Nia Crooks On Hitting Jennifer Williams ‘I Can’t Take That Back Now’

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“I Can’t Take That Back Now”

Nia speaks to VH1, about slapping Jennifer and the aftermath, she was at the reunion in Evelyn’s dressing room. She is currently being sued by Jennifer and has a court date on the 28th of June 2012.

What’s life been like for you since you appeared on the show?
Hell. I could never imagine being in this predicament over something like that. And a person that I used to love is now just somebody I knew. It’s hell.

Have people been mean, how have you been treated?
Yeah, they don’t know me and I get that, I’m part of this story, but I’m just a person that walked in a room and sat down and said something to a person and got up and smacked her. So it looks like I’m bullying someone who welcomed the smack. She said “I wish you would.” She cut the conversation off because she doesn’t want anyone to know wh she really is. She’s a total different person outside of this. Being a celebrity is not for everyone, some people’s heads get inflated, some don’t. And if you have new people around you in your life, and it’s not the people you’ve been around forever, that says a lot about a person.

If you could do this over, would you have never appeared on the show?
I just wish my reaction wouldn’t have been that. I can’t take that back now, but that’s the way I was raised, that’s how I grew up, that’s a normal reaction of mine.

Evelyn: Can I just say I have known Nia for years, and I have never in all those years seen Nia cry — you know I cry at the drop of a hat — and ever since all the negativity and the lawyers and everything, I have never seen her cry like this until now and it’s tough. Nothing can ever prepare you for being in public and having a million people have an opinion about you on a daily basis. She’s just been thrown into this.

Nia: It’s not easy.

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  • Oh you poor thing. My heart bleeds for you. You wanted to be a bad ass and smack someone in the face, if this is normal for you. You need help. No one forced your hand to appear on this show, so no one’s going to have sympathy for the classless way you handled yourself. GTFOH.

    • Fashionistadiva

      Bitch stfu! You ain’t got noooooooooooooooo damn life because you sat your stupid ass here and wrote that muthafuckin paragraph. Have a f***** seat Bitch.

      • And yet you sat here and replied to said “paragraph”.  SMH

        By the way, Ms. Summers is right.

      • You have seat dummy . Because you are one of those who likes to throw a rock and hide your damned hand so you have seat . Do you have a life ? Let Go And Let God

    • Tausha21

      You are so right! Nia wanna act ratchet, she’s gonna be treated accordingly.

    • They are just jealous of Jennifer and they need to leave her alone . And Evelyn is upset with Jennifer because she was just warning her about these professional players and the women that they come in contact with on the road . And i used to like Evelyn , but now i just think now that she is a Gold Digger . Look at the pattern with Antoine Walker . She left him after he was broke . After she was there for ten years of quote unquote “I was with Antoine Walker for 10 years . And as soon as he was cut from the league she dumped . And i think she very well may do the same thing to ochocinco . She acted like she wanted to have his child and then changed her mind . What is really going on with this girl ?

  • Prophypro304

    Nia came there with the intention to start something.  She was not an original part of the group.  She wanted her face time so she got it.  Again, grow up. Use your words and not your hands/weapons. EVERYONE knows that Jen’s comment was not meant in that context.  Nia, you came for Karma and you got it.  I bet you won’t do it again!!!!

    • Kittymitchell44

      That’s some real talk.

  • Kellejohn

    Whatever… they all need to stop trying to defend the indefensible.  I’m sure many of us have wanted to slap the taste out of someone’s mouth when they have said something or behaved in a way that have made us angry.  But the fact of the matter is, we can’t!  It’s assault!  Jennifer knew she couldn’t beat her, so she sued her.  So, Nia and Evelyn should just stop crying about it and deal with it.  Honestly, I’m a bit confused over WTF Nia was so angry about.  OK, so what, she stayed with you for a period.  So what she had keys to your apartment.  You put your trust and faith in the wrong person.  Haven’t we all had to learn hard lessons about people we labeled as friends?  The lessons we walk away with revolve around being more SELECTIVE about who we call a FRIEND.  Once the person has been revealed, the lesson is learned and we KEEP IT MOVIN’! The reunion special was a joke (Shaunie please, you did nothing most of the time so you’re just as responsible as the  whole lot of them) and they were all in damage control mode.  Civility people… Ugh. Disgusted.

