Meagan Good Responds To Critics Of Her Blue Breast Dress

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Yesterday we reported about Meagan Good’s breasty dress that she wore to present a Gospel music award during the bet Awards. Fans of hers came to her defense and she responded.

Meagan is married to a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, SDA’s from what I know used to be heavily into the Bible and conservative. Read what she wrote on twitter.

… That’s the thing Girl- is that I don’t feel convicted about this at all .,my spirit is saddened that our people only know one way to think and process things.. I’m not any less holy because the dress I wore -I may not be who people think I should be -but I’m morphing into exactly who God wants me to be.. My excuse is never “I’m going to do me” and I don’t feel that I need to make an excuse or defend or what I wore .. I know I have a responsibility -and I’m working daily to fulfill the full potential of all God has created me to be.. A dialogue was started about my character, integrity, my walk with God and my Husband -simply based on a dress that I wore.., Of course I’m going to have a reaction to people saying negative things… It’s just sad.. Makes me sad not regretful.. My heart and spirit is always open to whatever my Father would want to share with me… And my spirit tells me to be exactly who I authentically am -because that’s what’s going to reach who I was authentically designed to touch.. people like me who are often misunderstood and told their cut of God’s promise -because they don’t look the role …when God doesn’t care about us “looking the role”..he is always cared about bringing us in -and us being whatever we need to be to bring Those left out in .. And it just makes me sad that us as Christians can’t see beyond our initial reaction and don’t seek God before the attack other brothers and sisters …and never think for one moment that: God knows what he’s doing and he uses everything for his glory .. and he has a plan for every specific situation.. I had intentions on anything .. Merely picked a dress I saw and loved … God knows my heart and that I didn’t do anything wrong .. And he will use even people’s thoughts to bring him glory.

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  • Mixed Chick

    “I’m not any less holy because the dress I wore. A dialogue was started about my character, integrity, my walk with God and my Husband -simply based on a dress that I wore. Merely picked a dress I saw and loved … God knows my heart and that I didn’t do anything wrong”

    Our people? There were people of all different colors that had an issue with Meagan’s hooker dress. The fact that she doesn’t feel there is an issue about wearing that dress speaks volumes. We all come to Christ at different levels and some of us are beginners others ‘experts’. No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean we use the same excuse of ‘come as you are’ – which pertains to the condition of the heart, not the kind of stripper clothes you wear. Let’s not kid ourselves here – Meagan’s dress is not and will never be holy. I’m not sure who was attacking her, but pointing out the glaringly obvious is not attacking but correcting. What shocks me about this whole situation is that “Pastor” Franklin allowed his wife out of the house showing off what only he should be seeing and enjoying. If a man has no problem with his wife dressing like that, he is a fabulous man but if he wants her to cover up and dress like a woman, a Christian woman then he is being possessive and demanding and then divorce is next. Marriage is a mess and Christian marriage is even worse. There is no sane person that can honestly say, this dress is appropriate for a Pastors wife. No one. I’m tired of the ‘God knows my heart’, responses. Yes He knows your heart, He knows your disobedient heart, which should NOT stay in the same state it was when you first met Him. When you pick up the Christian lifestyle your WHOLE life is changed. As I said before, Meagan is a beautiful woman but her thoughts on this issue are distorted and not at all Christian like. If Jesus were among us, would we really dress like that to meet Him?

    • Patricia Mayfield

      amen girl!!!

      • Beverly Cooke-Hall


    • Stephanie Denise

      say that……God know your heart alright and He knows that wasn’t in line with His will

    • Sherea Buford

      Amen sista. You hit the nail on the head!

    • lookinyomirror

      what about the popes abd pastors who touch little.boys while there wearing holy.garmets i mean ijs there dressing how you dress as a leader of a catholic church but there toouching.little kidsss soooo im.ok with meagon wearing her dress i mean shes not raping.lil kids just lovin her life and her relationship with god…in a blue dress u guys r making her a devil in a blue dress if she was presenting top video vixen ud be saying the dress is mad.cute idk idk idk everyone just go look n the mirror quick

      • Mixed Chick

        No one on here is talking about pedophilia and I am sure everyone commenting on this blog believes that is wrong! Are you equating her dress to fiddling with little children. It’s all wrong. Child abuse – WRONG! This dress – WRONG! By the way this article is about her dress not about the criminal acts you are referring to.

    • Kisha Miller

      What is a “holy” dress? That sounds stupid as heck. She was dressed appropriately for an award show.

    • GirlStop

      LOVE THIS mixed chick! and i don’t understand these responses abt the dress being appropriate for an awards show or that part of the show. the scriptures do not tell u to walk as christ did at 12-3:30pm…we are to ALWAYS be a respresentatives. nor will i EVER understand peoples’ blatant misuse of the word jugdement. when a fellow christian is stumbling, we are to correct & encourage them just like we would at work (or wherever). that’s how we ALL make it to heaven. i’m not judging her at all…i just realize wearing that dress is not in line w/our (christian) walk which could turn ppl away from christ & that aint good.
      oh & 1 last thing, god does know our heart…THROUGH OUR ACTIONS.

  • Sotherngirl

    She needs to understand that she represents more than just herself. And by wearing the dress she garnered attention to her breasts, when we are commanded to glorify and point people to Him. We are representatives and ambassadors. I agree that her not seeing anything wrong speaks volumes, and shows that she has a lot of growing and maturing to do.

  • brownskinnedgal

    cubed. There is a time and a place for everything and this was not the
    time and the place for that dress.You can be sexy. The problem with this
    is that we mix up being sexy with being naked. She was almost naked. I
    saw her breast and I am not suppose to see that. In fact I don’t even
    want to see that. That was not being a sexy pastor’s wife. That was I am
    sorry to say being a nasty pastor’s wife and she should know better.
    That dress was inappropriate. Gabriella Union was sexy and she was not
    showing any breast. We need to learn the difference between being a sexy
    and being naked or just plain nasty. Sorry. I had to go there. I like
    her but she made a bad call with this dress.

  • AndOne9d9

    That is a sad a** excuse 4 that dress. She could’ve simply said that she liked it & that her husband didn’t have a problem. DO NOT drag God into this as if it is his will that u show all ur assets 2 everyone. I’m not picking on her bcuz she is a preacher’s wife, but the subject was brought up. That attire was not appropriate 4 any Christian. Including me.

  • Nekreiea Simone

    look yall that lady can wear what the hell she wants to wear did yall buy the damn dress ijs

  • maljazur

    Christianity aside, anyone in the entertainment business knows that fashion choices make a statement. And statements matter. There’s a reason yelling “Fire!” in a theater is a crime. People react to what you’re say out loud, not what you may have hidden under your cleavage. I was waiting to hear Meagan’s response. I was hoping she would say: “It was a crazy day! I had no idea which award I’d be presenting. The dress I wore ripped at the seam, and a friend lent me her dress. ALL the safety pins in LA were sold out! I had to just stand strong and make the most of it. I’m sorry for those I offended.”
    Big Ups to Mixed Chick. She said everything I wanted to say. It was hard to come up with something else, but I had to speak!! LOL!

    • Mixed Chick

      This had to be the best response ever Maljazur!!!!! I LOL’d. All jokes aside, I don’t normally write a thesis on these types of blogs, but come on Mrs Franklin, you need to do better!

      • maljazur

        Girlll….she was too many thangs in that dress. And her fans acting like it’s okay? I’m done…#norules

        • Mixed Chick

          This is what happens when morals, commonsense and decency are completely discarded

          • maljazur

            And when people think money and celebrity are allowed to decide who is “right.”

  • Caitlin Pinkney

    well doesnt matter how shes dresed god isnt worrie about that but meagan go head and do your thing Dont worry about these jealous people out here

  • get a life

    I don’t see what the big deal was and why ppl wanna focus so much on her dress… get a life ppl and stop judging… ppl act like everything they do, say and wear on a daily is holy…

  • penny

    what she was wearing is very inappropriate because, as a first lady of a church you have to set an example for those who look up to you, in the bible its explains that we are living in the world and not of the world and as a women of God you have to dress modestly and set yourself in a way where people can acknowledge you as a women of God. and shame on her husband for letting her go out like that, As a man of God he should’ve know right and wrong of how you present yourself as a child of God, do see the Muslims trying to dress anyway any how , WHY ? cuz they are following the rules of the church , like in that dress she looks like she not saved nor is she a Christian. and as a Christian women I thought that she disrespected all the first lady’s out there that is trying to live right and teach those who are coming up behind them what a real first lady should be.

    • A

      “In that dress she looks like she’s not saved nor is she a Christian” –um, I’m sorry but can you remind me again where Jesus said said you have to wear xyz for me to save you? Your comment was completely ignorant and the reason people view Christians as stuck up judgemental snobs! God loves & accepts everyone regardless of how they look or what they wear. You must have a different bible then the rest of us

  • Shae

    She needs to fire her publicist! There are a lot of grammatical errors in her statement.

