Memphitz On Troubled Marriage: “I Love My Wife, But I’m Starting To Love Myself A Bit More”

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Mickey “MempHitz” Wright and Antonia “Toya” Wright’s marriage has been troubled as of late. He speaks to Sister 2 Sister magazine about his troubled marriage, why he never wanted to get married, and how his current legal battle and reality TV ruined his career.

On Separation from Toya Wright:
I’m definitely separated from my wife. I love my wife. Don’t get me wrong. Nothing has changed as far as the love. There’s no love deficiency. It’s just the fact that I’m starting to love myself a little bit more.

On Why He Never Wanted to Get Married:
When it started to get a little more serious, and we were talking about getting married, you know I had already told her that I would never get married…I would never get married. I seen people get married. And I just didn’t like what I was seeing. I came up with both of my parents and my parents were having a rough time…I had always been scarred from marriage from that.

On If He Regrets Getting Married To Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife:
Yes, I asked her to marry me. I’m still happy about that choice….but I think the fact that we got married on television…I wasn’t expecting what came, with that and even though I knew that came with marrying my wife. When we got married a lot of things came with that. The public hate that I was receiving…Like, ‘Oh he’s not Wayne…he doesn’t make money like wayne…” Even with the K.Michelle thing….

Fighting Over Him Appearing on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta:
I was offered to go on the show and defend myself. You know, Mona called me and was like ‘You should come on the show and defend yourself.’ I was like, Ok, I’m on my way, I’m coming. So I tell my wife that … And she’s like ‘ You not ’bout to go on that show and defend yourself…That’s disrespecting me….She was like No, she was adamant.’ So I kinda got an ultimatum. My wife was kind like if you go on that show we might as well call this over with [because] I’m not dealing with that kinda disrespect. She was like you just need to do the right thing and sue.

On Getting Fired From His Job As Vice President of A&R for Sony Music:
Soon as we get married, Sony fired me. Soon as I got married and I was on my wife’s show they was like ‘Oh you’re mister TV man now and you don’t be at work.’

Source: S2S Magazine, Centric TV

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