    • Valleysgirl

      I must admit, I am disappointed with Shaunie, too. She did not need to go speak with her pastor to know that the show was heading in the wrong way. Don’t they all read the blogs like Jennifer and Evelyn? LOL

      • Shaunie is 2 faced and need to shut up and sit down.  I saw the hyprocrit in her this season

    • your right! 
      All I can say is Jen was right for suing her….of course…Evelyn, Jen and Nia were all friends…BUT Jen was a REAL FRIEND…..Jen didn’t put them on blast like they’re doing her…Jen didn’t talk about the guys Ev f***** LIKE SUSIE DID…BUT Ev made a point to talk about who Jen f***** on the Vegas trip when they were in Tahiti….all Jen said was she didn’t agree with her relationship with chad …I can recall from the 2nd Season when Ev told her she f***** chad the first night she actually met him…even tho she said she has been tweeting and textin him for several months…lmao bitch plz! Jen wasn’t feeling that and Evelyn KNEW! and she didn’t do nothing to Nia….she quite being her friend because she was working for Evelyn…Jen didn’t socialize with anyone besides Susie…Tammie and Shaunie were on Evelyn side and talking about Jen the whole entire time….so Jen had her right to quit f****** with  them…Tammie said that Jen was with them when they were bullying….yes maybe by association but she NEVER acted like them..she didn’t act ghetto or hood as f*** when she confronted someone….and as far as the host saying that eric threw a drink on u and u didnt due him…U DUMB f***…a DRINK and a HAND….that drink didnt hurt the way that hand did and eric already giving her money so she didnt need to sue him! 

    • How do you know? She looked like she was standing her ground . Just because she didn’t hit her ass back does not mean that she was afraid of her or could not beat herass. She knows how to let courts work for her rather than she getting sued .

  • Nicholeaedwards

    Someone should have taught you to keep you hands to yourself…I hope Jenn sue the mess out of you.

    • Queenbee3553

      I hope she Sue tha SHIT OUT OF HER TOO. Tha judge will show her how bad she really is.Need thiz give her ass a hold year with some real bad ass bitches.BET she want b throwing no hands n there,them womenn jail will kill her ass.Jen stand your ground and make an example out of her so tha next time someone have a thought of raising their hand they will think twice

      • No give her 10 seconds with me,I will test her way of growing up,you see Jen is a classy lady,and they (Tammi,Eve,Shaunie,Suzie,and Nia)are classless,,I guarantee that would have been the last time she slaps anyone,animals like them tend to prey on the weak,but put anyone of them against an outsider and watch those trifling wh**es curl up like a fetus,

  • Dreamgirl02005

    You’re kidding me right????

  • Kittymitchell44

    I feel that no matter what Nia, should have kept her hands to herself. Is this how you would want your children to act. Be a woman and act like one as well. Bet you will think next time before you act out.

  • Ladarianrobinson64

    You all are a hot mess and need to grow up!!!

  • Sandra Wallace

    Dont nobody care bout her feelings! She didnt care bout Jenn feelings when she smacked her. And I wish they would stop saying she welcomed that slap! That woman said she wish she would, as in, u will have consequences behind it if u do, do she warned Nia! Nia is Evelyn’s lil puppet! Its obvious Evelyn got Nia to do that. And Nia said thats how she was brought up! So bullying is part of your up bringing and not fighting is part of Jenn’s! Everybody was brought up in a different way so that gives u the right to attack someone because they handle a situation their way and not yours! Got to do better because nobody cares how NIA feels! Come with a different approach cause the sympathy role won’t cut it! Lol

    • Cavinessmichelle

      Short sweet n simple…Love it (you hit the nail on the button)!!!!