  • Jackie Choto

    Really everyone here is so quick to judge Megan.. there is nothing wrong with her dress and if the pastor let his wife leave the house wearing that dress is because he see’s there is nothing wrong with her dress…..this is the problem with society today “you are all so quick to judge” and let me remind you of 2 things one GOD created us and brought us into this world in the nude and second of all he is the only one that can judge us…..

  • truth

    I loved her dress and she looked stunning in it. I am not here to judge what someone else does, wear, say, ….it’s not up to me, GOD is the only one that can judge. WHO are we to judge what she wears, as long as her husdand was fine with it that’s all that matters…People get a life….They’re more things that’s going on in the world that we need to be concerned with and we’re not…..sad…

  • RealWomanOfChrist

    BOOM!!!! NOW WHAT CAUSE SHE SAID IT!!! I am VERY ACTIVE IN MY CHURCH & WEAR WHAT I WANT BC LIKE MEGAN SAID AT THE END OF THE DAY, “God already Know!!! Ur plan was written babe….before u were born! Follow ur path!! GO MEGA

  • dymond

    Who cares about the dress her grammar is all wrong ugh…..if I was her I wouldn’t have even paid any attention to what anyone had to say….their opinions seem like a personal problem that the individuals need to take up with themselves,

  • modestandsexy

    As lovely and talented as Meagan is, I do feel the dress was inappropriate for a pastor’s wife for any occasion out in public. She may not have felt any conviction but she probably caused sexual lust to rise up. One can be fashionable, sexy and MODEST in their apparel without exposing themselves. I say this not only for Christians, but all females. If you let it all hang out, you leave nothing to the imagination and except….would love to hit that…..smh!

  • MsBella1000

    As the wife of a pastor, Megan Goode CHOSE to assume the responsibility for providing spiritual guidance for the members of her congregation. It’s no longer about just her, it is now about the lives of the members of her congregation. Does she truly believe she is setting a good example esp. for the female teen-agers and young women of her congregation? Now should one of the female congregants decide to attend a church service inappropriately dressed or if a member should bring a female friend that is inappropriately dressed, Megan will find herself in the uneviable position of NOT being able to approach that person and offer correction and advice. If she does, she’ll be viewed as a hypocrite. She can attempt to justify her position & reason for wearing the dress all she wants, but Megan is out of order, out of line and the dress was totally inappropriate.



  • T. Tate

    Yep, that’s using her body as a living sacrifice. Also, God needed to show his glory through someone half dressed on stage to millions of people, including children. She totally has things twisted in her mind… I’m saddened by that!

  • Sexy and very inappropriate

    Wow……….. what a bunch of shit! She’s full of shit! Wait… that was wrong of me to say. I could’ve put that better. If I can admit I’m wrong and can put that a better way, why can’t she admit she was wrong for wearing that dress and could’ve worn a more appropriate dress. She just had to wear it and give a bullshit excuse. It’s that simple and anyone that buys her crap is an idiot. I have a bridge tell sell ya. …..oops that was wrong again. I’ll work on it with God’s help.

    • MsJ

      Really? Wow….LOL John 8:7, Romans 8:1

  • Addison

    Her Husband was please so all of your thoughts & opinions are irrelevant & as far as it being a “hooker dress” I bet it costs more than anything that has ever been in your closet let alone a hookers. Worry more about yourselves & not the choices of others. People are so quick to try & sweep of someone else’s porch when theirs is just as filthy! ;-) I don’t even like her but that dress was slamming!

  • compassion

    The Bible clearly teaches modesty in dress. Followers of the word understand the concept. The dress was in poor taste, especially in light of the fact she was presenting a gospel award. Her tweet spoke to her individually, but not what the word of God says. Everyone has to give an account for their actions, true. But at least make an attempt to follow the scriptures—even more so if you and your husband are in positions of leadership of a congregation of believers.

    • MsJ

      Let say that she made a mistake (like the woman caught in adultery), do you think its your place to condemn her? Do you think Jesus is condemning her? Did Jesus condemn the woman caught in adultery or any other believer (not Pharisee but Believer. So not those who think they are already doing everything right, but a true believe who knows they need Jesus in order to do anything right.) based on the Word of God?

      • RJ

        Yes we all make mistakes, yes we are not perfect and we are not in the position to judge others. But God did give us brains and a conscience to realize what is right and what is wrong and His Word clearly outlines it for us. No one is condemning this woman in any way, they are just saying that what she is wearing is inappropriate and it doesn’t take a heavenly being to realize that. If you can’t handle a truth that is pointed out it doesn’t change the fact that it is the truth. Her breasts out for the world to see does not reflect the beliefs of the SDA church, point blank, period. There is nothing wrong with modesty. If we as Christians can bend God’s Word, our beliefs and our morals to fit the world’s views and what society deems as acceptable then we may as well throw the whole Bible out and question the validity of every word of God because we are already not preaching and following the whole truth. We only say “stop being judgmental” to avoid the truth because it’s too much for us to handle and we would rather like to carry on doing what we want.

  • Ken Palmer

    It was a terrible choice.if you are supposed to be a woman of God and your husband a Man of God, it should have been Common sense to realize it was not good to wear that..automatically. It makes your husband, his church and you suspect as far as Morality. If PEOPLE decide to leave the Church BECAUSE of your poor choice then what. People judge you by your actions. Read 1John 3:1-10 simply states, follow the righteousness of Christ. Any deviation is to be in League with Satan.there is no middle of ‘re road, Either You Serve GOD or you don’t.

  • cammymas

    ohhhhh stfu yall just hating on her. get a fckn life. she’s grown.

  • Lilly

    If anything, I think most people are just mad that their bodies will never look good in a dress like that. Stop hating and worry about your won bodies.

  • Brianna

    It’s a dress! That doesn’t make her less of a Christian at all. And while people make remarks on her dress, how about people discuss those that go to the club every Saturday night, but are ready to go to the House of the Lord on Sunday morning and act a fool as if the Holy Spirit actually hit them? You know, something MOST people that are devoted Christians would be upset about. It’s a DRESS. There are many celebrities that wear that kind of dress, but they don’t get dissed for it. And think about it, she was presenting ONE award, but had to sit through the rest of the award show after presenting it. What did people want her to go the ceremony dressed as? A nun? There were other celebs there, some wearing dresses that barely covered up their asses. So let’s not get over-dramatic over her choice of clothing. It was only an attire.

  • Janeil Curl

    Our own people are the ones to criticize. Does her dress say she doesn’t believe in God and follow his word. She isnt disrepecting God nor his house let her be. You go Meagan a lot of people are jealous of the fact they couldn’t rock the dress.

  • MsJ

    I agree with Megan. I think we as Christians (and if you’re not a Christian I totally disregard your comment, because the issue is based on her Christianity) need to be more like Jesus. When did Jesus tell a believer (not a Pharisee) that they made a terrible choice, or they are unholy. When has my Lord condemned anyone? As the Word of God says, “there is now NO CONDEMNATION to those who are in Christ Jesus”. So, if Jesus is not condemning her, then who am I or anyone else to. As she said, our Father is “morphing” her to be exactly the woman he wants her to be. I believe that she is receiving His love and wisdom and maybe she will not even be remotely interested in a dress like that next year… But if she is, that’s between Megan and Jesus PERIOD. That woman is a happily married Christian. I commend her for standing on a true relationship with Christ rather than this religion that is taught by many and received in church these days. My faith is based on the Word not theology or religion. What is Christianity? Its a TRUE INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. You go Megan! Keep reppin the Kingdom based on Jesus’ LOVE! Mwah Girl!

    • Grace and Mercy

      The Bible tells us to be modest–men and women. Her attire was inappropriate as a married woman and for someone who says that they have changed, has been at churches with her husband in ministry, and says they are a Christian. She may indeed be young in her walk, but she is not stupid. Her husband’s credibility as a minister/evangelist took a direct hit. This is not about condemning anyone to hell, but about holding each other accountable in the Body of Christ. We are his Witnesses and it was a disappointing witness.

  • mrs dill

    your club clothing and your church clothes should not be bought in the same store. and I know the lord said come as you are but the money you spent on that dress you could of bought appropriate clothing would you wear that in the church your husband represents

  • mrs dill

    and the ignorance behind most of her supporters is just what the devil wants he wants ppl to think this is ok its not ok for any woman to look like that because the men who were looking were not looking at a woman of god a pastors wife they were like cedric I want to know what church she go to so I can go there just to look at naked butty and for those saying we are jel of her never that because chicks wish they had all my natural beauty real hair, nails, eyelashes and behind but its for my husband not anyone else

  • LibraLuv2004

    She’s right in every aspect, but I still th ink that there is a boundary in what U wear because now Ur representing as a p…astors wife…. The dress was bad though….

