Mob Wives | Season 3, Episode 9 Recap

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It’s Christmas in Staten Island.. Well, at least on this episode of VH1’s Mob Wives. And of course, Big Ang is having a huge Christmas party to celebrate. All of the ladies show up for a dinner party and see Big Ang’s hot pink Christmas tree with zebra decorative balls, tinsel, and bows. I am obsessed.. And I have to say, her tree is a little bit Jersey! I’m a huge fan. Carla ended up being a little late to dinner and Ramona and Karen spend the time making fun of Carla and making little side comments — so immature. Then Karen and Ramona bring up the argument between Carla and Renee and say that it was really bad that Carla held a knife in her hand. Ramona gets Drita involved and asks her opinion and Drita takes Renee’s side! I feel so bad for Carla. Where is Drita’s loyalty to their friendship? As Big Ang says, I hope the girls can put their differences aside especially because it’s the holidays.

Karen takes Ramona with her on a trip to Arizona to confront her daughter’s father about his girlfriend being in the house with her daughter and driving her around. Karen immediately starts searching through her drawers and blankets to look for his girlfriend’s thongs when she realizes that none of his clothes or belongings are in the house. She starts freaking out and says she has a problem now because she’s paying bills for the house that he doesn’t live in. Wait.. Did Karen forget that her daughter supposedly lives in the house? If she stopped paying the bills where would her daughter live? Also, why isn’t she mad that none of her daughter’s father’s belongings are there? Since Karen is in Arizona, she calls her mother to bring over her daughter. Karina reveals to her mom that she is friends with her father’s girlfriend and that she told her that she didn’t like her substitute. Karen flips out and tells her daughter she should have called her instead. Karina tells her to calm down and Karen begins crying. Talk about crazy.. No wonder the poor girl doesn’t tell her mother her feelings. I mean she did leave her daughter in Arizona and move to New York to be on a television show.

Drita takes Carla to see her makeup shop that’s being renovated across from Big Ang’s bar. Not only is it nice to see Drita’s store coming along, it’s nice to see Carla and her hanging out more often. I love their friendship and I hope the other girl’s fighting with Carla doesn’t come between them.

This is the one episode where Karen actually talks about her ecstasy ring with her brother and her daughter’s father. She claims that her father had no idea the ring was taking place, but that after the house was raided, and they were all arrested her father took the fall so that her brother and her daughter’s father’s prison terms would be cut in half. Meanwhile Karen served NO time. This is what is wrong with our judicial system, because how exactly is Karen allowed back on the streets, writing a tell all book, and making money on a national television show, AND still have custody of her daughter after running an ecstasy ring? It’s a shame.

This episode had a lot of juicy details, from Karen’s past, her father’s lies, and her daughter’s attitude to her to Drita’s new cosmetic store and Carla’s birthday. Next week will definitely have more to tell and I can’t wait to tune in!

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