  • Brendamiller

    Well Nia one it could of been prevented Big ugly ass Tammi could of stopped you when you got up and was coming her way. The Bully she is allowed you to just walk around her Tammi is the biggest Bully i know and she tried to make herself look good when she was on the Air talking all calmly and saying shit she has everyone fooled she is playing everyone about the Shrink its all a act and she is doing the part good. You fake ass monster of a Bully get off the show i hope she goes to LA so they can done with her ugly asss.Why hasn’t ask Tammi why didn’t you stop her coming around the Tammi as little as her ass is Tammi could of preventedt but no one said nothing to her… i

    • Regineharber

      This ain’t about Tami so leave her out of it….

      • Quita Stephens

        This is about the entire show that Tammi is a part of and regarding the Nia situation she has said countless amounts of times that she does not condone the slap but is totally against suing. What this means is if u don’t and can’t fight you just have no defense….NEWS BREAK….suing is Jenns defense and she better use it. Tammi u gone be next if u can’t control those hands of yours!!!!!!!!

  • Sharbrendabaldwin

    All of you need to get some where & sit down. None of you are being real on this show it’s all an act. All of you are mess, & petty as hell, Nia honey please catch your life, please who are you anyway? As for Jennifer she’s playing the victim, & she too need to catch her life. Royce seems to be the level headed one, I’m sure she has her faults as well but she seems to be on another level aside from the rest of you. And Ms. Tami, you my girl, but at the same time stop being messy. Kesha & Kenya, really…Kesha, scary as hell, Kenya, how many faces do you have, how are you going to be messy, & can’t defend yourself really stick to music honey. Susie, Ms. Messy can’t hold water, Ms. Peace maker (yea right)…And last but not least Shaunie…is making fools & $$$$ of all of you. While you all think she’s on your side, she’s playing all of you like a game of chess.

  • Jayessy1

    Let that be a lesson to all the ignorant asses who are so quick to put their hands on someone. Jen probably realized that she had to change the circle she was with. I believe if that was the case that she should have just said ‘you chicks are straight ghetto mess and I don’t want to associated with you any more. PEACE!’

  • kira

    You getting what you deserve. Keep your hands to yourself and you want get sued. So what jenn start acting funny or big headed. Dismiss her ass as a friend and move on. Life goes on honey. You find out who your real friends and not.

  • Sharbrendabaldwin

    Oh, & Jen is very scary, because if that would’ve been me, I would’ve dogged Nia ass out in that room, her & Evelyn! And waited on the rest of them to jump. They have the right people on them shows, because if it was some homegirls, or some real Southern girls, oh baby, they would’ve had to go to commercial immediately!!!!….when they came back the set would’ve been a disaster. Them Fake ass housewives, basketball wives, all of that shit is fake. Now the Mob Wives that’s Reality TV….them girls are bout that & will put it in your life!

  • If Nia doesn’t know to keep her hands & feet to her dam self then that’s her problem, maybe she will figure it out when she is in jail. This is a good lesson for all of “Evelyn Lozado” young female followers & fans “There are consequences to asult. It’s not cool, doesn’t make u real or bad ass. “

  • Daisyyellow

    I don’t feel sorry for her , you thought about hitting her & you acted on it. Your violent & ignorant & should be dealt with. I mean come on, are you women serious???? This foolishness is what you prefer to teach our children. I’m appalled & your still not one bit remorseful. Maybe fines & jail time will help you to remember next time to keep your hands to yourself dumbass.

  • Eisha

    If you was so mad about a key you would of been talk to her about that before you came on television that’s for one for two when you did speak to her you came mad aggressive with your words and then talk about things that had nothing to do with the situation, Jennifer having different friends and not hanging out with your was not a big deal move on. Jennifer had a right to hang out with who ever she wanted to hang out with, I don’t remember you and Evelyn being her mother. She told your time after time she is not worrying about your and your still keep talking the same shit like grow the f*** up. Nia there is a way of doing things and your way got you sued and about to go to jail for a year because you wanted to follow behind Evelyn. I was raise the same way you was but if a person didn’t put their hands on me then why slap the person. People is going to say a lot of shit to get you mad but it’s called self control, If you can’t take words you will always be in this kind of situation. This is a lesson learn for you and another lesson is let friends handle their own situation with a person because now you getting sued by yourself and going to jail by yourself.