  • Sexygoat

    Nicely put, people are so judgemental. Her response to the critics is perfect.

  • Lisa S Ray

    GOD looks at the heart and the works we do for his Glory. GOD is less concerned as to what clothes we are wearing. She looked great!
    And as the scripture states Matt. 7-1 “Judge not, that you be not judged”

    • juli

      1 Corinthians 5 New Living Translation

      Paul Condemns Spiritual Pride I can hardly believe the report about the
      sexual immorality going on among you—something that even pagans don’t do. I am
      told that a man in your church is living in sin with his stepmother. 2 You are so proud of yourselves (that this
      is happening), but you should be mourning in sorrow and shame. And you should
      remove this man from your fellowship. 3 Even though I am not with you in
      person, I am with you in the Spirit. And as though I were there, I have already
      passed judgment on this man 4 in the
      name of the Lord Jesus. You must call a meeting of the church. I will be
      present with you in spirit, and so will the power of our Lord Jesus. 5 Then you
      must throw this man out and hand him over to Satan so that his sinful nature
      will be destroyed and he himself will be saved on the day the Lord returns. 6
      Your boasting about this is terrible. Don’t you realize that this sin is like a
      little yeast that spreads through the whole batch of dough? 7 Get rid of the
      old “yeast” by removing this wicked person from among you. Then you will be
      like a fresh batch of dough made without yeast, which is what you really are.
      Christ, our Passover Lamb, has been sacrificed for us. 8 So let us celebrate
      the festival, not with the old bread of wickedness and evil, but with the new
      bread of sincerity and truth. 9 When I wrote to you before, I told you not to
      associate with people who indulge in sexual sin. 10 But I wasn’t talking about
      unbelievers who indulge in sexual sin, or are greedy, or cheat people, or
      worship idols. You would have to leave this world to avoid people like that. 11
      I meant that you are not to associate with anyone who claims to be a believer
      yet indulges in sexual sin, or is greedy, or worships idols, or is abusive, or
      is a drunkard, or cheats people. Don’t even eat with such people.12 It isn’t my
      responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is your responsibility to
      judge those inside the church who are sinning. 13 God will judge those on the
      outside; but as the Scriptures say, “You must remove the evil person from among

  • Devin Coles

    My thing is this…. I’m a young Pastor who would”defy” what many older folks would say is proper attire, I’m 24. My wife and I both enjoy fashion, and what is considered to be a good look. However, there is a standard to be upheld. The Bible speaks of us not doing anything that would cause our brothers/sisters to fall. If she were on any other job, they would require a certain type of dress code, as it is within the church. The thing I’m having an issue with is why folks would do a better job in representing man than we do representing God. Not just in this situation, but in so many others as well.

    • JC

      I agree with you. Would she dress like that if she held a high profile job? She chose to get married to a pastor, dress appropriately. chuuppss
      God looks at the heart. sooo right

  • True Ladyk

    I believe that the problem with society is that they’re too busy judging others based off of appearance and not the heart or soul. The truth is you have a woman who is beautiful and talented who wore a dress that she loved. So now she is being criticized for her appearance, but those same people criticizing her have many hidden skeletons in their closet. The only difference is that they are not in the publics eye like she is and if they are, their bones just aren’t visible. Instead of trying to tear people down, we should be uplifting them.

    • Harmony 195

      I agree with you100% on that one. He that is without sin should cast the first stone. Amen Amen Amen again

  • Deianna Anointed Gumbs

    if anyone on here has not sinned then cast the first stone… No “sin” is greater than another… Last but not least the people who are judging her needs to looking at her and look at your walk with God.. That’s all i have to say

  • Realistt

    Publicity Stunt! – Worked?

  • Yolanda

    I think she looks beautiful and I Love her response

  • Janice Marie Singleton

    We say we love GOD the Father who we have never seen
    We say walking in the footsteps of Jesus keeps us serene
    We say the Holy Spirit is alive inside us, and our souls are clean
    So why to one another do we continue to disrespect and demean?
    Whatever your opinion is, Jesus said not to judge, so don’t.
    The power of life and death is in the tongue, use it to speak life.
    Sisters-in-Christ, please stop this this inappropriate behavior, as it is not of GOD.

  • Shereka

    I love Megan & she looked amazing 2 me

  • Simplystatingthefacts

    no excuses. Love her but a christian she is not

    • Meek

      You missed the scriptures regarding judgement, undoubtedly (?). Who made you God???

  • Somebody

    Meaghan looked stunning, but being a Pastors wife means being held to a higher standard. It wouldn’t be any different if Michelle Obama wore a dress like that. If Michelle wore it, it would certainly be a problem, and Meghan seems like a smart girl, she had enough common sense to Know that the dress would cause controversy. It’s annoying when people try to play dumb…ijs.

    • JC

      Megan chose to be a pastors wife, it has nothing to do with christianity, but respect. Like you said Michelle Obama won’t wear a dress like that especially for that occassoin.She is making a mockery of her husband’s religon and is selfish. Think of your husband too and just not your self.

  • Steffy

    Alot of lost souls and blind people commenting. Wolves in sheep clothing, you got to watch our for those people.

  • nichola Barnes

    Miss Good I do believe you intentionally wore that dress you are a beautiful person but the occassion was not suitable for this very revealing dress if you had worn a bidazzled bra inside like something shimmery now that would of made a difference the scriptures says come as you are but in good judgement we are not gonna go naked to church render your hearts and not your garment but your breasts were nothing left to the imagination I hope your eyes are opened enough to be a sexy stylish classy modest woman of God be blessed in your union and also your spiritual walk

  • Leroy LeBoi

    That exhibitionist hoe can invoke “God’s” name all she wants to… How do we know God made her pick up that dress and not the Devil? Why not wear a thong, and give GOD the glory for THAT, too… She’s a hypocrite and her husbands a pimp,

  • Shigirl

    I normally don’t respond to blogs but im a seventh day adventist and just had to say something. First God has unconditional love for all his children even when we make mistakes. And yes she made a big mistake with wearing this dress and being a pastors wife. God says we live in this world but don’t be like this world. We as Christias have to standout and be different. Here’s the thing with this dress LOOK at what cedric the entertainer said the content of his comment was nothing holy. We are suppose to draw people closer to God by giving them the truth Gods word not by showing them skin.also as Christians we are not suppose to judge BUT PRAY for one another. She said she was not convinced by the spirit so it is for us to pray that God will show her the way. To whom much is given much is required. Be blessed folks and remember we all have sinned and fall short of Gods glory but he still loves us and can use us for his glory.

  • msfeelgood360

    As my grandmother would say, leave something to the imagination. He should not want every man seeing his goods or even more desiring her because of her public display. She is a beautiful young lady and it would have been more tasteful and still as stunning to be portrayed as a wife and not a sex symbol.

  • MrsDrea Daycarelady Yeager

    I truly understand doin you but I mean there is a certain way you should dress as a pastor’s wife. I mean I am a plus size chic who is very confident with my self you can be sexy without letting all your business hang out.God placed that man in your life for a reason and you took that pledge to stand beside him and be that pastor’s wife and you my dear represent pastor’s wife ‘s all over the world and I must say you must look the part hell you wouldn’t go to church on a Saturday with all your business hanging out. She is a married woman and that dress didn’t married woman it read single ready to mingle that’s not the response she want’s at least I hope not. “just sayin”

  • Nikki Jewelrybox

    I get what Meagan is saying. I went to a church as a guest of a coworker and I could not here the pastor over the women gossiping about what everyone had on. I also went to another church and saw a young lady in the bathroom with super short shorts on and a top that looked like a bra and I had to catch myself before I fell in line with everyone else talking about what she had on. So instead I said welcome and glad to see you in church. God said come as you are. People made up the rule you have to be dressed a certain way in order to receive God’s word.


    Sorry Meagan – I tired to read you post but my GOD whispered – no I didn’t to me and I had to stop at “I am morphing into what God” I do not know about the you and your silly husband attest to but let me tell you this about GOD : GOD DOES NOT PARTICIPATE IN CONFUSION!!! and you Jezebel started a lot of confusion – I tell you what wait until next year and SEE IF THEY INVITE YOUR GHETTO A back – then you will know just how trashy and sticky you looked….

    • simplyme

      I don’t believe for one second this is the comment of a christian there is no way, how can people be so judgmental are you without sin are you perfect I don’t believe none of us are why don’t we just leave this woman and her husband alone next year she will probably be invited back and next year I am sure she will make a more tasteful decision on her attire

  • Oprah is weeping 4 you Meagan

    GOD DOES NOT PARTICIPATE IN CONFUSION – Suggest that subject to the Pastor – then ask him to explain it to you little girl

  • sharee


  • Jane

    This dress is inappropriate on anyone. LITERALLY ANYONE. People say as a “pastor’s wife” and all this. But if Beyonce or Ciara wore it, it would still be inappropriate. Let’s take the whole christian aspect out of this situation and just look at the dress. It’s still unnecessary for such sexual aspects of a woman’s body to be portrayed. No matter the religion, it’s just socially not acceptable to the average american to have breast out like that.

