Nene Leakes Has Four Grandchildren, One Of The Children She’s Never Met

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via Radar Online:
Nene Leakes‘ son has a lot more to worry about than his run-ins with the law. Bryson Bryant‘s frequent legal issues have resulted in fines and jail time, and now, his ex-girlfriend claims, he’s also been shirking his fatherly duties to his infant daughter. According to the woman, Leakes hasn’t exactly stepped up either!

Why would Nene need to step up as a grandmother, she didn’t make that baby.

“It’s just a sad situation,” Bryant’s ex Marina Robinson told Radar.

Leakes publicly announced she was a grandmother for the first time in 2012 after Bryant and his current girlfriend Ashley Hill had their first child, Bri’asia. But little did fans know that the reality star has another grandchild, who she’s allegedly never even met.

Robinson claims she and Bryant starting dating after meeting at an Atlanta club in 2012 and in early 2013, she got pregnant. After that, things went downhill.

“I would go back and fourth from Mobile, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia in between my doctor appointments, but he wasn’t there for her birth,” in October 2013, she claimed. “[And] Nene didn’t know I was pregnant. He [Bryson] didn’t want me to tell her.”

But the 47-year-old reality star found out the shocking news when her eldest son was charged with a DUI after totaling his car in June 2013, and Robinson and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star met at the hospital.

“I immediately went down there and I was six months pregnant, and she knew,” said Robinson.

But the Real Housewives of Atlanta diva’s bedside manner was less than warm, according to Robinson.

“Then when I get to Atlanta she said only family could visit him. It was uncomfortable for me. She had attitude, she tried to disrespect me, disown me,” she added. “She was pretty much like ‘you’re not part of the family.’ There was a lot of shade being thrown.”

But Bria isn’t the only little mouth to feed in the expanding Bryant family.

Since Bryant had his first daughter nearly three years ago, Robinson says his brood has grown exponentially with two more sons who he shares with his current girlfriend Ashley – Brayden, born in April 2013, and another boy nicknamed Lil Benny, who was born just a couple months ago in November, while the father of four was serving three months behind bars!

“What killed me was … [Nene] accepted Brayden and she’s helped out with all of them, but she’s not helping with Bria,” Robinson said.

In fact, to settle any question of paternity, Robinson said she agreed to a DNA test, but Bryant hasn’t followed through.

“Nene wanted a DNA test, but nothing has been done,” she said. “I wanted one done, period, so we wouldn’t go through it again. But they keep pushing it back and not pursuing it.”

  • Bria Bryant is Bryson Bryant's second daughter his first with Marina Robinson

So Robinson says she’s been waiting patiently for Bryant’s frequent broken promises of financial help to come to fruition.

“I’ve told Bryson what she needs multiple times—clothes, a new car seat, diapers, money and he’s not doing it,” she claimed. “He said he was going to mail her Christmas gifts and send me money. I’m over it. I’m nowhere near bitter, now it’s just he’s not understanding. You keep saying you want to see her, but you’re not making plans to do it. And won’t even buy her a bus ticket! Obviously, you don’t want her.”

In fact, Bryant has apparently only met his little girl a few times, according to Robinson, with the last meeting occurring in June 2014.

Meanwhile, Leakes continues to be a self-described “glam-ma” to her other grandkids. In a 2012 interview about her first grandchild, Leakes gushed about the lavish gifts she bought for her. “I paid for everything in the nursery: the clothing, the diapers. I don’t want her to feel strapped,” she said, adding that she bought “little dresses, sparkly headbands, and Gucci shoes” for the newborn.

But the same generosity hasn’t been bestowed upon Robinson.

“I wouldn’t even care if she actually made her son help, but when it comes to the point here you’re bragging about your grandchild and you have others that you help, there’s one more you’re not helping,” said Robinson. “It’s unfair. It hurts. And when my daughter gets older and knows what’s going on, it’ll hurt her, too.

“[Nene] pays for everything — she’s [Bryson’s] caretaker,” she continued. “That’s why I’m harder on her because she’s the one who’s taking care of a 26-year-old man who’s not taking care of his kids, especially his fourth kid.”

“I think it’s her responsibility …” Robinson added of Leakes, “if she’s going to give him all the money to live off of.”

