Melissa Gorga arrested for shoplifting in Florida when she was 18

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Melissa Gorga has been fighting non-stop with her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice over her alleged stripper past, but she was once arrested for shoplifting – and there is still a warrant out for her arrest! Gorga – then Melissa Marco – was arrested in July 1997 for ‘retail theft’ in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Her alleged arrest occurred long before she married her husband Joe Gorga.

A warrant for Melissa’s arrest was reissued on October 8, 1997, after she missed her arraignment on October 6, and the case believed to still be open. It happened a long time ago and everyone has skeletons. What are your thoughts, post your comments below.

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  • Lakeshastandifer25

    So what….

    • Phillywilli

      The point is not that she was arrested for shop lifting, the point is that is shows her character, she is a liar and a thief , it says that she is not the little miss thank you Jesus person she claimed to be.

  • Dearjjz

    I can’t believe this is even being brought up now!? We have all done dumb things at 18. Now Teresa and hubby have done dumb things like steal from business partner. What’s her excuse cause it didnt happen at 18 yrs old. She was a part of that theft. She spent like there was no tomorrow. Leave Melissa alone!

  • Erin

    This is ridiculous, who cares? She was 18, leave her alone,

    • Gina

      Leave her alone? Clearly she uses Teresa brother to go against her for her own gratitude it was clear last week. She is a manipulator. So she getting a taste of her on medicine.

  • Michelle Colvin

    I don’t care if her alleged arrest happened when she was 18, 25, or 30, it’s clear that she’s a liar.
    Melissa’s credibility is whack. If she will steal, then she will lie.  She was definitely a stripper.  She needs to stop portraying herself as being perfect and pretending that the bad blood between she, her husband and Teresa Giudice is all Teresa’s fault.  They are all wrong.  None of them are perfect and they all have skeletons in their closet.  There was no need for Melissa and Joe Gorga to go on national tv to bash Teresa.  Melissa is not the victim.  She is the aggressor and by no way is she innocent in any of this mess.  Now, these are the consequences that Melissa must face.  Karma is a b@#%h!

  • Shoes11

    She has always been wearing a false “innocent” face.  She throws rocks and she is living in a big glass house, I am willing to bet.  I believe the Stripper story.  Jacqueline is an admitted Stripper.  Kathy claiming now that Teresa insulted her parents first, anyone watching knows who started that….Kathy.  I always liked Rosie, but the way she acted the other night w/all of the screaming and threats was very off the edge.  AND due to something her sister started.  Teresa doesn’t pretend to be a Saint.  She is a woman w/ a lot of problems.  She refuses to air them.  All of the criminal charges, now Joe to be tried 10/29, the other women,  it’s a mess.  She needs family and friends, not a pack of rats.  They would not even be on the show, if not for Teresa, that means YOU Melissa, Joe, Kathy, nasty Ritchie, Rosie and whoever else is in her family.  They on ONLY because of their connection to Teresa.  I am tired of the whole thing.  Too much jealousy and venom.

    • Jennifer8614

      Whatever!  Teresa takes ZERO responsibility for anything.  And Teresa drags her parents into everything first, always.

      • Michelle

        When Melissa owns that she was a stripper and thief, may Teresa will own whatever they’ve said she’s done.

      • Gina

        Kathy and Melissa knew what they were doing before that sighned on the show they were doing it to be smart so they deserve everything they are getting. There not that innocent and Kathy a follower anyway she shouldn’t have been listening to Caroline she wouldn’t be so mad nobody pays her any attention.

  • Kekelolo4

    SO! I do not care about something as petty as that. If she wasn’t so successful, it would never have come up. This country is pathetic that it’s agenda is to purposely dig up dirt on people who are trying to do well. SO FREAKING WHAT SHE WAS ARRESTED FOR SHOPLIFTING, I STILL LOVE HER!