  • Courtney Kenebrew

    I realize that meagan good is beautiful…I didnt know that she was married..nor that it was to a preacher…but being a preachers wife is hard…being a preachers daughter is hard and thats coming from a preachers daughter..thier are standards that you have to keep..or it will make the man of GOd look meagan admitted that she was not completely on the path of WE AS CHRISTIANS SHOULDNT BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE…FOR YE SHALL BE JUDGE ONE DAY…the dress was inappropriate..but before she was married she was a brand…and sexy is her brand…what u want her to dress in turtle necks…i have seen Mary Mary wear some unsavory and unholy tight revealing clothing…they havnt gotten that criticized..and next i guess you all will want her to stop acting to because some thing that she do is inappropriate…get a life…

  • deveauxlady561

    Omg ppl its just a dress stop being so deep. If we were like adam and eve we wouldnt even have clothes. Come on.

  • Sonja Homer

    I think Meghan the celebrity won out over Meghan the preacher’s wife. I don’t believe Meghan fully understood the ramification of her clothing choice to her core base of fans and the backlash. You can exude sex appeal being cover from your neck to your ankles. It is the person wearing the outfit that makes the outfit not the other way around. Less is never more with regards to clothing.

  • E. Monique

    Meagan is grown and has never been in the spotlight for anything negative like drugs, alcohol, violence like many other stars fall victim to at times. Women have a love for Fashion period, and being in the public eye, she should want to look her best. Regardless if we find it appropriate, we aren’t the ones wearing it, and if people didn’t like it, then they would still have an opinion about NOT liking it too. Too many critics in the world and I agree with Meagan whole heartedly, God is worried about us looking the part if we are still reaching out to other souls and inspiring them to walk in God’s grace as well. From one Christian Sister to Another, Meagan so happy for you and your marriage and all of your success that YOU have worked so hard for. Continue to shine on in God’s Light. and the dress was simply HOT!!!

  • sosolovely

    HATERS! Always judging somebody somebody and got your OWN ISSUES you not dealing g with, soooooooo what she wore that dress!!! God says come as you are AND WITH A CLEAN HEART! She wore that dress and looks beautiful and that doesn’t make her any less of a woman of God!! Some of y’all talking and don’t even attend church, that’s the problem people always wanna judge! Do what you do Megan cause YOU and YOUR HUSBAND KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! If her HUSBAND had an issue with it I’m pretty sure she would NOT have wore it!! She can wear whatever she wants so everybody with your negative opinions shut up!! You have NO right telling nobody what’s appropriate and what’s not!

  • sosolovely

    Somebody said “her dress doesn’t scream married woman, it screamed single and ready to mingle” lmaoo @mrsdreadaycareladyyeager:disqus Yeager CLEARLY she’s taken, DO YOU NOT SEE HER HUSBAND? DO U NOT SEE A RING? Shm I’m off this Megan good don’t give a damn anyway, she said her piece on Twitter which I 100% agree with its so sad our people only know ONE way to process things! Sooo true. JUST SAYIN

  • sosolovely

    Controversy? Lol!! There are waaaaay more important issues going on in this world and everybody got something to say about a celebritys dress!? Lmao you people are hilarious. Now everybody experts on how to be a pastor’s wife and how to dress lol HER DRESS WAS APPROPRIATE AND SHE LOOKED STUNNING!!!!!! GO JUDGE YOURSELF!

  • sosolovely


    • cancer

      every time a christian speaks about some issue yall bawl judgement judgement!! we got our nose in our bibles thats how we know whats wrong and like it or not we gonna talk the truth

  • Talesia Nicole

    This whole ordeal about her choice of dress is ridiculous. If we would spend more time worrying about our own walks with Christ, we wouldn’t be so judgmental about what this married woman wears. Y’all casting stones because she wore a dress publicly but we’re lying, backbiting, fornicating, judging, etc privately and publicly, all things the Bible speaks against. So before you decide to open your mouth, make sure you’re all the way together first.

    • Charlene

      Well said Talesia!

    • Beej

      Amen Talesia!!!

  • Nibbles

    An obvious misunderstanding of “more of Him, less of me.” She will grow in time.

  • TNS

    1 TIMOTHY 2:9 This dress is not modest. One question, would you wear this to a church service? Our bodies are to be the temple of the Holy Ghost! Is that dress holy? I pray, God will lead and direct this young woman to take a stand for righteousness and be not conformed to this world.

  • NaturallyMade

    I’m a SDA & I find the dress highly inappropriate especially since she’s presenting a Gospel award. With that being said, I don’t think this reflects her character as a Christian! It just shows that she’s still a work in progress. we can’t expect the girl to just change who she is overnight just because she’s married to a pastor. like she mentioned, she’s adjusting to her new position and all she simply did was pick a dress she loved. Was it a poor choice? Absolutely. But does it make her condemned to the eternal fire of hell? Heck no! And this, to me, has no reflection against Pastor Franklin. At the end of the day, he’s a MAN! And that his WIFE! So her wearing that outfit was a win for him! LOL

    • simplyme

      I love your comment this couldn’t have been said better as the wife of a minister myself I completely understand her yes her dress was a poor choice and I am sure she may not make the same mistake twice as you stand in that position you are constantly judge by what others think you should be and that is not right by any means many people don’t understand as the wife its your husbands calling and you have to condition yourself it doesn’t happen over nigh for us

  • yahchilyah

    I don’t know who this woman is, and now I will make sure I don’t support her in any way, as she does not set a good example for the society that we live in, which is already worshipping the body to the tune of money. Our children are the target of sexual molestations, rapes, kidnappings and murders, not only outside the family, but more so, inside our families. This energy of sex has confused and corrupted our world so that it is no longer safe for anyone, because our bodies have become the commodity, and respect and love for one another is no longer sacred. One day this young woman will see how the energy (sexual) that she has made her “God” is not healthy for anyone!

  • Beej

    Because Meagan is married to a minister, no, I do not think that her dress was appropriate. However, I am not going to judge or condemn her for her choice…which by the way was hers AND HER HUSBAND. If her dress attire is the only thing that people have to discuss about her…then in my book, there is no discussion needed. Meagan, you go girl…you look AWESOME! Heck, wish I could wear a dress like that and look that fabulous in it!!! Be blessed…and people, stop judging! It’s not for us to judge her but Gods.

    • Kim


  • Cherica Whylly

    1 Timothy 2:9 (KJV)

    In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array

  • tazz

    So everyone is focused on a dress she wore I think that is ridicules. I pretty sure God still loves her the same and will continue to use her for whatever purpose he has for her. Christians are so quick to judge and cut people off so quickly. Where do they learn that from not the bible. No none is this world is perfect that’s why im so glad God is not like people because if he was none of us would have a chance in heaven. O and for all the Christians that feel comfortable with casting stones just now that the measure in which you judge others you are judged. That’s why people don’t attend church now because who wants to be part of a group of people that does more putting down then uplifting.

    • Emily

      I couldn’t hv said this any better….

  • Jerome

    What did she just say beyond nothing? The sad thing is that she believes what she just said and what she said was nothing. If Kenya Moore could dress appropriately and not a Pastor’s wife, welllllll?????

  • Angelia In Atlanta

    Okay she wore the dress. Okay she is married to a minister of some sort. Her Godly Character would have been in question in quiet/secret. But because she was introducing the Category of GOSPEL, she has been measured by CHRISTIAN standards of the B-I-B-L-E. So So Sorry to inform that this dress was an insult to who JESUS CHRIST is. If she were introducing Christ Himself, would she have shown up in this dress, plunging to her abdomen, half of each breast revealed, nipples visible for the world to see? Doubt it.This dress would have been beautiful with ALL OF HER BREASTS and ABDOMEN covered. My GOD. Why would you want the world to see so much? Is there a particular reason? Was this a statement to the New Church. (Do what you wanna do.) Here’s the problem, why its important to cover in Christianity. People come as they are, but come for change. MEN struggling with lust/flesh issues, this would cause the brothers to stumble in their minds/hearts and who knows what they will do in response. These days, women would look upon her and lust too. And allllllll that falls at her feet, right along with them, because she helped to walk then the that door. :-/

    • Brittany

      She wasn’t introducing Christ. She was introducing a Gospel category at an awards show for BET. Jesus hung around with those that you ‘Christians’ would shun today its very very sad! Jesus didn’t care what people wore or what they did, all he cared about was loving and forgiveness, and people finding their way to God. Just because her chest is showing doesn’t make her any less of a good person. She probably doesn’t wear that outfit to church, again, it was an award show. Not worship. Not Jesus walking in and saying Hi…but a BET award show. Get your nose out of the air and into the Bible, the real truth is that Jesus says many times that only God is to judge, not us. Be a true Christian. Be about love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Christianity wasn’t put on this earth to judge all that others do wrong, we are supposed to spread the LOVE of God to those around us and work on OURSELVES and creating a connection with God. These comments are disgusting to me as a christian. Are you just mad that your man looked at her? I think so! I can only imagine what you would do if a prostitute came to your church looking to be saved if you are so hurt by a damn dress.

