New Lamar Odom Mistress Comes Forward, Polina Polonsky; Passes Lie Detector Test!

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Poor Khloe Kardashian has had enough humiliation and betrayal to last a lifetime, but it got worse today. Just three weeks after Jennifer Robinson accused the reality star’s husband, Lamar Odom of cheating on her for months, another mistress has stepped forward. Brunette bombshell lawyer, Polina Polonsky claims that she had a 6 week affair with Odom earlier this summer.

To top it off, Polina took a lie detector test regarding her claims and passed! She says the two first met on June 2nd at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA. Lamar had been living there for a week following a rocky point in his marriage. Polina says she was led to believe that his and Khloe’s marriage was over. So in turn, she and Lamar “courted” each other for a week. By June 9th the two had shared their first kiss and by June 13th they had had sex for the first time while at her apartment.

The two continued to sleep together until June 21st when Khloe and Kris Jenner stormed the hotel in search of Lamar and his lover. Lamar told Polina that Khloe had mistakenly knocked on the wrong door and even broke the door down when there was no answer.

The two’s relationship ended when Khloe showed up at Polonsky’s apartment searching for Lamar.

Do you think Khloe should stay and work on their relationship? Or leave? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Source: Radar Online

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  • Iam Jaibella Rose

    Work on her marriage….

  • truthbetold

    That’s an embarrassment if its true. she deserves better than that.

  • Heather Lynn Crowder

    leave…one affair maybe stay and try to repair marriage but multiple sex partners It’s OVER

  • realistic

    Does he want to? She is chasing after him, he is not coming home to her. It takes two.

  • Deidre McDonald

    She caught hinted handed nothing to work out, she’s gorgeous and deserves someone better!

  • Mrs. Chew

    I think she should work on the marriage, but I feel that they both need to seek professional help.

  • Donna Drain

    if the media stay away god will make a way

  • kimmy

    I really luv those two together but her happiness comes first! I would leave its just to humiliating and khloe is such a wonderful person she deserves better.

  • Purple hazel

    Sad, nothing is sacred any more

  • Slutpony

    She’s a dumbass if she stays with the bastard. Once a cheater always a cheater.


    He obviously doesn’t.

  • DedetheBeautiful

    Damn, I’m a real big Khloe fan. Always been rooting for her. This too much. I wish her nothing but the best and put it in God’s hands cause not all marriages are great.

  • Monica Merced

    It’s ashame that their marriage is in the public eye it makes it so much harder

  • queen

    I’m so sad I love those,but once a cheater always it tme to let him go.the are honest man out there.

  • sexyblu

    Lamar u messed up big time $$$$$$…..

  • Angela Faye Williams

    I want judge God will handle them, but me I would go on with my life because there are two many diseases out here to stay with a man that got a lot of partners, put it in Gods hand and keep the trust and faith.

  • Rhonda Becerra Williams

    After the. First time I wouldve been long gone. I dont play that work on the marriage crap. She’s beautiful, smart & intelligent. She’s young and can definitely do better than having to worry about her man cheating all the time. No no i dont play that coming & going back.

  • DIVA13