Mob Wives Season 3 Currently Filming; With Two New Wives Added!

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Mob Wives fans you will be glad to know season 3 is started filming last month and there will be two new wives added to the cast, so says Mob Wives creator Jennifer Graziano, who spoke to the NY Post recently, the younger sister of cast member Renee Graziano.

All the original women are back, two new cast members are close to signing a deal but can’t be identified until they do. The other brings something to the show that I think is needed — someone who is really into her career.

Two more spin-offs of “Mob Wives” set in Philadelphia and Miami are in the works, according to Jennifer.

“Both are cast,” says the producer. “It’s now up to VH1 to decide which one to do”.

The original Mob Wives is scheduled to premiere on January 13, 2013. We cannot wait. Post your comments below.

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  1. avatar
    B-pratts Reply
    hopefully its a Philly show. I’m from Philly and would love to see a show go down so happy the original cast is doing a season3 so excited!!!!
  2. avatar
    Jess Reply
    What date is the show going to air? I cant wait!!!!! My favorite show ever!
  3. avatar
    Katee Contant Reply
    as long as its not that F***in ramona being added to the show its good I cant stand ramona
  4. avatar
    Jkerw962 Reply
    I hope it is not Ramona. She isn’t anything except a big mouth. I would love to see Drita beat the crap out of her. Bet she would shut her then.
    • avatar
      Maggiedahms14 Reply
      Oh, Amen to that,I’d like to think, these Ladies would eat her alive! LOL
  5. avatar
    Meanlola Reply
    So so so excited cant wait hope big ang is part of it too
  6. avatar
    Maggiedahms14 Reply
    I love the original Best
  7. avatar
    Dolphimchris02 Reply
    Love those s.i women
  8. avatar
    Dolphimchris02 Reply
    Can’t it what this season brings
  9. avatar
    Jaimielouwilson Reply
    cant wait for it totally amazing love Renee && Drita woop woop 
    January aint soon enough !.x
  10. avatar
    Mobwivesfan Reply
    I love the women on this show. The first spin off was not even close to being as good and them. please keep; them going. If ever a need to cancel let it be all the ones that come after.
  11. avatar
    Chrissy0690 Reply
    Hope they keep this show!!! Cant wait till it airs!!!! get rid of the other ones!!
  12. avatar
    Kiernansamantha11 Reply
    Hi I’m Samantha and. I’m from new York and I can’t wait for the next season to women remind me of myself, my family has been in that life back in the day as well sd myself being incarcerated.but all that is in the girls are real and say it like it love
  13. avatar
    Rebeccabeckwith77 Reply
    My vote is for Mob wives Philadelphia!!!!!!
  14. avatar
    Littlemanny20 Reply
    cant wait ilove mobwives especially big ange
  15. avatar
    Jennay74 Reply
    I cant wait!!! Those mob wives are bad aSS!!!!!!!!
  16. avatar
    Hullmare Reply
    I want to know if all of our Mob Wives are safe after the storm ravaged Staten Island
  17. avatar
    Liz Reply
    Not sure i can wait till Jan! I miss this show sooooo much!
  18. avatar
    Ecjclean Reply
    Can’t wait for season 3!!!!! My favorite show I love them!!!
  19. avatar
    Nyfmli Reply
    cant wait, it seems like forever, i miss them,
  20. avatar
    Pinkfriday78 Vr Reply
    My friends and I can’t wait…..going through withdraws in Michigan.
  21. avatar
    Guest Reply
    I am so excited I have all my gils addicted to – team Drita all the way ! she is a bad ass and we love them all.
  22. avatar
    Alexis Eaton Reply
  23. avatar
    Ericabz408 Reply
    Cant wait for this new season to start…
  24. avatar
    Piscesbitch Reply
    I LOVEEEEEEEEE MOB WIVES!!!! Drita is soooo fake talkin shit like she can fight psssh then why did u BACK OUT OF BOXING?? Carla is a snake actin as if shes Soooo innocent PLZZZ! Karen my PROPS GO TO U GIRLFRIEND!!!! U the shit! Renee I feel for u chick Jr f***** u over hard
    SMH! big ang u funny as hell!!!! Ramona keep it real !
    • avatar
      Rabeabrady Reply
      Drita is so far from fake she can kick some ass and take names.good luck to Drita and her husband hoping u have a great life with your girls
  25. avatar
    Lena1076 Reply
    Renee you drama queen, gotta love you, and feel for you. Karen, I want to read your book! Ramona, you piss me off but you’re crazy! Drita, props to you for going to anger management! Carla, I hope you and Joe work things out! Big Ang, quit with the injections!!
    Can’t wait for season 3!!!! Love MOB WIVES!!!!
  26. avatar
    JeannetteFierro37 Reply
    yeah cant wait to watch Mob Wives……. renee is so Dramatic but i gotta love her.:)
  27. avatar
    Szymakowskiamber Reply
    Cant wait until january 13,2013 renee,karen,drita my fav but luv em all
  28. avatar
    mommyof324 Reply
    omg i Cant wait this is my absolute most fav show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please keep seasons going!! cant wait til season 3 starts!!!! yay!!!!!!
  29. avatar
    Icewoman333jn Reply
    I hope we can hear them this season and not so many peep peep peep keep it real
  30. avatar
    Krazywolfcub Reply
    I cant wait for the new season i miss my ladies….
  31. avatar
    Missdohcare Reply
    cant wait 4 season 3 glad it back Renee like so much baccanal (drama)         Karen fake n sicken             Cala big scaredy cat               Romona hate her not bad          Big ang rel rel funny lol n ofc       DRITA best baddest bitch no1 can touch her
  32. avatar
    Kelly Ryan Reply
    I love you BITCHES!!! I can’t wait for sesson 3! Kelly from Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA
  33. avatar
    MissMar Reply
    I really really missed them. This show is the ace of all reality shows. 
  34. avatar
    Jamie Escobedo Reply
    Can’t wait for the show hope you four can get along and tag team on the two new mob wives!!!
  35. avatar
    Bnzadro Reply
    I’m from Hamilton ontario and was wondering what channel i can find mob wives on come jan 13?
  36. avatar
    Scenestar Reply
    wow….been so excited about these “real” O.G. awesome bitches coming back for us to watch …. LOVE THEM…..but f*** i am really not buying this season …. i really bought into the past 2 seasons…chicago.Not so much….still liked watching but didn’t think it was nearly as “real” ….sadly i’m fearing this time around the original cast may have a LOT in common with the chicago cast….pout 
  37. avatar
    K.W Reply
    Does anyone know when and on what network mob wives will air in canada ontario, I have searched the net for a week and unable to find out. thanks kindly.

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