  • Big D

    Glad im not a Christian. You guys are way too judgemental for me!

    • ganga

      and your’e way too judgmental for saying that we all are judgmental ..touche


    Now yall lets be honest here….. Meagan Good is the PASTOR’s WIFE… is she suppose to be setting an example for anyone else in the church if she dressing like that ????????? LOGIC NOT FOUND….these people needto choose which life they wannna live….live for JESUS or be in the world..and by that dress she wore its obvious she’s not ready to let go a nd live for GOD alone.. If she’s dressing like that then why not EVERYONE in the church come dressed like that and see how her husband would feel by the example his wife is showing this is not appropriate at all……and yall people should no better… because if she calls herself a true Christian then she would know is she was to stand in the front of the throne right now she would be sent straight to hell because at the end of the day TRUE CHRISTIAN represent JESUS and you think that dress represent JESUS come on now… also at the end of the day children look up to these type of people all of her nipples are showing ..and if you people would read the bible it does say we cannot judge one another but the TRUE CHRISTIANS CAN…….keyword TRUE !

    • gg


    • olivia williams


  • Ande in Jacksonville

    I never know how stupid and nieve people can be until they actually open their mouths. Despite Meagan’s sadness, her actions warranted all the backlash she’s getting. The reality of the situation (no matter the judgement of others) is that she has an image to uphold being a “pastor’s wife” and a responsibility to those that look up to her in and out of the church to be appropriate at all times. That dress was not appropriate for this particular event or any event for that matter holding the title that she now possesses. Would the backlash be just as shunned if it had been Mrs.Michelle Obama wearing the same dress?….Everyone makes mistakes maybe this will be the one she learns from. This is just my opinion but if you don’t respect yourself and who you are then how can you expect anyone else to. I am disappointed in who I thought Meagan Good was. Now that saddens me :-(

  • Emily

    . The dress is lovely. It just don’t compliment her body well.

  • don’t play dumb

    Christian or not, she wore this to introduce the category of Gospel. Let’s keep it real people. Since when do we represent the white house, the pope, or anything of such caliber with our breast hanging out??? Why should her standard be any less? It’s not about judging her…simply its about not playing stupid. We know better!!!

    • MadGirl

      Oh SHUT THE f*** UP!!!! It’s the freaking BET AWARDS only a f****** once in a year show she wasn’t presenting the Oscars to anyone and obviously her husband had nothing negative to day about it and loves her regardless!!!! So take your hating funking ass on!!!

  • ModMudd

    I honestly pity Megan. Poor girl stepped into a hornet’s nest the day she married that dude. Somebody should have told her that she opened herself up to a incessant scrutiny and public shaming from the sanctimonious Black Christian Right. And we all know they LIVE for this kind of thing. Pin The Tail on the Whore is their favorite game.

    Megan your sexiness is a crime and you are on trial, girl. I know you’ve grown up being comfortable with your natural sensuality and you’ve just embraced it as part of who you are but that kind of thing won’t fly round these parts. Grow some shame or get out. That’s the message they are trying to send you.

    These people are fixin’ to publicly stone you for their entertainment.

  • Careful Decisions

    It is about what God wants you to represent as a Christian woman. When Meagan chose to marry a pastor that was her decision, but along with that comes the responsibility in representing and setting the standards for the church, which is made up of members or community that you would hope to inspire in a Christian way. So I think the ultimate is this look does not represent the standard look of a Christian woman.

  • Sinner saved by grace

    I was just wondering what the so-called gospel artistes were wearing. The dress isn’t inappropriate because of the category she was presenting…it was inappropriate because of who she represents – God. And I totally get what she means, none of us are perfect and God is still working on all of us – Pastor’s wife or bench-warmer we all have a responsibility to represent God well. Great response Meagan.

    • Valerie Stevens

      I totally agree with you….

  • K’Nira A. Wallace

    I love the dress…but not for that setting. If she was just out with her husband or another type of setting then fine! It’s stunning and she has the body for it. But at a GOSPEL awards…no. There is a lot of scrutiny that comes with being a pastor’s wife. It’s almost in the same level as being a president’s wife. Everything you do, say and wear is watched and listened to. I understand that there were no ill intentions but you do have to be more conscious of your position and what not once you step into certain roles.

    • Valerie Stevens

      When Michelle cut her hair – the world had so much to say. But Michelle said “It’s only a hair cut” Megan only had on a dress.

  • gg

    You can always find words to excuse yourself from doing the right thing..Jezebel spirit!! In NO WAY did she think this was appropriate.

    • Valerie Stevens

      It’s just a dress – and only a dress…..

    • Truth

      And gg, you are without sin????

  • Nicole Couch

    Its just some things you dnt do & this is just one of them ok. If you are married to a pastor or bishop regardless of the person you are u still have to dress accordingly because you have now become not just the pastor’s wife but you are now a 1st lady of a church that the pastor has or have & when you walk out that door you have ppl thats expecting you to act as the 1st lady & carry yourself as that in public because you not only representing yourself as that 1st lady but you are representing the church & pastor to so some things you just have to be very careful about putting on when you are talking about going out to a world that is known for judging…..

    • Valerie Stevens

      Please with that First Lady…..just from her wearing that dress could save a soul – everything we do is for #GodsGlory not ours. And once we get that established – well……

    • MadGirl

      Shut the f*** up!!!! You probably a nobody that just wants what she have!! It was only the freaking BET Awards not the f****** Oscars!!!

  • 1st lady

    1st Lady

    Romans: 12 :1 says I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. when you know what’s right you do what’s right because the Holy Spirit brings conviction.

  • Valerie Stevens

    I totally agree with Megan – her dress has nothing to do with her heart. When we are sinners we get all pretty and sexy for the world, and as soon as we get saved we believe that we should look and dress a certain way outside – when God is clearly more concerned about the lives we touch. There are women inside the church who behave so selfishly and unconnected to God, and they think just because they wear a long dress they are more of a Christian #IDONTTHINKSO do you Megan – you are correct – God uses everything for #HISGLORY…..

    • panga

      that dress just got my dick hard…

  • jay

    Christians, how soon do we forget that we once were sinners…maybe it was a dress, drugs, premarital sex, lying, gambling. We can go and find a scripture to condemn her actions but where are the scriptures about forgiveness. God knows our hearts, as it pertains to HER body and HER actions! It’s funny to me how those who consider themselves God’s people are quick to point fingers instead of praying asking God to strengthen her, and renew her mind heart and spirit. Please remember God called each of us to bring people to him and a major part in that calling is how you do it! Be blessed and fo
    cus on the bigger picture I’m sure there’s another sinner sitting next to u or right around the corner that needs to know God!

    • Truth

      Jay, thank you. But to confirm your point, we all are still sinners. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the lord. No man is righteous! One sin is not above the next. And we are all god’s people! Not one of any of us has it all together! These people ridiculing this young lady don’t realize that the bible also says the tongue is as a two-edged sword. They are soon to fall on it! Who knows what they are doing now that they are finished ridiculing this woman and denying her relationship with God! Alot of people dress the part and act holy on sunday, and forget that they are christians monday- friday! They don’t need to worry about this woman’s or her husband’s soul! They better pray for their own!!! Because while you are throwing bricks at someone else, you are weakening your foundation! The bible also says to guard your tongue!

  • lyise

    I am confused what all the fuss is about. Megan Good is being true to who she is. She is and has always been an icon of beauty, fashion and sex appeal. Why does this dress alarm us? Before she was married to the “pastor” she dressed sexy and do you think marriage changes people? It doesnt! I dont know if her husband believes he has some power to effect change but from the moment you marry someone you are saying “I accept you for who you are and will continue to love you even if you never change”. That’s what he signed up for. Lets stop looking to the world to be moral and spiritual exemplars. Look to Christ! I feel sorry for the fella though. Wish I could have counselled him before he made that decision to marry Meagan. How can the two come together unless they be agreed esp on values, morals and spirituality? It’s obvious, Devon knows this aint what he grew up on. He know it aint right for a woman to prostitute her body, wearing clothes that encourages lust and sex! He aint stupid..he’s just deceived. He believes this was Gods calling on his life. The devil calls people too and he can morph is voice to sound just like the creator but if you ain’t got a tight relationship with God you WILL be trapped.