Robinson says she’s at her wits’ end, especially after reaching out to the Cinderella star personally to no avail.

“I texted her and asked her to call me. But she hasn’t called me back,” claimed Robinson. “I really feel like she doesn’t care. She spoils all of them, but does nothing for Bria.”

And at this point, she plans to leave it all in the hands of the legal system to figure out.

“I plan on going to court for child support,” she said. “I’m taking bigger measures to get something done. I didn’t want to, but they’re backing me up against a wall. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want anything from them. I’ve tried my hardest.”

“It hurts me to know they’re doing this to my daughter,” she said. “I want Nene to be in Bria’s life. I didn’t grow up with my grandparents and I don’t want that for her.”

A rep for Leakes did not respond to Radar’s requests for comment. Bryant was unable to be reached for comment.

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  • Mixed Chick

    Why does Bryson keep having sex without a condom, and making all those kids. He has 4 kids and he isn’t working? If I was Nene I would have cut him off, he has no responsibility, ambition or common sense.

    • t

      Why are the women allowing these men to not wear a condom as well. It takes 2 people not one. It’s her fault as well.

      • Tennille Bowens

        I agree with you on that. It takes 2 for the baby to get here. And being pregnant is the least of their concerns. The HIV rate of Blacks in the south is triple that of anywhere else in the nation right now. These young people need to be careful and more diligent about protecting themselves.

        • Demetrius Mckinnon

          The rate of HIV in blacks anywhere, it’s not just in the south thing. Letv don’t start that regional bullshit. You’re just as prone to get it up north somewhere having random unprotected sex as you are down here

    • cholly8524

      Why is she waiting for him to do a DNA test? Go on Maury and get one for free!

    • Tricia moguel

      The girls seems like they don’t no about contraceptive.

  • missy6343

    Nene is a fake ass big mouth Asshole girl, take that man boy to child support court

    • cholly8524

      So are you. Stay on point!

  • son diamond

    First off, why was she agreeing to unprotected sex with someone she barely knew?
    because she wanted a pay day to other way, through his momma. And she even said so. She contradicted herself numerous times….first she wants him to pay her, then she want NeNe to pay her and spend money. But SHE is the one who got with a 2 yr old grown man who is living at home with his momma. So what does that say about her???

    • Uptown Girls

      She’s acting like NeNe got her pregnant. Yes she did contradict herself several times. She’s over it, she doesn’t want anything from Them but in the same note she seeking child support. Good luck he doesn’t have a job and stays in trouble. Get that DNA and take it from there.

  • Angel

    Nene needs to stop rescuing Bryson because he’s acting like a bum. At this rate, he’ll have even more children because he’s using his Mom as bait. They both should have practiced safe sex. Nene is not the fairy grandmother and she is not responsible for Bryson’s herd of children.

  • trinaboo

    he ain’t cute anyway take his ass for child support when he falls behind in child support then u will hear from them…he’s ignorant like his mother..what goes up must come down

  • Dee

    Who is she taking to court? BIG STUPID WOMAN you can’t make his mother pay you child support. You are a Thot who must find a JOB and pay for your child by yourself like all of the other single parents. BYE GURRRLL

  • Angie

    It is not Nene’s responsibility to take care of her son’s children. He is a grown ass man and if he is can lay down make the baby, he should get off his butt and take care of them. Nene needs to stop bailing him out so he can grow up and be a real man! And for the women, they are looking for some money, no more no less. They see him, and automatically see dollar signs because of who his mom is. She does not HAVE to take care of the children, but if she wants to it is her CHOICE.

    • cholly8524

      NeNe can do what she damn well pleases. The only one bitching and moaning is this chick who needs to get a clue.

  • Linda

    His daughters are called Bri’Asia and Bria. That’s a little awkward. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themelves. Bryson is a child being breast fed by his mom. The girlfriend keeps laying down with this loser and Marina was dumb enough to have unprotected sex with the lazy son of a reality star. I would be ashamed! Bryson has proved he has no sense but you slept with him. You have no sense either!

