Nene Leakes Sued By Wedding Planner For $2.5 Million

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is being sued by wedding planner Tiffany Cook, who claims Nene owes $1 million in unpaid bills.

TMZ reports Tiffany Cook’s lawsuit, filed in Georgia, alleges the wedding planner was due $270,000 as a 15% fee of the entire $1.8 million wedding budget, $889,900 in design fees and $1,750 for four coach class plane tickets from Florida to Georgia.

Cook’s company, Dream Design Weddings, also worked on the wedding between current housewife Porsha Williams and NFL star Kordell Stewart, which was a gorgeous wedding, check out their video here. Cook claims NeNe did fork over the initial down payment ($18,750) but she hasn’t seen a penny since and is suing for the remaining $1,142,900 balance plus damages totalling 2.5 MILLION! More money, more problems.

Nene’s June spectacular re-marriage to ex-husband Gregg Leakes were filmed as part of the upcoming Bravo series “I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding,” premiering September 17.
Nene responded on twitter:

My wedding planner was Tony Conway & I don’t owe him a dime! My wedding was paid 4 n cash! Tune n Sept 17th @ 9pm on Bravo & see 4 yourself. Do Not make me put together my dream team of attorneys hunni! Phaedra Parks, Star Jones & the accident attorney Ken Nugent LOL. I signed a contract wit u? I wrote u a check? Let me call Ken Nugent right now! A accident attorney can handle this 4 sho LOL.

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Source: TMZ

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  • I’m North West BITCHEZ !!

    That “Rich” bitch needs to pay!

  • SeexySlimm

    What happened to all that “Im Rich Bitch”? Pay Ya Bills Bytch

  • Shari TheStylist Hatcher

    pay your bills nene I still love you……….

  • Fashion by Fryer

    I believe nene dosent owe nobody what’s the point of being rich if you gotta owe people all the damn time. Nene Leaks bitch you stay rich and do your thing

    • Barbara Swisher

      She may be rich, by our standards of living but I don’t believe she is Million$ dollar wedding rich. She hasn’t made enough in the few years she’s been on a few shows to be able to have a $million wedding and not suffer some financial lost.

      • ladybelle

        She makes $1M just for appearing on Real Housewives each season. Highest paid Bravo housewife ever! Then there is Glee, New Normal, and numerous appearances.

  • that chic

    I don’t believe Nene. Lol wow like really I hardly doubt Phaedra Parks or Star Jones would do anything more than laugh at her silliness. Especially since she has almost come to blows with both of these women. That Rich Bitch need to pay her bills….

  • Marla Weaver

    I’m sure there’s a miscommunication somewhere. NeNe will tell you “I’m Rich, Bitch. I don’t think she would ruin her reputation in LA and Atlanta over a bill for her wedding. She said she wrote the check, so it should be easy enough to prove whether she paid or not.

  • Victoria McGuire

    Nene is a loud mouthed arrogant drama queen, I’ll bet she does owe money for that aweful extravant 2nd wedding put on just for Bravo and attention.

  • the girl

    B^tch pay ur debt and stop being cheap if u r suppose to be rich pay the lady.

  • Jackie Fromm

    I am sure this women would not be going to court if she did have some type of proof on this bill owed. Come on people. You know NeNe is a snake in the grass. All she has said and did to Phaedra Parks and now has the nerve to name her as a lawyer she will call. Wow. Pay what you owe Nene.

  • SD52

    Firstly, it’s an accident, not a accident. Secondly, why don’t you post a copy of the cancelled cheque? Voila! Case closed. Just sayin…..

  • This is hilarouis

    Haaa, SOMEONE’S broke and trying to SUE their way into money.

  • Kendrian Victor

    Nene payed her no way she was gonna pay in checks our money plans, paid in full cause she is very rich bitch


    First off the wedding planner wasn’t doing her job and it’s apparent based on the shows that have aired. Bravo paid for this wedding! Newsflash that’s what happens when they give you a spinoff for your wedding, they foot the bill. So irony is whether a contract was signed or not, it become null and void when it’s not being honored….and clearly the wedding planner wasn’t doing her job…..Case Closed, frivolous lawsuit!!!!!!!!

  • Purple hazel

    This woman just want to be relevant, Nene should be suing her for leaving her hanging five weeks before her wedding!

  • johnnie williams

    yes that is right if she ist not doing here job she will not get pay,

  • Really2Sassy

    If you watch the show then you will understand why Nene shouldn’t pay her! All she did was BS Nene she didn’t plan anything she never produced any sketches nor was she reachable in a timely manner, not only that she was very disrespectful when Nene questioned her about her performance. She didn’t plan a wedding so she doesn’t get paid like she did. And if anyone knows anything about Phaedra and Star they’ll know that business is first and all personal issues can be set aside for them coins! Bloop, bloop!

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