Y & R’s Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) Fired For Allegedly Groping Co-Star’s Breasts

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michael muhney-hunter king

via TMZ:
Michael Muhney, a big soap star who played Adam Newman on “The Young & the Restless”, was fired last month after one of his co-stars complained to the brass that he grabbed her boobs on 2 occasions.

Multiple sources connected to the show tell TMZ 38-year-old Muhney allegedly bullied and harassed 20-year-old Hunter King, who plays Summer on the show.  She went to higher-ups and complained recently Muhney had fondled her breasts on 2 occasions and she said both were unsolicited and unwanted actions.

Sources tell us the new allegations were the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.”  Muhney who is married with 3 kids had been a problem on the set for a long time, allegedly bullying and harassing Hunter and others.  He even admitted in a recent interview with HuffPost Canada TV after getting fired, “Sometimes I’ve walked around with a big backpack of hubris.”

Muhney’s last show will air January 30th. Muhney has been an extremely popular character on the show, and fans are threatening to stop watching. Calls and emails to Muhney’s rep were not returned.

I know enough about soap opera’s to know that this may be false. There are rumors flying around that Hunter came onto Michael and he rebuffed her advances. Who is to know what really happened. It seem a little crazy that he would threaten to ruin his career for her. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • lorranneb

    he could fondle me if he wants! lol…i believe there is something else going on here…

  • aghazy

    I always give the woman the benefit of the doubt. Because I never was believed somehow it was always my fault.

  • RhymesWith WlTCH

    It’s easy to say that advances were warranted “if” she was coming on to him. BUT just because a conversation gets flirty it gives no man ANY right to put their hands on a woman to grope or fondle her. Period. I think since she’s willing to risk her career to file a formal complaint, I’d believe that she didn’t “ask for” or “desire” to be groped. Regardless if they were being verbally flirty or not. Let’s not perpetuate this rape culture stereotype that she somehow asked for it. I think if he was inappropriate at work, he gets fired. Zero tolerance. If she was found to be inappropriate then she should be fired also, but she filed the complaint not him.

  • CharlesMaglaughlin

    This incident was NOT first reported on TMZ…I personally got wind of it three weeks ago and reported it on the few websites that would run it. Originally, the rumor was the actor who played “Fen” was present during one of the gropings. Jill Farren Phelps sat on the Hunter allegations since November, trying to bring reconciliation, but finally got the order from Sony to bring down the axe. Hunter already has a boyfriend. She even brought her mother and grandmother to visit the set on several occasions. Muhney had pissed off actors and management on “Veronica Mars.” A 38 year-old harassing and groping a 20 year-old is simply not acceptable. His silence is deafening. If I were innocent, I’d be screaming bloody murder. Sony has to remain silent due to Human Relations Dept. legal ramifications.

  • Jasmine Lane

    idk what to believe but I am sure they can work something out without firing him cause I don’t think they can find someone to take his place but Summer has been and can be replaced if she don’t want to stay. Slap him and keep it moving Summer

  • Sparklet

    It’s her word against his! I stop watching y&r when Phyllis left. But to hear this!!! With Michael gone who is there to watch! Nick – irrelevant without Phyllis
    Chelsea, Avery guy from GH – who ARE they again???
    I’m just saying. Y&R IS ON ITS LAST LEG!