Meet Nene Leakes’ Granddaughter

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Meet Bri’Asia Bryant


Meet Bri’Asia Bryant the first grand-child for Nene Leakes and first child of her son, Brice Bryant. Nene introduced her to the world this morning via In Touch Magazine.

NeNe tells the new issue of In Touch about her shock when she discovered that her 22-year-old son, Bryson, was secretly expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Ashley Hill, 21.

“I only found out about everything because I ran into Ashley when she was more than six months along,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta star tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. “I said, ‘You look pregnant.’ And she said, ‘Hasn’t Bryson told you?’ But he hadn’t because he knew that I wouldn’t approve of him having a child so young. I didn’t feel like he was ready for such a big responsibility,” she says. “I was his age when I had him, so I know how tough it is. I didn’t want him to make the same mistakes that I did. I needed to let it sink in.”

However, once little Bri’asia Bryant was born in mid-June, no-nonsense NeNe melted. “I always wanted to have a girl,” she says, “and now I have one! She’s just adorable.”

Not only has NeNe done everything she can to make sure that her son’s girlfriend won’t have to struggle financially — “I paid for everything in the nursery: the clothing, the diapers. I don’t want her to feel strapped,” she says — she’s gone completely “crazy” buying gifts for the baby, including “little dresses, sparkly headbands, and Gucci shoes … We just love her,” NeNe gushes to In Touch.

And while at first she was reserved about being called “Grandma,” the 44-year-old outspoken star now embraces the name! “Forty is the new 30. I’m a sassy, fashion-forward grandma!”

Source: InTouch

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  • Woeism

    Fashion forward?  Says who?  LOL

    • Beright77

      God bless you and your family Nene! She is beautiful!God is sooo good! It is what it will be!

  • Stupidfluffy

    Yet another reason for NeNe Leakes to act her age and act responsibly.  Oh, that’ right, she doesn’t care about anyone else but herself.

    • CCHYANN59


  • Well the baby is a cutie and Thank God she looks like the Mother and not the Daddy.

    • Beright77

      What a left handed compliment!Looks don’t guarantee happiness in life- look around and observe your own situation.Does that work for all so called ‘pretty people’?

  • Sexyrapier

    Nene you have hates again, beautiful baby Congrtz.

  • Julieb113

    Awww she is precious!!!

  • Ptrcboyer

    The baby is beautiful congrats on your first granddaughter

  • Jailynmontgery

    She is beautiful congrats

  • Sherrina J

    Congrats NeNe! She’s a doll! :D

  • congrats nene!!! She is soooo adorable

  • Sharonposey90

    Congrats to you and yout family

  • Tychisa2000

    She is too cute. NeNe u should be called Gma not grandma



  • Dee

    I know how you feel NNe I to felt that my 22yr. Should have waited and cintinue to enjoy he just moved into his own place and I thunk he should enjoy himself first and the fact being called GamGam at 45 yr Umm did not sit well but he is hear now and I love him.I just cant wait to take him to take him on a Disney cruise :)

  • Maxima_21045

    Nene it’s about time you bring yourself back to reality, your son is a grown damn man, you can’t get him to man up living at home, maybe this baby will do the trick. Just ecause you had a baby at 22yrs of age doesn’t mean he shouldn’t. He didn’t have a problem lying down making this baby, let him deal with the situation and let him grow the f*** up. It’s okay for you to want to buy and brag about what all you did for the baby, but thats the problem, you do every thing for him and enabling him to grow up and be a man. By the way she is adorable, what is she going to call you?   


      Just because Nene do for her gbaby as far as providing for doesn’t mean she’s not letting her son being responsible…that’s what proud & happy grandparents do like MYSELF!!!!! KEEP DOING YOU NENE!

      • Nigel

        She said she bought everything for the nursery. Look like she’s going to be taking care of 4 kids now… her 2, the baby momma and the grand baby.

    • Chiquita Champin

      What’s wrong with her not wantIng her son to make the same mistake she made when she was 22 yrs. old and her buying for her grandchild is what she want to do. I’m pretty sure she is teaching him to be a responsible father to his child. Don’t be so harsh.

  • Latonya_matthews

    NeNe I always be talking bout you…I think Imma lil you…LOL  Your granddaughter is beautiful. Enjoy her although Im not a mimi yet. I have a Daycare in my home and I spoil all of them… Looking forward to seeing you on TV soon…

  • Nita Stills

    She is sooo beautiful.!!, but it’s the smile on your face that makes this photo PRICELESS.!! Congradulation NeNe…

  • Storeforshoes

    Congrats! NeNe…Bri’Asia will want for nothing!

  • Aw AND she looks just like Daddy!! And you look so happy!! congrats Again

    • Liz_stephenson

      Awwww she is a beautiful doll.