  • Mrs. FETE

    This sounds like it was a interview done with two 1st graders complaining about another friend not wanting to be friends with them because she is hanging out with 2d graders now and making them cry. GROW UP!    

  • disgusted

    Evelyn please you vouching for this ass kisser doe not impress anyone you, her that polygraph can go straight to hell no one ever said that Jen was a saint no one is the point is this crazy chick wanted to show off for you and got her little whining ass in trouble so if any apologizing should be done it should be from you to Nia cause if it weren’t for you she wouldn’t be in this mess SEE YOU IN COURTS BITCHES!!! BOTH OF YALL SHOULD GET ACADEMY AWARDS FOR THOSE FAKE ASS CROCODILE TEARS HAHAHAHA!!

  • deschl

    bish if I smacked people who made me mad on any given day I would be under the jail and jobless, see I am a damn grown woman and dont’ go around smacking people and that bullshit she asked for it, I don’t know if you slow or not but what she did was warn you duh. And you still not remorseful and Evelyn I’m supposed to say omg she cried and you never saw her cry before, wtf, you smacked someone maybe they cried, bish your damage control ain’t working go straight to jail dumb azz and stop trying to impress your friends you a grown azz woman this ain’t high school

  • Darleneu_2

    Evelyn you let her do what she did.  You could have told her to back off and not handle it the way she did.  You woman enough to slap her now be woman enough to face the consequences.  This should have never happened.  You can’t control what people do but, you can control what you do.  It doesn’t matter what you know about her, that is not the issue.  You trying to show out for the other ladies took it there, now you got to face the music alone.  Evelyn, Tami, nor Shawnie are gonna go to court and take your punishment.  Next time realize its not that serious.

  • Deronjus

    so Jennifer is right! Nia is getto she said thats how she was raised. Nia why would you want to be a product of your enviroment, when Evelyn asked you to come there both of you’ll knew just what you’ll were going to do fight Jennifer and now your in trouble you want to be the victim. If Jennifer wants to move on with her life and don’t want you’ll apart of it then move on, you and Evelyn are all bent out of shape because of this. I would not want to be you’ll friends if everytime I’m around its always fight, fight. Tammie you act like you  belong in the nut house, you lash out at innocent persons for all that stuff that is balled up inside of you from you were young and thats wrong. No one wants to come to you with their issues about you because you are not approachable, you take everything out of context, you over react for small minut stuff, grow up and stop getting involved in you say, I say, she say. I hope in the next season you young ladies can act mature and deal with you’ll issues professionally.

  • guest

    Maybe next time she will think twice about putting her hands on someone, and that was bullying in my opinion she had been friends with Jenn for years so she know damn well Jenn wouldnt react lets also keep that 100..Team Jennifer 

  • Fullicommitted

    This is BS! Nia wasn’t thrown into this. She placed herself in this trying to get camera time. You can’t blame your actions on how you grew up because you’re grown now with the ability to change. Having new friends does not make Jen a bad person. It makes her human. We all evolve and grow. Jen just grew past all the foolishness.

  • Tranthony

    LMAO @ Ms Tuffy (Nia). Aint so mouthy & hard with this charge & court date pending. Now sittin back soundin like R Kelly… I WISH I WISH I WISH!!! Well when Jenn was wishing she got slapped… so now that ur wishing I hope u get slapped with tha maximum sentence. Keep ur hands out grown ass women because they dont f*** with BROKE ASS BUM BITCHES THAT LIVE IN A 2 BR HARLEM APT THAT LOOKS LIKE SHE WEARING BIG ASS TAMI DRESS AND A WIG THAT JUS AINT RIGHT. OOOOOO GIRL U SHLDVE STAYED OFF TV CAUSE U WERE A MESS FROM DAY ONE. THEY SHLDVE SENT U ASS TO WARDROBE!

  • Prettygirl060

    If you go back and look at the episode Nia called her a bum first! But when Jen says it everyone is so appalled why?… cause she has money? Who is Nia to put her hands on another grown woman!!? Totally out of line PERIOD!!! Don’t dish out what you can’t take and the truth hurts! Lol I was glad to see Jennifer defend herself and I hopes she continues to do so.

