Mom Suffocated Her Toddler Son Because She Didn’t Want Him Any More

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Nicole Kelly-Kiam Felix

via NY Post:
A Queens mom made one of the sickest Facebook status updates ever, posting pictures of her dead baby’s corpse after smothering the helpless tot at bedtime, ­authorities said Tuesday.

Nicole “Nikki” Kelly uploaded an image of 11-month-old Kiam Felix Jr. lying in a white suit and tie with the caption “RIP Tinkabutt,” alongside a picture of his body in a hospital bed.

She also posted a rambling Facebook screed in which she admitted she failed to “protect” the boy.

“Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life,” Kelly wrote. “I feel horrible knowing he passed away Am his Mother I was supposed to protect him I know his spirit will always be around me . . .”

What Kelly didn’t say was that, according to officials, she had killed the boy Sunday by putting a sheet over his face as she tucked him into bed.

Kelly watched the tot struggle to breathe before callously leaving him alone to die. When she came back a half-hour later, she found him blue and unresponsive, said Queens DA Richard Brown.

When the boy’s father, Kiam ­Felix Sr., arrived at the family’s Elmhurst home several hours later, he rushed the boy to Elmhurst Hospital.

“I could hear him yelling, ‘I’m not waiting for the f–king ambulance, he’s not breathing!’ ” a neighbor said.

Kelly — who recently complained online about Kiam becoming more difficult to manage — made her ghoulish post featuring the boy’s corpse on Monday.

After she was arrested several hours later, her Facebook feed ­exploded with outrage.

In yet another post, the hypocrite wrote, “its sadd that you had to passed away yesterday my life would never be the same without you Mommy would always love you Your Family miss you but you forever remain in our hearts.”

She also changed her profile picture before she was arrested to a shot of her cuddling the tyke.

But earlier, she had griped about the youngster becoming more active as he grew up.

“Omg I miss him being this small his new baby smell the way he would just stay were ever I put him Now hes very active dont know how to stay one place,” she whined on July 3.

Brown said that Kelly, when cops asked why she did it, allegedly said, “I reached my breaking point, I didn’t want him anymore.”

Kelly was charged with second-degree murder and was undergoing a psych exam at Elmhurst Hospital. If convicted, she faces up to 25 years to life behind bars.

Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life I feel horrible knowing he passed away Am his Mother I was supposed to protect him I know his spirit will always be around me I would never forget my 1st Born he will forever remain in my heart & his family hearts

R.I.P KJ Am not ready O2 say goodbye to you 7.29.13-7.6.14 — feeling terrible with Kiam Felix Jr.

Kiam Felix--Jr

Nicola Kelly-Kiam Felix-Sr-Jr

Nicole with Kiam’s father Kiam Felix Sr

This is heartbreaking. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • Dianna Jackson

    My God she should have gave the baby to the father. And let him raise that baby. She did not have to murder that baby. That sweet angel. Their to many people who can’t have kids. And some body like her who have no business having any kids at all. Its just not right.. I am so tire hearing parent murder their on kids. Give the kids to someone who will help that child. Who will raise and teach that child good stander. MURDER IS NOT THE ANSWER. GOD WILL DEAL WITH HER WHEN ITS TIME FOR JUDGEMENT. R.I.P. Little Angel

  • Kimberly Bernard

    I take comfort in the fact that he’s resting in the bosom of the father. What an evil woman!!!!! My heart is seriously broken… why?????

  • Mixed Chick

    This is absolutely terrible! My heart aches when I hear horrible stories like this

  • Ajamae22

    As a mother of 2 and just given birth I hope she rot in hell poor baby…im crying for the child no mother wants to hear that. MAY GOD BLESS YOUR LITTLE SOUL :’-(

    • shauna

      my heart breaks, in tears…. what is this world coming too?? No mother wants to hear this kind of news indeed.

      • Artist Aurora Leigh

        Makes me hurt that my daughter died when she was born she came early and women like this have children and then kill them.

  • shantricem

    Her nd Casey Anthony nd the other bitches that killed their kids needs to be in jail too!

  • erica

    Yeah I seen this on fb and it really broke my heart. I have seven and I’m struggling taking care of them. But I will never ever hurt one of my babies. I never felt like I didn’t want them anymore. U just can’t do that. That was a beautiful baby she could’ve have him to me.May God rest his soul.

  • Marcia

    my heart goes out to the father for the loss of his son! There have recently been some troubling cases where post partum depression has seriously become an issue and needs to be addressed more. The signs are there but they get over looked because they just figure new mom and she just has the jitters. But when you speak with woman who are on their breaking point and who bare their heart and soul of how they cant deal with it any more. It really just saddens me and my heart. I will continue to have the family and especially the father in prayer because this is a storm that will not weather over very quickly.

