Meet Mariam Nabatamzi, A, 39-Year-Old Ugandan Woman Who Has Given Birth To 44 Children, With ONE Man

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Mariam Nabatamzi, is a 39-year-old Ugandan woman who has given birth to 38 children, and suffers from Hyperovulation.

Hyperovulation: Hyperovulation occurs when a woman’s ovaries release more than one egg during each cycle. This can increase the chance of fraternal twins, triplets or more. It’s possible for hyperovulation to happen in just one ovary, or involve the release of more than one egg from each ovary.

Mariam was married off at 12 years of age in 1993, to a much older 40-year-old man. She Survived death; allegedly at her stepmother’s hands who apparently pounded glass and mixed it in the food she gave Nabatanzi and her four siblings. Her husband is an absentee father & husband so she supports her children by doing odd jobs.

At 39, Mariam has 38 children whom she has delivered from home except the last born who is four months old. She was delivered by caesarean section. Among her children are six sets of twins, four sets of triplets, three sets of quadruples and single births. Mariam has 10 girls and 28 boys. The oldest is 23 years old while the youngest four months. USA, LLC
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