  • Latoyab1982

    Lol………. when it’s all done smack her again…………lmbo sike I’m just kidding….But one ust have control of themselves……….. I get heated and I would love to smack punch n kick a few people but I dont….. I kill em wit the kindness :)

    • Latoyab1982




  • Youthcamp2

    I’m so not buying this crap because you were all on Evelyn’s band wagon on being a tyrant and wanting to show that you have Evelyn’s back.  I get that you guys had a closer relationship but things change, isn’t that what evolution is all about.  Not condoning or saying that the crap that went down wasn’t cool but there is a way to handle situations in an adult like manner and sweetie you blew that one out the window.  The only reason you are feeling this way is because Jennifer didn’t step outside her box and stoop to your “minute” of fame ugliness.  I don’t care what type of temper I may have, I’ve been raised to handle myself in a manner that exemplifies control so that my son will not look at me and say, My mom was a joke.  I have to set an example not only for myself but for those around me, my actions unfortunately affect my loved ones.  But you deserve the backlash, maybe this will allow you to open your eyes and see that there is something truly wrong about yourself and you can change that area to be a better person.  

  • Thkthyz

    She did it to herself, take responsibility for it and STOP trying to play victim. U grew up hood too, talk shit get beat the hell up, but im a grown woman now, so are you Nia, stop making excuses, you thought it was ok…Not. So, since Evelyn is making all these excuses for Nia is she going to pay her court fees and fines?

  • Regineharber

    I would have slapped Jen ass too… Idgaf you open your mouth and talk shit and then expect nothing to come back too you… She deserved it…

  • Timithasmith

    I was raised the same way as Nia. But just b/c I was raised that way doesn’t mean that’s how I should react. You are a woman before anything act like one. How you are raised is a excuse you use when you are in school getting in trouble. You need to just deal with it apologize and make better choices. Even though I think you are proud of the lame choice you made. My thoughts and prayers are with you

  • Ttoneal30

    Keep. Your hands to yourself

  • Cheyluvmom

    Well we see she didnt learn anything with at statement… i’m bullying someone who welcomed the smack. She said “I wish you would.”….so fool if someone said I wish you would kill me would you??? You dont sound like a very smart woman you sounding like one of Evelyn followers Shame on you to bully someone and turn around and bad talk the victim

  • Darlyna

    Nia I hope VH1 Evelyn and Shaunie are helping you with your leagal fees sinceTHEY SET YOU UP. All of them had been served papers from Jennifer’s lawyer stating they would be sued if there was any physical attacks on her. Evelyn  knew she couldn’t hit her AGAIN or throw something at her so she brought you along and hyped you all up and set you loose. They thought you were going to get away with that madness but sike. Now you got a case a lawsuit and possible jail time behind their mess. I don’t believe that you were that angry about a key or keys. You were jennifer’s friend first now all of sudden you are evelyn’s assistant.

  • LaJune

    Basketball Wives has really become a JOKE. It should have been called Basketball Girls. The only sensible one is Royce. Everyone is full of it. Nia you went there with hostile intent. You should have thought before you acted. But you did exactly what you & Evelyn wanted done. Woman up, if u can, & suffer the consequences. The fact that you say that’s how you were raised is a shame. I’m pretty sure your parents thought you better than that. Evelyn is so upset that Jen called Nia a bum bitch & talked about how & where she lives. Get a life Evelyn. Just last season Evelyn called Royce a bum bitch & has been talking about how she dresses since season 1. But now “bum bitch” is a problem. Stop the drama. Tami is just Drama Filled & has been since Real World. Please grow up & set POSITIVE examples for your daughters. Being a BULLY is not a good look. Suzie tries to fit in so bad she doesn’t care what she says. Her mouth is a leaking faucet. That instigator can’t & won’t hold nothing. Remember what goes around comes around. Keisha is not cut for this show. Kenya is bipolar & can’t find her own identity. Shaunie Shaunie!!!!! Shaunie is the ring leader. She has the power to say stop & go. Now that it was said that sponsors were talking about pulling out she has a different view/take. If these GIRLS are truly each others friends these childish situations would have never happened. True friends would intervine, help each other, & encourage positivity & not promote & encourage drama & violence. Most of theses woman have daughters/children. Have any one of them ever considered the impact or consequences their actions would have on their children? I can only imagine the embarrassment their parents/families are feeling. I know drama sells but @ what point do you or should you compromise your morals,values, & intergrity. Steve Harvey said it best “ACT LIKE a LADY”.