  • Ggdeckard

    Congragulations Nene i know exactly how you feel..I experienced the same joy when my son was 22yrs old. My 1st grandson passed away last yr June 2nd, however this year June 2nd the LORD BLESSED me with a granddaughter, she can’ t replace Jayden but the day was alot easier to deal with. God Bless

  • Evelynb1056

    Congratulations granny she’s beautiful but you know that.

  • Congratulations . . .  welcome to the “Diva-Ma” club . . . ;-)

  • Congratulations NeNe . . .  welcome to the “Diva-Ma” club . . .  God bless your son and his precious angel.

  • Lrias

    She is so beautiful like her Grandma and I know she will be loved as you love both of your children. Now you got the three B’s. Brice,Brent and Bri’ Asia. Love it.

  • Riddle710

    Congrats! Brice on your Baby girl, it’s time to step up and be the best father and man that your father has showed u. And to U Grandma NeNe embrace this moment and let them find their way sometimes. It is a beautiful thing being a grandma people tell me.

  • Chelle09

    She is cute…but that name, really?

  • Cherylk43_8

    She’s a doll.. Congrats !

  • Mjammy78

    OMG she is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations xxxxxxx

  • Chrylmyrick1

    Go Bene with your beautiful granddaughter. I all to well know the feeling of having.g an girl even if it is in an granddaughter. Blessings to you and your family. C.P.m. Of Pittsburgh,Pa

    • C.L.

      mistake my phone does what it wants Nene.

  • Hazelkershaw

    She is beautiful!!

  • Live Love Dream 2009

    congrats she is beautiful



  • so happy for you and your family :)

  • JoJo Marsha

    tooo cute

  • Haddymbarrow

    She is crazy gorgeous….. Congrats nene

  • Msdettegvillcali

    It not that bad after all love them as you love yourself you both look grt

  • lovelyleo

    Congratulations, NeNe!

  • Tashashivers24

    Congrats bryson and nene the babys cute ads ever.

  • Dnewlooks

    Awwww thats just the sweetest thing and she is adorable.

  • Miss-blue-eyez08

    Congrates nene she is adorable…!!!

  • Go ahead Ne Ne she’s adorable. Congrats to the beautiful addition to your family!

  • Poooozi03

    Congratulations to Brice,Ashley.Nene,Brent!!!!!!

  • Genielwood

    Congratsulation, NeNe….she is a doll!

  • Shinetimeproductions7

    Peace Blessings to you all.Nothing like being Blessed with New Life.

  • Kajandme1985

    Congrats nene she’s beautiful!! And you look great keep up the good work

  • Gaynell


  • Regina wright

    What a Doll ! Congrats!

  • Sexysiren55

    Congratulations NeNe the babies are the greatest! much love

  • Monte1216

    Congratulations NeNe, I’m sure they’ll b fine with your guidance and Gods grace.

  • Karla

    Congrads NeNe she’s BEAUTIFUL now yu have another part of the family that can fuss wit Kim lolll

  • Prettybrneye21

    Men wrap it up if ur not ready ….women are trifling …they’ll do anything to trap a man ….tell my son all the time child support child support

    • Iamsam

      Are you serious? Clearly you’re a part of “the problem” smh at your ignorant comment!

  • jacque

    She an adorable diva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilmissniki

    soooo adorable!

  • nitenrz

    yes, that baby is a cutie.  congrats.

  • Cdwoodard77

    Congratulation on your new bundle of joy! Your grand baby is adorable.

  • Bobbipiett

    Congratulations, NeNe on your new Grandaughtet. She is beautiful!!! I have a Granddaughter, Kamilah, born June 26th, almost 2 months ago. I love her soo much, because I have 3 sons. My oldest son is the young father. We use to tell him all the time to be careful. He didn’t listen. God Blessed us with a beautiful grandfdaughter and we’re Happy!!!!!!

  • Phoenixrising212

    What a cutie pie!

  • TaMeisha Lewis

    Aww she is just adorable! Congrats Nene!

  • Dphawthorne

    Congratulations NeNe!

  • LaTrice

    Congrats NeNe she is Beautiful!

  • Carolyn_e_gordon

    She’s a cutie…

  • Prettyblk60

    She is such an Angel.

  • Mjackson849

    Congrats NeNe she is cute



  • Patriciawatson

    Congratulations Nene she is just adorable!!!

  • Lizzzy618

    congrads NeNe she is adorable…with a grandma like you she will truly be a princess..GOD Bless your family…

  • Yolanda

    Awwwwwwwww. She is just gorgeous. NeNe you look good for your age Boo.

  • Marie

    Nene I am so happy for you and how you are supporting your son and his girl friend….You are awesome…Bless you and your Grand Daughter, you both look beautiful….enjoy her …, laugh but most of all enjoy God’s love!!!

  • Rushlinda11

    Aww shes a doll baby,…so pretty…CONGRADULATIONS !!


    Congrats on the beautiful grandbaby…….