  • Jenn

    well u still have a warrant doesnt that kinda bother u ?? so i guess no goin to florida for use ….. im not judging u everyone makes past mistakes i just think u would be a better person if u would admit to them instead of denying them they were who u were and u are stilll Melissa no matter how much ur life has changed instead of trying to be someone ur not and act like ur all innocent just own up to it and then nobody would be tryin to unviele u as u always say !!!! it was ur past , its not ur future and it doesnt have anything to do with where u are today as a person unless ur still lying about it !!!! take responsibility for ur actions , i think thats wat bothers most people about u is ur LYING !!!! Being in the public eye they are gonna dig up more and more about u !!!!!

  • Sexycaramellov

    Whatever she did in her past is her past striper, stealing etc … It doesn’t make her less of a person. Leave her the hell alone!!!

    • Kekelolo4


  • Nikke

    I’m team Teresa all the way and I make no apologies about
    it. If Melissa wants to be a Rock Star, then she you should have used a different
    platform to make herself relevant. What did she expect? She comes on a reality
    show and go after her SIL, who is also the breakout star and she has the
    audacity to think that Teresa’s fans won’t go after her (Melissa) and help to
    drudge up her (Melissa’s) past. I don’t care if her alleged arrest happened when
    she was 18, 25, or 30, it’s clear that she has a shady past. So, why get mad and blame others for your past mistakes coming out.  When you become famous, this is what happens, people drudge up your past.  Melissa, you gotta know that this is the price that you pay for fame…. Furthermore, no one has
    ever said or inferred that Teresa Giudice is perfect, but it’s just insane for the other housewives
    to spend 2 seasons going to great lengths to expose Teresa’s
    imperfections. I subscribe to the saying that when you point one finger to other
    people, just rememeber the other finger points right back at you. Here are some words from the wise, Melissa.  Stop going on talk shows and to the media bashing your SIL’s reputation.  This approach does not make you relevant in a good way.  If you just wanna sing, then get the media and talk show hosts to let you perform on their shows.  If they won’t let you sing on their shows, then maybe that’s a hint.  You can’t sing and they don’t respect you as an artist.  They would rather promote your messiness.  Not good….

    • Mean People Suck

      Are we watching the same show?  TERESA is a pycho path and a huge liar.

      • Nikke

        And so is Melissa.  She’s a Stripper and a Liar.  Why won’t she own it.(in Melissa’s voice) LOL!!!!

  • Heather_mccoll

    Melissa has an appearence scheduled in Florida. She’ll prolly cxl it or get arrested at her appearence. I hope Bravo is there with the cameras

  • Mean People Suck

    Who cares?  I think the only one interested in this shoplifting story is Teresa.  The press and Teresa are bottom feeding to bring something like this up.  I think we all did something in our teen years that lacked judgement.  Give it a break already.

    • 4evanyer

      seriously??? (in T’s voice) 

      it shows Melissa’s character.

      Melissa’s character is flawed.   She is a conniving, manipulating, sneaky trashy person.

      i don’t get how you can all put up with all the bullying that is going on.

  • 4evanyer

    melissa is a manipulative, calculating, sneaky bee. ah. tch.   

    let’s not forget people that she contacted danielle when melissa and teresa were on the outs.. she wasn’t even a part of the show yet…. but she still wanted to bring T down.  UGH!!!   why can’t you fools read between the lines.   Teresa is a simpleton that happened upon a show that made her famous.  Her snake of a SIL wormed her way in and let’s face it…  any publicity is still publicity.   duh.  btw….. her songs are terrible… it’s not music.

  • Teri

    FAME & FORTUNE!  WHAT A WAY TO GET IT!  NOW SHE’S A THIEF.  I find this rather amusing.  The Past is the Past!

  • Poshicles

    I am sorry but please give one example where Melissa has proven to be manipulative or a liar; because I can give a list for Theresa. Apparently Theresa’s planned worked because all the stripper hating housewives of America are believe this bullshit. 

  • Housewives fanatic

    I’m kinda glad this stuff is coming out about Melissa. She has made Teressa seem like a liar all this time, when really she’s been hiding things all along. Just like on the season finale, you could tell she saw a ghost when the guy asked her about the stripping. I mean can we blame Teressa for wanting her brother to know what he really married? No, I’m sure any man would want to know if this woman came along to use him so she wouldn’t be a poor little teacher stealing groceries anymore. Give Teressa a break!

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