  • Your ass is facing jail heifer!  “Nobody welcomed you  putting your hands on them…lol…Try again Ms. Crooks”  By that comment alone tells me this is not your day view at putting your hands on people….lol..It sucks to be you right know!  The only difference this time is that you were in a room filled with cameras and they caught it all.  Word of advice to you….Plead Guilty!  Because if you use that weak ass defense she welcomed the slap you might face more time and the court is going to look at you as if you are INSANE next step will be an insane ASYLUM!  Because they’ll figure your not able to control yourself among society.  You will come out better saying you didn’t take your medication that day! 

  • Thetruth

    Lol.. Jen is right to sure everyone last one of you  as for Nia she should have never  raised her hand and  slapped  jen even if she got in her face but to slap. Smh . Girl she should take you for every last dime.

  • Chandra4ord

    Your excuse for slapping that woman was so ignorant and inexcusable. It doesn’t matter she’s acting because she has new friends we are all responsible for our actions and when we make a decision to do something wrong you have to pay the piper…….

  • Jonsie001

    What I want to know is how in the hell did Jenn welcome a damn slap!?  Are you f***** retarded Nia, If you would have said some shit to me like that and I said I wish you would..that wuldnt have been a welcome it would have been a threat because i wish you would so i could beat yo just thought everybody was gonna side wit yo ass and you would possibly get a spot on the show…..NEWSFLASH nobody gives a flyin f*** about you not even Evelyn!!!

  • Daymom75

    FOH nia don’t cry now just go get another wig that one on the show was tired you look like the HELP like seriously hurry up an make a appointment at the salon…

  • Tooblesses27

    They are all grow and putting your hands on someone should not have happen just ,because someone said “I wish you would”. I believe it could have been played out total different. All I can say is you all are all grow fighting on tv doesn’t make entainment look fun ,its sad just to prove a point.

  • Shelly2657

    No sympathy for Nia,I hope she gets that year in jail,she was so tuff,now she and Evelyn are crying.|They’re stupid,if Jenn doesn’t wanna act ghetto she doesn’t have to.Evelyn is hurt because Jenn has moved on from her,she thought Jenn was gonna beg her to be her friend again,but the tables turned.They all sat there and watched Nia walk around that table and slap Jenn then you heard all the surprise lil murmurs from Shunie who is feeling guilty right now.Now she wants to separate herself from the girls she urged to fight each other,she could have very well sat them all down and tell them,no more fighting or drama on the show.They thought that’s what we wanted to see,now they’re all scared,they have ruined their reputations.Tammi is a first class bully,and so is Evelyn.

  • Bossybri89

    I dnt feel sorry for her ass at all!!! She lucky Jen suein her cuz she need dat ass!! Beat how u gone stick yo nose in somebody else beef and assualt this woman like u captain save a hoe or sumthin?? We all know Ev has NO problem fight her own battles but since decided to be extra and be tough her ass dealin wit the consequences! Oh well!!!

  • Darbyshayla

    Nia you are the stupidest dumb ass I ever known on tv reality…..u are on tape showing your stupidity. To me you knew what the Hell you were doing. Obviously if she said she wish you would, means if u touch me and this is how I make my money bitch I will sue u. U deserve everything u get cry baby cry….LOL….get dat ass Jennifer. And Evelyn SHUT THE f*** UP!!!!!

