Nene Leakes Sued By Wedding Planner For $2.5 Million

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is being sued by wedding planner Tiffany Cook, who claims Nene owes $1 million in unpaid bills.

TMZ reports Tiffany Cook’s lawsuit, filed in Georgia, alleges the wedding planner was due $270,000 as a 15% fee of the entire $1.8 million wedding budget, $889,900 in design fees and $1,750 for four coach class plane tickets from Florida to Georgia.

Cook’s company, Dream Design Weddings, also worked on the wedding between current housewife Porsha Williams and NFL star Kordell Stewart, which was a gorgeous wedding, check out their video here. Cook claims NeNe did fork over the initial down payment ($18,750) but she hasn’t seen a penny since and is suing for the remaining $1,142,900 balance plus damages totalling 2.5 MILLION! More money, more problems.

Nene’s June spectacular re-marriage to ex-husband Gregg Leakes were filmed as part of the upcoming Bravo series “I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding,” premiering September 17.
Nene responded on twitter:

My wedding planner was Tony Conway & I don’t owe him a dime! My wedding was paid 4 n cash! Tune n Sept 17th @ 9pm on Bravo & see 4 yourself. Do Not make me put together my dream team of attorneys hunni! Phaedra Parks, Star Jones & the accident attorney Ken Nugent LOL. I signed a contract wit u? I wrote u a check? Let me call Ken Nugent right now! A accident attorney can handle this 4 sho LOL.

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Source: TMZ

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