  • Tracey Scott-Harris

    It is sad to read all the post downing Megan because of a dress. She has a right to wear whatever she wan’ts to wear if her husband did not care then what business or right is it for us to judge her or make rude comments. I am quite sure some of you have worn things that showed something. I thought there was something in the Bible about judging someone and someone without sin cast the first stone? So all of You that are talking neg. about what she is wearing and the type of person You think she is, and quoting scriptures need to go back to your bibles and read those passages again because I believe you interpreted them wrong. But then again people interpret the bible for their own believes.

  • Janice Bell

    I’m so glad we serve a God of a second chance, third & fourth. Maybe she selected the wrong dress, maybe she doesn’t feel she did anything wrong. Let God deal with Meagan and her dress attire. Those of us who were brought up in a christian background, probably said Wow! Even Cedric the Entertainer said something about what Church u all go to. Just saying. In time, Meagan will come in the light, what is the right time to wear what. Let her condemned herself, Not You or anyone else. God will let Meagan know WHEN & Where what to wear. God bless U Meagan, Go & Grow in CHRIST.

  • stop judging God knows best

    God dont love anyone for what they wear or how they look. God knows best and as long as u believe he is the almighty than so be it. God also say dont judge but all thee suppose to be God fearing ppl always judge da next and their closet just as dirty. She is human and the same ones with so much to say probably do way mire after churc. megan u look good and ya husband apparently was fine with it so who cares what ppl say

  • ras kasaa

    bringing glory to god one titty at a time , god wants me to fuuuuuuuuuk

    • GHH

      That’s not true. Show some respect

  • Bri

    its just a time and place for everything…The dress was gorg! just not the appropriate time and place to where it

    • Coco

      BET award show wasnt the time or place then when was it Sunday church?? Never forget she is an actress and she has had and will have parts to play they may wear some things that are like this. This was the perfect time for this dress and f all off you who judge her. Her man a Pastor was still standing tall by her side!


    And this is why many people don’t get involved with you people who love throwing stones while living in your glass houses. Most of these comments have me weak to the core. Half of you are secret twerkers, molesters, pervs. Who have videos floating either in someone’s phone or online but want to speak up on someone else life. Killyourselves. Once people figure out noone is perfect maybe then people will learn how to be and teach how to be better, do better, and be happy. Get yo life!

  • Michi

    yeah it’s just a dress, then this Sunday when you go to Church wear something similar with your breast all hanging out and see how you feel? And if you don’t feel your being disrespectful to God and the Church, forget about everyone else then I guess she wore the perfect dress to the Gopel event!!!!

  • FeliciaB1

    The word Christian mean to be Christ like now would Chris look or act they waybshe is??????

  • FeliciaB1

    You a preacher’s wife why in the Hell you dressing like that

  • pooh

    This was not Gospel concert it was the BET AWARDS a person can go naked if they feel like it HATERS at the end of the day she Megan don’t got to answer to nobody but God don’t none of ya’ll pay her bills or buy her clothes she’s a grown women and can wear what she want… Yeah true enuff she did the gospel award but the show wasn’t based on gospel…. I think some of ya’ll mad cause you can’t wear the dress she wore lol… Get over yourselves it’s over now find something/someone else to talk about…. Oh and was her husband complaining??? Oh ok I didn’t think so

    • olivia williams

      How dare ppl compare the sins of Man to God, this is what’s wrong with the world in today’s society, too many ppl mix worldliness with the ways of God, an it is an Antichrist spirit, because if he is such a Man of God he would know that God desires Holiness. I wish that ppl would open their eyes, because just because a man or woman hold a title as a Christian, don’t make them (Christians) Christ like….There are many wolves in sheeps clothing, Just because you stand in a pulpit as a Pastor or pastor’s wives, does not mean that you are a true man or woman of God, because true men and women of God separate themselves from ungodly things, I don’t care who you are, you cannot be of this world and be of God too…..

  • smh

    she needs to save it, she’s just causing men to lust after her , that’s like a gay pastor saying God is using him to bring in other gays when your choices are an abomination and your leading people the wrong way…. people wont look at her and they about anything but her nipples that were poking through her dress, not God!

  • AJ

    Her husband obviously likes it so who cares. If he thought it was inappropriate, with him being a pastor, I’m sure he would have told her. Instead we see pictures of them embracing. Why should anyone criticize?

  • Dana

    I like the dress….I just don’t feel it was something she should’ve worn if she knew the spotlight would be on her in regards to presenting an award for gospel…..she should’ve changed after the red carpet

  • #yupisaidit

    Her response is full of emotional bs. I’m not judging her nor am I “religious” but she clearly does not adhere to the teachings of the bible. There are several scriptures that speak of not causing others to sin. That dress, her nipples (no pasties), her legs, and those curves clearly created temptation in others lives. #gtfohwtnonsense

    • Ke

      The bible also says that each man is tempted by his own desires. Another man could look at her and simply admire her beauty while another one could begin to lust after her. Her being fine and having curves or whatever has nothing to do with a man’s lust. That is something he deals with and is responsible for checking. It would be the equivalent of someone saying I’m not a murderer people just make me so angry and cause me to hurt them. The word ACTUALLY says that you should not be a stumbling block. It says nothing about causing someone to sin because there is no such thing. Sin is a deliberate act. A choice to go against God’s will. Stumbling and sinning are two different things. I do feel that her dress was revealing and inappropriate regardless of the venue. She is a woman of God and a pastor’s wife; she should wear more modest clothing. It’s just that your basis seemed flawed to me.

  • mek

    People saying it wasnt the time or place!!!! she wasn’t at church she was at the bet awards and further more god say come as you are and from what I see her husband didn’t mind and he is a pastor if u supposed be such a christian why are u judging her!!!!! Some of yall just mad cause yall cant rock it like she did!!!!!

  • Leah

    The dress was not a good fit for her.The dress is made for Women with perky small boobs are breast that sit up not saggy boobs and she could have put pasties on. It she was gospel or not the dress wasnt for her. THUMBS DOWN.
    P.S. MY Breast are perky but I wont wear nothing like that..

  • JB

    Just think the person that planted the seed can’t fit a dress like the one you was perfecting through GODS GIFT OF A GORGEOUS BODY !!!

  • jac

    Why is everyone always consumed with someone else…should she have worn a 2 piece suit and a hat or a throbe we judge too much when there are so many other things to focus on….maybe she should have worn a better dress,maybe she didn’t find anything wrong with it,maybe it was okay with her husband and therefore okay with God, at the end of it all I bet she hasn’t been condemned to hell #betweenherherhusbandandGod

    • Blah Zing

      No it’s not that we think that she should have worn a two piece…but forgive me if I’m wrong, I don’t think you grew up in the church….In the bible it says that women should dressed in modest apparel….we are to cover ourselves so we won’t allow others to fall by lusting after us…For her to be a pastor wife she should know better…and for her husband to be a pastor he should have told her that the dress is too revealing…What real man wants someone lusting after their woman? It’s so sad because she doesn’t even feel convicted for this…it’s saying a lot about her…I love megan I thinks she very talented…but she needs to wake up and see that she was wrong for wearing that outfit….

  • ElderAD

    The bible say’s “man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” Many look like something good, nice & wholesome, but their heart is exceedingly wicked. instead of being judge, jury & executioner let us learn to celebrate one another’s success, stand by one another in challenging times & pray for one another through times of struggle. If we can do at least that, we won’t have time to judge others, God can.

  • GetemGirl6

    Man she was a virgin before she got married how many of you holier than thou people have done that or are you just a babies mama’s she is a wife and a young lady and has a beautiful body that God gave her so, ctfu get your life1 she is a woman of God first ignorant people.

    • u lie

      No she wasn’t. She hadn’t yet slept with her husband. That doesn’t mean she was a virgin.

  • amber savala

    The dress is pretty however the dress is inappropriate for the award catagory she announced. I say this because she would or should feel convicted If she walked into the house of God in it. If her husband doesn’t have a problem with her wearing the dress then nobody else should. I just didn’t like thst she gave the gospel award in it.

  • Reba Wiggins

    How dare ppl compare the sins of Man to God, this is what’s wrong with the world in today’s society, too many ppl mix worldliness with the ways of God, an it is an Antichrist spirit, because if he is such a Man of God he would know that God desires Holiness. I wish that ppl would open their eyes, because just because a man or woman hold a title as a Christian, don’t make them (Christians) Christ like….There are many wolves in sheeps clothing, Just because you stand in a pulpit as a Pastor or pastor’s wives, does not mean that you are a true man or woman of God, because true men and women of God separate themselves from ungodly things, I don’t care who you are, you cannot be of this world and be of God too…..

    • Dee

      Amen, my thoughts exactly! Would she wear that before the congregation? I hope not….We (true Christians) are in the world not of the world! Totally agree with Reba Wiggins!



