Mob Wives: A Fresh Start?

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New Year, New War

Renee goes under the knife for a full body makeover. All her belly, side and back fat will get injected into her butt. After she comes out from surgery, Renee tries to sit up and states she couldn’t see and then she blacks out. Listening and watching Renee was painful and uncomfortable. Renee was in a lot of pain due to the fact that she ripped out her stitches and strangely enough before the surgery she mentions Kanya West’s mother who died during a plastic surgery procedure a few years ago. Renee ended up losing a lot of blood and was rushed to the emergency room. She then spent a few weeks in the hospital and poor AJ her son is left to deal with her overbearing and moaning behind.

Drita states that her husband Lee cheated on her and she is finished with him, such a change from season 1 as she was waiting on Lee to come out of prison like a dutiful wife. She has filed for divorce and is waiting for the divorce to become finalized. Both she and Carla are single and are not looking for any committed relationships right now. They have drinks and get some sun at Carla’s.

Drita takes some boxing lessons, to relive some stress, due to her issues with Karen from last season. Her trainer states the more she will fight in the right, the least likely she is to flip out in public; in that case I need to start taking some lessons immediately.

We meet new Mob Wife, Ramona Rizzo who is a childhood friend of Karen. Karen and Ramona discuss Drita, who apparently has been telling people she put Karen in the hospital. Drita couldn’t put a marshmallow in the hospital.

Renee starts to see a therapist and states her surgery was very stressful. The whole therapy session was a mess, who is that therapist? Renee is also clinically depressed. Renee tells the therapist she wants to hurt someone and and have their mouth wired from the damage. That Renee says will fix her problem for at least six weeks. Also she is mad that Carla didn’t visit her int he hospital and hasn’t called since the day of the surgery. The therapist says he understands that a friend not appearing to be concerned about Renee as she lay in the hospital, would make anyone upset. What?! Mob therapist maybe?

Carla and Drita have drinks. Drita who didn’t want to say anything (yeah right) told Carla that Renee’s surgery took a turn for the worse and that she was not told to tell anyone. Renee soon recovers and plans her birthday ‘life’ party and is not going to invite Carla, as she didn’t call or check up on Renee, but sent her one text the day of the surgery. Also Renee is still upset that Carla didn’t believe that her ex-boyfriend touched Renee inappropriately. Seriously who is touching Renee? Carla is glad she was not invited to the party. Who is Carla fooling? Carla didn’t know about Renee’s problem until Drita told her and reminds us the viewers of this. Why didn’t Carla call Renee? I have called associates who I am not close with and I would at least call to check on them after surgery. No excuse. Plus if Drita was told by Renee or whoever, why didn’t Renee have someone tell Carla what was going on? They were both at fault to a certain extent. Carla says Renee should have gone to the gym with her. I agree, work out once in a while. Put down the alcohol and the cigarettes. That plastic surgery nightmare was not worth it. Death is not a good look.

At the party, Drita does not want be near Karen or Ramona, who she doesn’t like either. Renee’s ex-husband Junior is there and they share a warm embrace.

Big Ang is a friend of the Wives, she has had too much fillers, lip implants, sun, you name it. Yikes! Big Ang just say NO! NO to plastic surgery, NO to fillers, NO to the Sun/Tanning Bed. JUST SAY NO!

Drita and Ramona get into a fight and she gives Ramona bloody mouth. Those boxing lessons paid off.

Donatella Versace, Big Ang, Tiffany Pollard (New York) from I Love New York & Daisy from Rock of Love all look like Janice from The Muppets

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