    • shanel john

      I Love ur statement very much u didnt fouled out the mom i know what she did was very wrong but post partum depression is a very sad thing i watched my cuz wife went thru it and i had to help him raied my cuz as i was living with them while she gets better and yes the baby is innocent but when someone is suffering from this disease its like they cant stand to watch their own flesh and blood i do pray for peace to be with the family thru their time of grief and i know his soul wil rest in peace

      • Artist Aurora Leigh

        No one is perfect and but in no way am I excusing the behavior!

    • Artist Aurora Leigh

      I went thru PPD with all three of my children. It becomes worse undiagnosed. Its a serious illness. My heart goes out to the rest of her family and the father. :(

    • HisQueen31

      Thank you for this… I dealt with severe post partum depression. My son was about 3 months old and I almost jumped out of the moving car on the interstate because it was all too much. Naturally I don’t even believe in suicide or get depressed like that but I know and understand how someone can get to this point. Childbirth is not always an “I’m so in love with this new little person” experience. It can be hard, and terrifying, and devastating. I’m not condoning her actions but I u derstanding how she got there. I had my faith in God to hold on to and my convictions, but what do you do when you don’t have that??? Who do you turn to? We need more awareness. More help. More care on the front…

  • Kiki Heart

    Some women don’t deserve the right to give birth. The dad looks mad cute could of done better then her.

  • VanillaMastersargant Wright

    This is so sad what is our world coming to……….

    • Brittani Ewing

      This just saddens my heart my son is turning 7 months soon very active that’s how they grow up there not gonna be babies forever as mothers we wish they stay small and tiny but that’s just not reality

  • peoplearenotright

    This is sad and unfortunate. She is peculiar and I’m sure mentally ill. I wish she had enough mental stability at the moment she got fed up to demand the father to come get his son so she could get some help and his dad could love his son. More importantly a lovely little boy could have a fair chance at life. RIP Kiam.

  • B

    There are so many women in the world that cannot have a baby and u just decided that u didn’t want him one day and decide to kill him….what I really want to say, I will not say
    U could hve brought that baby to a family member, church, hospital, police station , fire dept bcse he is becoming active….newsflash that is what is kids do become ACTIVE but u felt like your ONLY way out is to KILL!!!! I WOULD HAVE TAKEN HIM AND RAISED HIM AS MY OWN…..MY HEART just goes out bcse tht baby did not have a Chance @life…..

  • shay

    I agree with Dianna this makes me sad and teary eyed just for the fact that I have a 8 month old son and I can never imagine doing something stupid like that!

  • Alexess Jimenez Otero

    I have struggled for so long to have a family I can call my own. To be with child is to have god say you were worth more than just yourself. How can you kill something so pure, innocent, defenseless. Your rotten to your core without mercy. Someone would’ve loved him and cared for him if you didn’t want him.

  • Misty Melvin

    Their is a photo of a murdered baby on Nicole kelly page her cover photo. I believe this is horrific and unethical. I demand it be taken down. To show the world your sick murderous ways in a photo of a minor baby dead is disturbing and inhuman. Please consider the family who has lost a son and a child to please remove photo from her page. This woman is in jail and this is just a reminder to those hurt of what she has taken from them. Again I urge you to do the correct thing here by removing this photo of a murdered minor please. Sincerely a concerned user of face book. Misty Melvin Thank you …

  • Nanny Garcia


    • Misty Melvin

      I am sorry to hear about your son. I pray for you and healing. Nothing can ever lesson the pain of your loss. Prayers your way Mrs. Garcia❤

  • I’m so disgusted by this. There are tons of couples and women out here who can’t have children for whatever reason who would have loved that child as if it were there own… but for her selfish reasons she decides to kill her child instead of give him to a loving family. I can’t.

  • SlapAhoe

    She should die the same way. But revive her and repeat the process multiple times.

  • LDog

    You know she did this because the daddy left her. Stupid dumb h.

    • Dana W

      Where does it say he left?

  • Kaitlinn Sheridan

    That’s very sad, I have a 4 month old son and of course being a new mom and feeling all the pressure can be overwhelming at times but how can you do this?? You carried that beautiful child for 9 months inside you..shared everything with him and then when you didn’t want to do it anymore you suffocate him!!! Wrong in every way and I pray for that baby boys family! And for her I have no sympathy, he never had a chance to enjoy life.