  • Melinda Caldwell

    I think the dress is beautiful and it should not be so shocking that she wore this because she dresses this way all the time but I would think it would be disrespectful to her husband or on the other hand he may not care because he could just be with her because of who she is and I totally understand that some men love for their other half to look amazing all the time and turn heads but you can look great without showing it all too.

  • Dee

    She could have worn the same dress with a more modest neck line and she would have been cool….ijs that lil thin layer of cloth still reveals her breasts and pastor’s wife or regular women, it is inappropriate in my opinion. That being said, I pray she learns from the situation and makes better choices to “draw others in”.

  • fjjackson

    Mega I love you and yes I truly believe you are a woman of God being developed as we all are the dress was beautiful and you wore it well however; I can’t imagine that you would wear that dress to church on saturday or sunday or to a church event with your breast exposed therefore it was not suitable (the exposure was very intimate). I don’t believe God got any glory but we all who are being developed got a lesson learned. As women/people of God we must led by example and yes you/us may not always feel convicted by what you do, or say or wear but we are not to be stumbling blocks, sometimes we have to be a little more selfless with our actions because we are paving the way. Love u and its all good!
    we must led by example whether you are personally convicted or not.

  • Lashonda Mcgee-Mathews

    Loved the dress She’s a Grown Woman !!!

  • Jaja

    Jesus’ mother never wore anything like that. The bible tells you to cover your shame! As a married woman in general! Cover your self. Coming like ice t and coco what a shame!

  • BrendaDSnith3

    No the dress does not make you no less a christen, but IF you read the Bible it teaches us to dress modest. And yes when God made Adam and Eve they were naked BUT when they eat if the fruit God killed animals and made cloths to cover there naked bodies. And we are to judge our self’s that would please God, when I was growing up I was told to stand in front of a mirror and ask my self IF Jesus came back would I Heaven looking like that. So it is up to your own self to decide and for me not to judge, so while I do not thank it is right I cannot judge her.

  • Marla Weaver

    I think this dress was inappropriate for any woman to wear. It shows everything including her nipples and is cut down to her stomach. I am a Christian but I am not one bit old fashioned. A young starlet may wear this type of dress to be noticed, but this pastor’s wife does not look like she’s out at a function, she’s either out to be noticed or to be for sale.

  • Marla Weaver

    She looks terrible in this dress. It’s cut down to her waist and her nipples are showing. The dress is just not appropriate. She needs to learn the difference between class and trash.

    • MissRight

      Well if you are a “Christian”, you should know not to judge others. Miss you’re not God. When you point ONE finger, three will come back at you.

      • LadyA

        O come off the Holier than thou’ role… It amazes me how when people want to give folks a pass, they throw out “DON’T JUDGE”. But that is ridiculous, we as humans judge EVERY DAY!. The husband or wife you chose.. JUDGMENT. The friends you have… JUDGMENT.. Down to the line you use at the grocery store JUDGMENT… You use JUDGMENT as a guideline for what is an is not acceptable. Right from wrong… And we all know good and well. If you were sitting in church and a woman walked in, or the sister stepped on the platform wearing this dress. NO ONE would as “easy going” as people are PRETENDING to be here!!.. So let’s be honest.

    • Marla Weaver

      I never claimed to be God, Mrs. Good, I simply gave my opinion. God gives us free will, which you expressed, and an opinion, which I expressed. If you don’t want the attention, cover your breasts in public. God knows my heart too, and there was a reason he told Adam & Eve to cover themselves. I believe God does not want us to show all of ourselves for a reason and it’s called decency. Once again, it’s only my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

  • :(

    I actually really love this dress, but I do have two major gripes with her wearing it. Neither have to do with her being a pastor’s wife. She was, however presenting an award for Gospel Music, and it’s simple not appropriate for that particular occasion. Furthermore, it’s a dress for a small chested girl. That type of dramatically low-cut dress isn’t ever flattering on a busty girl. No matter how great your body looks, with breast that large, a girl needs some support or else they look saggy. And girlfriend’s tata’s are looking sad.

  • Kim Dagenais

    Ever hear the saying less is more? I rest my case.

  • Bug

    People need to find something else to do besides sit around and worry about other. Megan that dress looks great. :-D ★★★

  • MzHoney Honey

    Some people just get on my damn nerves…at the end of the day when everyone finish voicing their opinions..The bible saids JUDGE NOT”…!!! he who is without sin cast the first stone.. people talking shit and taking votes..?!?! Man chill out with all that MESS”…!!! Megan Good you looked wonderful and I don’t feel she did anything wrong keep doing you Megan” only God himself can judge you.

    • Free

      So…. that’s the only quote from the Bible you know right? It’s obvious because the Bible also says if something offends your brother don’t do it….

  • Shell

    IT IS WHAT IT IS. It is a part of her job to look sexy and appealing. WE cannot condemn her for that. It is also very hypocritical to hold one to a higher standard once you find out that they are a believer. I think that Megan has definitely learned something from this experience. As a fellow believer I truly believe that we are still human and we will do things to offend others, but people need to stop trying to judge us with unfair measures.

  • LadyA

    The question is not about if the dress itself is nice (because it’s STUNNING). BUT, was it “appropriate” given her title, position and her presentation for a GOSPEL category. And the answer is NO!!!…Can we all say “to whom much is given”… While some are saying “don’t judge”. JUDGMENTS are what allows for order protection and guidelines… We as people make “JUDGMENTS” every day of our lives (they’re also known as choices, observations or opinions).. Ask yourself.. If you showed up to your sons parent/teacher conference and the teacher was wearing a dress similar (acceptable or not acceptable).. Your interviewing for a baby sitter (acceptable or not acceptable).. Your in church and the Preachers wife is on the platform in this dress (acceptable or unacceptable).. Casual Friday at your job (acceptable unacceptable) dinner with your spouses parents (acceptable or unacceptable)..Mrs. Obama wears THAT DRESS to the “Inaugural Ball” ( As a representative of THE COUNTRY acceptable or unacceptable)?????!!!..

    Lets address FACTS: There is a TIME AND PLACE for everything. PERIOD!! And this was not the time, nor the place (given her title and presentation.) for this dress.. NOW try and say you don’t judge!.. #letsbehonest

    • Free

      Awesome Lady A!!!! Amen!!!!

  • RedHeadCafe .

    I blame her husband for not being a man strong enough to make her change her dress to one that is more appropriate for the pastor’s wife. I’m so tired of these people playing church because you can’t be in the world and claim you a follower of Christ too, they just don’t mix. Jesus said you can’t love the world and me too, read it, its in the Bible.

    • Darlene

      You are Stupid! What does this have to do with her husband being a man? Shut up people, leave her alone!

  • trinidad0214

    so people rather her watch what she is wearing b/c of who her husband is and the event she attended, or be the type of christian that looks the part and behind close doors doing all kind of hell acts. I think she is doing a fine job being herself and god can use anybody for his glory.

  • Tamara Springer

    like god say it don’t matter what u wear once u praise him your welcome how ever.. what do her dress have to do with her soul.. Please because she’s with a pastor. stop the bs if she was just a church member would it be a issue, would it even be a discussion

    • Free

      which scripture is that? Don’t quote what a man has preached to you, but show me this in the Bible….

      • justice

        Amen Sister im with you on that

      • Abel

        Yes please explain where you read that in the bible…The bible says Isaiah 55:8 “For the thoughts of you people are not my thoughts nor are my ways “…Proverbs 11:2 and Micah 6:8 both speak of having modesty man or woman both should carry themselves when walking with God in Modesty…I don’t not care what she wears it’s her choice however when you say your speaking in the words of God there are several gods but only one true God so she can be speaking from any one of them so be careful in who you follow…and wow I’m sure God approves of you foul language too…

  • Bre

    It’s a fly dress but I can’t take her or her husband seriously now! I can see if she wore it for a movie or something, but the awards…to present gospel artist?! It was not only inappropriate due to her husband’s calling, but we also need to think about the children watching: the little boys with crazy hormones and the little girls who want to be just like the celebs on t.v., and don’t forget about the men who are having trouble controlling their flesh. Meagan, you are not helping! If you are a first lady, at least present yourself like one. You are pretty with a nice body, you don’t have to wear stuff like that. I think it was a call for attention, and you got it!

    • Livin MyLife Likeitsgolden

      If that’s the case that goes for every female that came on stage cuz she wasn’t the only one showing her goods.. flat out n it’s the parents discretionfor letting them watch it. Ciara damn near stripped naked no one said nothing abt tht. Rihana did u see what she had on.. come on yall talking for what

      • #TheDigitalDiva

        exactly!! lol

    • Dacia Wilmott

      exactly she is gorgeous as is..she doesnt need all of this! everything that is so called “fashion” in hollywood gots to be worn by every celebrity. do u really feel the need to look like everybody else??

