Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan Divorced | Gloria Gets $20K In Child Support & $240K One Year Spousal Support

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Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan are divorced after being married for a year & 11 months. They have twin boys together who were born in 2008.

Things were amicable between the two at first, but their relationship took a massive hit in 2015 when she rebounded with Matt’s ex-teammate, Derek Fisher.

The court documents show Matt and Gloria are officially divorced and they’ve both agreed on child and spousal support.

For the children, Matt paid $5,000 per son per month in child support in 2016, but in 2017 that number goes to $10k per child per month until the children are 18.

For Gloria, Matt paid her $20k per month in spousal support from Jan. 2016 to Dec. 2016, totaling $240,000. She gets no more spousal support in 2017.

Gloria and Matt had to go to co-parenting counseling with the hopes they will be able to get along moving forward.

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