  • Layka gibson

    This is cray cray for a women to bring child in the world and to do something like that to a child that came out of you, what is this world coming to thats straight bullshyt and she right where she belong in jail…..!!! Since she took her baby life they should take hers…This shyt pissed me off…I can see her big hands taking force on the babys face….:-(

  • lalamarie

    What a disgusting excuse for a human being God bless that innocent boy and may God punish that woman fitting her actions what is the world coming to

  • Kee’pooh Mixon

    It clearly states this soul is lost and not completely there I’m quite sure there was signs before this…. rip baby

  • Aspen Cooper

    I think he should be put to death honestly she’s such a horrible person who needs to be tau

  • Aundrea Robby George


  • Kimiko Stayblessed

    I cannot understand why anyone could do such a evil act there are other people who would’ve loved that precious baby with open arms why didnt she let the father keep him *sigh* rest easy angel

  • Ashlee McDowell

    Yes this is very sad, but Some of you that are posting heartless comments are just as bad. Post partum depression is serious! I have 3kids and have had ppd with 2 off my children. Thing is i talked to my mom all the time and she suggested that i talk to a doctor. Many women feel embarrased or less than a woman or mother to talk about these things or don’t know the signs or don’t have anyone that is a constant in their life that can point out, hey something’s not right with u. Not saying that her actions are excusable, but you can never understand unless you’ve been through it… theres no telling what else she was going through at that time. Stop judging. God has already given that baby a spot right next to him in heaven so he can take good care of him and he will also deal with the mother as he sees fit.

  • Henry Willis

    I kill a helpless baby people get more time for trafficking than killing a baby wow

  • yani

    I’m sorry but i feel that she should have gotten help and if she wasn’t ready for a child then she should have gotten him adopted or even though it breaks my heart an abortion. I know alot of people who get them done because honestly they know kids are hard work and are not ready to have them. I wouldn’t want me or my child to struggle and the fact that she should could suffocate her own flesh and blood is devastating. I cannot even believe that a mother could do that, i men we are not wild animals and we know right from wrong. Killing a young child when all he wanted to do was live and survive is cruel and if you didn’t want to give him for adoption then you should have let him become one of god’s creations that could be waiting for another parent to have him and be ready to care for him. That is the worst thing i could have ever heard befall a child and something that she needs to not be able to get away with.

  • Brandon Towner

    World we as people have lost our commitment to serve God and love life and live long ever one now don’t believed in world peace the devil don’t have to work hard now he have gain to many servants to do his dirty work A man an women of God we gone have to come together and fight this war I Love Jesus

  • Artist Aurora Leigh

    Sounds like yet another case of ppd ( post pardum depression ) gone undiagnosed. So sad that innocent children are murdered all of the time. Makes me sad.

  • People just dont realize how serious Post Partum Depression really is…its hormonal and emotional at the same time. Sad!

  • Finess

    She had to be going through some type of depression. I went through post partum depression with my 2nd and 3rd child but killing them never crossed my mind. I couldn’t live with myself let alone let myself live another day with my children.

  • melissa

    This sweet precious Baby Boy what in God’s name is wrong with this lowlife so called women!!!!!!

  • RedSatchel

    Sounds like she wanted the father and the idea of a perfect family minus the responsibility. She doesn’t even look happy in the pics with her child, should have given the boy to his father, selfish heartless b*tch!

  • G

    I seriously cannot believe what I am reading. I am a single mother whose family all lives out of state. That being said I am with my son day in and day out, does he drive me nuts…YES, he’s 3! But I could never in my wildest dreams think that taking his life is the answer. My God he is the greatest joy in my life. May God have mercy on your sick, twisted soul and take that baby home. RIP sweet angel…Condolences the family and foremost that baby’s dad

  • Cheryl

    This makes me sick to my stomach. What is wrong with people these days? Killing these poor defenseless children that depend on adults for everything simply because she “didn’t want him anymore”? I can’t even wrap my head around this

  • Mary g

    I am so heart broken over this. She could have brought this beautiful.Angel to any “safe place” in the world. McDonald’s would have found the boy a good home. She is a very sick woman. May God wrap this baby up in his arms.

  • mlkelly

    never had kids. cried 2 have @ least 1. 2 late now. this kinda crap makes me sick. all that potential, joy, LOVE just thrown away like an empty pizza box. I wanna cry, but no tears left. God is blessn that baby cause baby aint down here no more with a selfish, lazy, foolish, irresponsible child that cant/wont care for him properly.