  • Naysmith220


  • gee gee

    CONGRATULATION  NeNe to u, ur son and his girlfriend. Bri”Asia is a doll. Take good care of them
    But don’t enable BRYSON , let HIM no HE does have responsibility now. With knowing u,I no  u will not enable him

  • B Campbell1958

    Congrats, but don’t spoil her although this is your first. Let them know and see the rezponsibilities and their duties as parents. Best to you and your family

  • Baltimoregirl1961

    NeNe she is adoptable! Have a great time being a grand mom. It’s a wonderful experience to share life with your kids.

  • shag11

    Baby will make you melt.

  • Vsmothers

    Congratulations Miss Ne Ne…She is beautiful. Tell your son congrats and God bless. He has a beautiful blessing. Good luck to all of you!!

  • Pdatiel76

    Ne Ne she is a beautiful child. Like all grandparents when they get their first grandchild they are going to spoil them to death. I just hope and pray that when she gets older she realizes that there is more to life than money and material things and she learns the true value of a dollar. Just because you’re buying everything for the baby that should not be a pass for Brice and Ashley. They still need to get a job or go to school ( or both ) and get an education. Again, congrats on the new addition to your family. How does Greg feel about the baby?

  • Brewingte

    I am happy for u Grandmom lol

  • Kendrabeazer

    Ne Ne she is a beautiful child. Like all grandparents when they get
    their first grandchild they are going to spoil them to death n i know u will. love you.

  • Keciameecia

    She’s adorable Ne Ne, she’s the next top model, but 4 right now she’s the next top baby model.;-) lol

  • Kim A.

    good for you NENE she’s beautiful and welcome to the grandma club.

  • Brandyp07

    She is so beautiful. Enjoy your new family member.

  • sexy 40’$

    Wwlcome to grandma, Mawmaw,whichever one she’ll use its not that bad being called grandma@44 I’m 46 with 3nd when I’m with my kids they ask am I their big sister.

  • sexy 40’$

    She’s very beautiful

  • Lord, NeNe Congrats Girl,  she is a dorable!!!!  You must be so proud.  Don’t worry about the Grandma Status,  Girl that’s just a cleshay.  Enjoy her,  love her and let her Daddy spoil her rotten.  For she is Precious.  Congrats again.  Now you have something to give Miss Kim her money’s worth.

  • Christine E. Hall

    Congrats NeNe…your grand-daughter is just adorable…so tiny…enjoy being a Grandmother…its a beautiful thing…I have 3 beautiful grand babies…best of luck to the new parents also…Love Your Fan…Christine E. Hall

  • She is a beautiful baby!! Congrats Grandma NeNe!!

  • Jbcampbell22

    Congrats! She is beautiful. Spoil her rotten and enjoy.

  • Danyell Hopkins

    omg she is so pretty!!!!

  • Msval4u


    • Phappy37

      Who ever u r u r f****** jealous idiot!!!

      • Ptate37

        Msval4u you are jealous IDIOT!!!!!! U wish U had paper like her. I know I do!!!

  • me


  • Photabulous1

    Awwww she is gorgeous..grandma NeNe looks great too

  • I’m so happy for NeNe,. Children are always a blessing & I’m glad that she stuck by her son & girlfriend and did the right thing.

  • The baby is beautiful and you look so pretty & happy NeNe. Glad you are moving on with your life, outside of all that negative drama from HWATL. 

  • Deann_mccollum

    Congratulations…I am 44 and a grandmother of 7…I love it and enjoy being in the new “20’s”!…

  • Lpaits


  • Edweniar_04

    Looks gorgeous i love it and im happy she embraced the childs mother!!!!

  • Reesie614

    Congrats NeNe She Is Adorable!!

  • wonder how old nene’s kid is. women are becoming grandmas too young

    • Mecyella13

      It says it right underneath the picture. It even says how old she was when she had her first…..

    •  didn’t you read up above were it said he was 22!

      • :)

        I believe she meant her youngest son, the only “kid” she has. Brice isn’t a kid anymore

  • Meashaboo

    Congrats NeeNee she is beautiful don’t worry about the negative feed back u all my get remember this nobody has to feed this child but y’all fuk what the media and other ppl gotta say btw you lookin good MrsLeeks love ya and gd luck to you all

  • Rdgbm12

    Nene is using this baby for publicity. She is a beauty. Bryson had a son by ashley a little over a year ago. The baby was born a few months early. He passed shortly after he was born. Nene did not give a rat’s ass about it. She didn’t even come to the baby’s funeral.

  • Chaldewoodard

    Congratz. She is such a doll.

  • ThePurrFectChic

    OH lord! Regardless of all the negative, NeNe looks great and the baby is adorable!! 

  • Reneerogers31

    what a beautiful baby,a minnie nene.

  • Piggie Ga

    Sounds so familiar. I become a Grandmother this year just before reaching 40. The joy that my grandson brings to me can’t be put into words.