  • Janice Brown

    Ok I’m not pointing fingers the children r here , so he needs to get up off his big rusty Ass and support all his children No favoritism Nene needs to teach him to be responsible for what’s his it’s bad all the way around black men need to man up He Is A
    BUM !!!! Bum !!! And Nene is helping to be a NOTHING SHE DIDNT know her father so , 2 know Better is to do BETTER

    • D

      Lmbo big rusty I’m thru

  • D

    Protection or not the lil precious innocent baby is here : like she said which I agree she just gonna let the court handle him / period point blank he need to go find out if the baby is is or Nah ??? Ijs

  • Giggl3zDoNtGivAfUk

    You know, NeNe pisses me off! not because shes denying the baby….but because shes part to blame for her sons failure at life. That boy has had things handed to him all his life and this is why he has no sense of responsibility. She needs to stop bailing him out of his issues and let him deal with his own problems cause at the rate he’s going, shes gon end up with a bad rep or broke cause of him. She needs to stop spoiling him, cause he’s clearly taking advantage of her.

  • Mz.Gee

    You made your bed now you have to lay in it. Then if you didn’t want anything from them why are you making it news for the public to know how stupid you were. Nene is not responsible for you and her grown ass son, y’all made that baby if it’s his since you haven’t had a DNA test done. So take him to court that’s what you should do if he want pay. Nene dont have to give you anything or do anything if she doesn’t want to.
    Stop going to the media, if you didn’t want anything from her then you wouldn’t trying to get public sympathy. Go somewhere and sit down!!!!

  • val1953

    its sad how women put the blame on each other you are blaming the grandmother, the grandfather is never mentioned it seems as if men always are left out in issues like these, this is your responsibility to protect yourself and take care of your own child when the other person doesn’t kick in not the child’s grandmother for that matter where is your mom (the child’s grandmother). Get a job and take care of your own like most women only going after Nene because she is famous and have money…stop being a GOLDDIGGER…

  • Dianna Jackson

    See one thing she have to understand. This is not NEE NEE Leaks child. This will be her grandchild. Her son need to take responsibility of that child. I no its hurt that she not claiming the rest of her grandkids. But you can not make no one be in your child life. that’s her and her son lost. The only thing you can do for your child give her all the love you can give her.

  • Cheryl Robinson

    I am not understanding what Nene has to do with this?

  • OnToYou

    Anyone who watched the show could tell Bryson was never really about anything nor would he ever amount to anything. Why sleep with a guy like that. He looked stupid and he did, and apparently is still doing, stupid things.

  • Kinya Wofford

    File for child support. Your child deserves to be supported financially by both parents. If Bryson is proven to be the father he will be ordered to pay $93.00 ($31.00 per person). If he’s found to not be the father you’ll pay $93.00. You don’t have to wait for him to do anything

  • metrolivia

    What a crazy person this is..when is it the responsibility of the grandparents??? Just because Nene is wealthy does not mean she is going to support her grandchildren..getting gifts etc., is something else. Bryson is the only one responsible and the mother of course. Leave Nene out of it. He is a grown man and not the responsibility of Nene any longer.

  • Tricia moguel

    Well I don’t condone a father not helping out with his kid but this girl sounds like a gold digger . You knew he already have 3 kids why go get pregnant for him? Did you think miss nene would have jump up and lavished you with money? You need to get a job an take care of you and your kid don’t sit around waiting for hands out from miss nene or her son. Just do you. Miss nene didn’t had sex with th you and got you pregnant it was herson so why you want miss nene to step for.

  • Texas Woman

    You’re “harder on her because she’s the one who’s taking care of a 26-year-old man who’s not taking care of his kids, especially his fourth kid.”, yet you lay down and have his 4th kid KNOWING that he wasn’t taking care of the 3 before yours. You can’t blame NeNe for this. You and Bryson laid down and made this child. All that she does for her grandchildren is OPTIONAL.

  • on Marian side

    First off she never said she wanted anything from nene she just want her to be apart of bring life so don’t put her as blame for that sorry ass punk doing nene want the DNA test why want he give it to her what is he scared of he weak n lame n should take care of his responsibilities n nene stop running to his aide all the damn time. If I was her I would make him sign over all his rights

  • Dianna Jackson

    Bryson is a grown man he need to take care of his responsibility. That maybe Nee Nee Leaks grandkids just like she accept the other grandkids she need to accept this child too. She need to do the blood test once she find out that’s her grand child love that baby as much as she love her other grandkids.

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