    • Keren Jeanne

      yes and even if she thought it was appropriate, you would think he knew that it wasnt.

    • Keren Jeanne

      but maybe – we dont knw – maybe he did tell her that it was innapropriate.

  • Marla Weaver

    Meagen Good, I’ll pray for you. I’m not a hater just a Christian who tries to live my life according to what I believe in. You are probably doing the same, we just don’t agree.

  • Sonia Smith

    For a preacher’s wife that outfit wasn’t appropriate to wear at lease put a bra on she didn’t even do that… It was too tacky for the awards it is what it is he should of told her to wear something else…

    • #TheDigitalDiva

      it was far from tacky…yes she could have covered up the nip’s but it looked nice for the red carpet

  • Livin MyLife Likeitsgolden

    All yall judgemental ppl need to stfu so what she can wear what she wants even as a preachers wife. That don’t make her less of a God of child. Het husband probably told her Bae go rock the shit outta that dress.. yall need to mind ur bizness that dress is out cold.and her husband clearly feels the sameway.

  • Cora Ross

    I loved the dress, it’s something that I would wear, and unless she is going to work in a corporate environment or at a daycare…she can wear whatever she wants, she is a First Lady, but she is a Lady First, and this is what she is accustomed to wearing and if she is feeling comfortable in it, and if it is making others feel some type of way, then that may be that is something they need to pray about

    • Free

      So wait…. She can wear that to represent the “church”, but in a corporate environment? Wow, so there is more respect for corporate America than the house of GOD? Wow……

      • Dacia Wilmott

        exactly my point! and another notion of this new world is that reverence is only due when in church lol these people. and there is a tendency to quote the Bible when 3/4 of them dont have a clue abt the actual events/situation surrounding the quote lol

  • pcsears62

    These people are famous for what? I could care less what this idiot wears.

  • trini barbie

    you can take the mud out the pig but you cant take the pig out the mud……….you need to pray and ask god for WISDOM … u cant have yr cake and eat it….yr a pastor wife fr goodness sake

  • Taiwo Al

    lols perhaps she is acting out against her last name ‘good’……

  • Nadine G. OVerton

    God is not raunchy, and there is a certain way that a woman who claims to even know God, less more have a relationship with him is supposed to carry herself, yes that dress is inappropriate for any married woman. Hollywood is so corrupt that they really don’t even recognize or hardly even thank God, and Megan, no hunny, you are trashy looking, and nothing about you says woman of or in God, your heart is not of God, God doesn’t promote, nor does he like trash.

    • tasha

      God loves all his people and only god knows the heart so who are u to judge. Thats the problem with the church today so judgmental leave it to god. For you to say a woman can’t dress sexy for her husband is ridiculous since when is that a sin. Trashy is exaggarated was a sexy elegant dress smh

      • Bloodbought

        Trashy is correct! no christian who has a relationship with a HOLY GOD dress so provocatively like sinners do. Let your light so shine the bible says and it also states that by their FRUITS you shall know them.

      • Keren Jeanne

        she can dress sexy for her husband, but not for the masses. i too, think people are wrong in how they are approaching her, and hopefully God shows them the error of their ways. but the dress is wrong for any woman; not just the woman of God. we are responsible for what we wear and especially if it entices men. we all know men were created as visual creatures. the men are responsible for bowing to the enticement, and we are responsible for that snare of enticement.

    • Moniqe


      • #TheDigitalDiva

        dress etiquette…yes they make pasties for that but…it was her choice…1 Judge

    • Keren Jeanne

      she is on a journey just like you. she is wrong, but bring to her this info in love, or else she could rebel, and miss out on the savior. just like the way you approaching her might not get her to Jesus; you could be held responsible. we all need to repent; she does for that dress, and you do for your approach, and i do – for whatever is in my spiritual closet. he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. so come in love…

  • Manny

    Well honestly I can understand her point of view but, God will hold her accountable for the way she dressed only because of the thoughts it will put into men’s minds. She can feel as comfortable as she likes but in the end is it gonna be worth having to answer to God why you wore that.. knowing that you look “sexy” as well as relieving.

  • Up with thr trees

    I believe she was dress like a jezzelbel. If your a servant of God, he want us to be seperate from the world- when I say world I mean this sinful, hateful, materalistic world. A pastor wife or any wife should not be showing the whole world her nipples. Only for your husband to see. So again megan you look a mess and you dont look like a woman of God- God is Pure

    • #TheDigitalDiva

      “I believe she was dress like a jezzelbel”…not so much sounding like a servant of GOD. There is only one judge, I don’t believe I saw your name in the bible as one. Most of us have already seen Meagan naked or close to naked in some of her movies. Our bodies are GOD’s creation so I doubt very seriously if wearing anything has to do with us going to heaven or not! get your mind right, there is only one GOD we strive to be GOD like but we are not GOD!

    • Keren Jeanne

      i think you catch more people with honey. even though you are correct in the way she dresses, there is a more appropriate way to tell her, so that she will accept. she will never accept what youre saying, because of your approach. we should rebuke in love. she will miss the goodness of your message via your approach. i know i would not listen to you at all. …and could miss Jesus, only because of your approach.

  • TruthItellu1

    I don’t judge people at all, I love to dress sexy as well (and I believe in God) however… your husband’s a pastor… you’re presenting a “gospel” award… I think she could’ve been a little more respectful with the way she’s dressed. But she looks awesome.

  • NoHopeSometimes

    Just reading these hateful judgemental comments from these so called christins alone has made me rethink coming to christ….because if this is what its all about I i’ll pass…maybe shes a work in progress….I thought nobody would reach perfection until they were with christ…It’s like you damned if you do and you damned if you dont…Being changed doesnt happen over night its a process that happens over time…Heres a thought maybe God isnt done with her yet…This is why I cant feel comfortable in churches…Judgemental harpies…instead of worrying about my soul and being encourging they judge what you wear and things you do…

    • BornAgainBloodWashed

      You not coming to Christ is only doing YOURSELF an injustice my dear. Christians like sinners are entitled to speak the Truth that bible STANDS for and that is HOLINESS. Without it the bible says NO MAN SHALL SEE GOD!

    • Keren Jeanne

      Just because someone says they are christians, does not mean they are. you have to find Christ for yourself, and not depending on what anyone else says or does. and just like meghan, they too are trying on their walk with God; He does not love meghan more than anyone else, and vice versa.

      Everyone is on their own walk, and just like she does not want to be judge for what she is wearing, then they should not be judged for wht they are saying. ..a 2 way street.

      but the most important is where will each of us spend eternity? there are only 2 roads. which one are you on? which one am i? (christian = Christ like. if you’re not Christ – like, then you are not behaving as a christian.)

  • Pudding and Tang

    When God made us, we didn’t have any clothes on, which was his intention. The devil still shows up and make you wear clothes, be it physical or (judge)mental. I believe Jesus Christ is our savior, but lots of self-righteous people are the worst. That the reason why they are so SAVED, because they know they was and will always be dirt inside, and that their only way out is through Christ. This is why they pretend or try hard to be close to the Lord, which their true spirit is discovered when they speak. This makes you question their faith. God knows our true hearts and people better be careful and truly fear him.

  • love

    Nobody is perfect, but for some Christians they think perfection is here on earth…God created each of us and you are beautiful be happy with yourself and dismiss negative comments

  • kk

    Pretty dress but to much body

  • hula lady 808

    Beautiful woman in a beautiful
    dress is what I see. Her true self. But having a man regardless of his title support her true self regardless of the judgements is the real beauty in that relationship. How u interpret what u see is up to u? If she were not a wife of a pastor then the interpretation would be different.

  • gee_duj

    I’m so disappointed. I held her in high regards with what she’s doing now, advocating for women to save themselves for marriage etc…Speaking so highly and passionately of her relationship with Christ but not feeling convicted for showing what her husband should only see. I believe her past, with seductive scenes from her movies and all that is in the past but she is now a different woman. She is portrayed as a woman of Christ, especially with the message she is trying to get across about celibacy. What she wore here just contradicts her message for me. Preaching one way but then leading men to sin especially for the whole world to see, helping them commit adultery in their minds, lusting for women that isn’t their wife, whether they are married or not. We ourselves must help our brothers lead them away from sin as they should help us.I understand her message and I agree but the very fact she isn’t convicted about changing her dress code entirely, makes me wonder… I changed mine to suit the message I tell people. Also I now value my body, covering parts I used to flaunt, wanting only my future husband to see it. The way the dress is and how she seductively flaunts herself in front of the camera, it just didn’t seem like she entirely left the world behind. I guess it’s her journey with Christ and of coarse it’s all new and constantly challenging but i do hope this doesn’t happen often, for the sake of future generation of young Christian women, thinking it’s going to be ok to flaunt themselves this way.