Married To Medicine | Season 2 Reunion Preview

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The ladies of Married To Medicine dish on Season 2’s dramas.

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  • Kozy Korner Katering

    aw shut up quad..dumb blonde..and toya gold digging ass….youre fired!

  • Sonia Smith

    Quad shut your ass up.. Your a liar and A Decepticon your green with envy and jealously and your ugly in side out.. Your a user and a opportuntis you use Mariah for a platform to be on the show.. Your a gold digger and your using Dr. G you don’t have any love for his dumb stupid ass he can’t see through your manipulated lying cheating ass lies.. Like you said when you lied you will cheated and all season long you been doing a whole lot of lying to Dr. G about being on the pills that’s a big Decepticon for a wife to keep something as big as that from her husband knowing that this man wants to be a father so bad.. Your keeping secrets from him that ain’t cool Quad and the way you treated Mariah is very disgusting your a triffing ex-best friend to Mariah you was never her real true friend bitches like you is unbelievable.. Team Mariah #Married2Med all day everyday.. Girl Bye! Bye Quad! Bye Felicia! LoL Smdh

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