  • prettysexydiamond

    She couldn’t take it no more by that crying too much and knowing that the baby farther was with someone else I think that she did not want to give that baby to the child farther because she was Jealous of him and his girl friend so she did what she had to do!…She was young and weak so she let the devil uses her!..Rip to the baby and God bless her soul!

  • bigmotheboss

    I agree very strongly

  • Bianca

    This is disgusting. I have 22 month old and I would never ever I don’t care how mad I get it I would never do that to my child I don’t understand how she could really do that to a baby she carried around for 9 months this is sickening and makes my stomach hurt she deserves to be put under the jail. She needs be in there for life with no possibility of parole so angry right now I just wish somebody was there Who could have him. Lord have mercy on her soul.

  • Valerie Rhines

    Beautiful, beautiful baby boy….adoption did not cross her mind but murder did..smh

  • TEnriquez

    This is so discusting…There are woman out in the world who can’t have babies and would do anything to have one…bitches like this should not be having children…sick bitch…she should be smothered….

  • SJ Knight

    So you acknowledge PPD exists but because YOU never experienced the worst form of it, this mother is EVIL?

    I’m not condoning what she did but I’m also not gonna sit here behind my computer and label someone I know nothiing about as EVIL, much less condone violence upon her.

    Your comment is what’s terrible.

    • Pep

      Not only was her comment terrible, but it was as evil as she described the mother. Your right, PPD can be destructive if bit treated. If people really knew how PPD is developed and knew the many symptoms of it, I believe awareness would be taken alot more serious the way cancer is. PPD is no joking matter.Knowledge is the key. My prayers are with this family.

    • SanMarie Kirk

      I do agree, violence begets violence. There is no reason someone sho

      I was feeling really bad and mad at the mom till I read some of the comment of beating and torturing the mom. Do you know what we did in the past is imprinted in us now? We are a product of our history and some of this behavior needs to be weeded out. So, that we can behave in a more conducive way of living. We need to change our way of thinking that violence corrects violence. Do that make any sense at all. Yet, we do it! That’s like beating a child for bullying and beating another child. Don’t add up. We need to embrace another way of teaching our society in how to behave and zero tolerance for violence. More help is needed in other ways and that is where intense counselling is needed. Not just throw people in jail and throw away the key and then hope they come out a better person. Implement programs to help people over come their issues in life to have a better society. If everyone had something positive to do in this world with helping each other what a world this would be.

  • nicole

    I suffered from severe PPD. They sent my baby home with me even after u refused to attend or be apart of groups for mothers with PPD. But they also ensured I had a strong support system at home which was me and my 12 year old daughter. I took a baby on oxygen and heart monitors home with me that I had to provide around the clock care to because he had serious lung issues. No one called to follow up nor check on me once discharged from the hospital. Although I had no plans of harming my baby… There needs to be better care plans or help in place for mothers with PPD. I had rage in me. Some very serious rage.

  • kiara

    When you have children there’s a reason for the hospital to check up on you in six weeks not just to make sure your body’s getting back to normal but to see how well your doing most doctors can tell and are trained to watch your response and demeanor when your asked about post partum depression.. Some cases do get to the extent of mother’s giving up on life or thinking about killing the kid or themselves… I’m not excusing the behavior but someone should have been keeping a closer eye on her with them saying she had been saying she was getting to her breaking point that’s a key sign… My heart aches for the child the father the family and for her as well.. She wasn’t ready for the responsibility of a baby.. It’s hard .I’m 20 young and still learning I have two kids.. Two beautiful daughters and one is premature… I get days where I feel like giving up but I have wonderful support and family…. That’s all this woman needed as well

  • Tell It Like It Is

    I’m without words, there were so many other options than what she did. There are so many that can’t have children and she does this? She’s very obviously mentally ill, nobody in their right mind could do this! Heart wrenching!

  • sheree jeff

    This really breaks my heart. Prayers go out to the family!!!

  • SanMarie Kirk

    Wow, I don’t know what to say behind your statement.It sent chills down my spine. At first I was so upset with the mom and then I felt sorry for after reading this. Why, because deep in my heart I know she is sick and dealing with some serious demons. Regular people don’t condone violence. So, she wasn’t near regular by nature. Seeing that baby in his fathers arms was a joy in that leap of a second seeing those pictures and then the thought of him being gone.Trust the mother is suffering, some people aren’t aware of their actions till it’s over. Then it settles in “My God what have I done.” Beating her daily will change nothing and why do any other criminals have any right to be beating on her. Justice will be served and let God bring the raft, not us.

  • Patty

    My heart breaks for this innocent baby, and for his father, who clearly loved him.

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