  • Nurse 1

    When a person says’ “I wish you would” in what world is that welcoming or inviting a slap, or anything.  Now that lawyers are involved you want to say she welcomed it, she asked for it.  It sounds like to me that Nia and Evelyn are jealous of the new friendships Jennifer has formed with some other celebs, but get over it.  I personally don’t like Jennifer from the way she behaved with Royce last season but she does not deserve the treatment she has received from Tami, Jenn, Evelyn or Shaunie.  I have decided that I will not look at the show anymore after this season, I really hope the woman do a lot of growing up.

  • Darbyshayla

    I think Jen had every right to sue instead of fight….cause her face has to sell her product. If she has a bruised up face then she losing millions of dollars, then who would wanna buy it? Then Somebody dumb gonna get the wrong idea about her product…..#team Jen all day.

  • Mamiaja


  • Monique Tiggett

    Nia! “I wish you would” now smack someone that a smack you back! No one feels sorry for you! Keep your hands to yourself and learn how to deal with situations like a real women!

  • Sherrie20135

    I think nia want to fight Jen from the get no matter what jen have said she would have push it to that level so it become a fight…you just dont do certain things as an adult I hope next time she thinks twice before she act..

  • Nonie

    Nia you dumb as hell and you too Evelyn. Nia I would be embarrassed to say that’s how you was raided 0_o and your mom and pop should be too! Smh, so she say I wish you would and yo ignorant ass do it and on television (damn dummy). You are getting what deserve so cry on cry baby! Oh and FYI Ms. Evelyn these are facts that we speak of because we watch y’all act a fool every Monday @ 7pm for a good hour

  • AThomasPhD

    Please check out my website:

  • Preyes1965

    So you grew up like a wild animal, putting your paws on human beings.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH JENN GETTING NEW FRIENDS???????   People grow, people discover new things and new places and new people.  You people are JEALOUS that Jenn moved on and have decided that rolling with a bunch of hood rats were bringing her down.  You didn’t have to do anything but accept that Jen didn’t want to be your friend and to CHANGE YOUR LOCKS.  Reacting like that would have saved you from cops, lawyers and court dates.

  • Keyona_washington

    I. Love u evelyn …nia just stay out the way

  • Tyniff

    Nia u cant slap scary ass people. Ive learnt it ive done the crime and time for it. If i could go back i wouldnt change it. These people who go f*** with the police, white folks, r not the people to slap.. Ijs n white folks means government jsuk just so u know. Take it as a lesson learned nia… Cuz at the end of the day a real b would have beat ur a$$ n kep it moving.

  • Klajah

    People need to keep their hands to themselves!

  • Ptrcboyer

    You can not go around putting your hands on people and Jen’s face is her business. You let Evelyn dictate to you what to do have Eve and Shaunie pay your lawyer fees this is only right. Shaunie you did nothing and get on the reunion judging Jen look at yourself. Your pastor gave you advise take it.

  • It is what it is, you say you were raised this way that means you were raised wrong. You don’t use violence to settle anything. You deserve the maximum punishment they can give you. You never apoligized and you are still on this we were ur circle first mess. With everything that has happened you still stuck on the fact she has meet celebs by being on the show. So the hell what! If she wants to befriend these people and be apart of their circle that is more classy why in the hell does it matter to you. Get a life with your jealous, miserable ass….

  • Valleysgirl

    Nia, I have NO pity for you at all!!!  You got out of your seat, walked around the table and slapped another woman whom you had a disagreement with. Now I am no rocket scientist, but you asked for everything you are getting now. If Jennifer is the kinda person you and Evelyn are trying to make her out to be, then all of that will come out in the wash.

    But now you and Evelyn are looking like the stupid ones to most of us because at the end of the day all of you should be able to agree to simply disagree and move on.

  • Her comments just prove that she is ghetto. Exactly why is she crying? Why is she so emotional now? Again, every action has a consequence. It doesn’t really matter what Jennifer said. Just because she said I wish you would smack me does not mean she was suppose to do it. What is wrong with her? What is she teaching her children? These ladies are bad role models. Here you are on television acting like a flipping idiot. If this goes to court and she is charged she could spend a year in jail. That will take her away from her kids, her family and her life. So, that was worth a few minutes of fame? She is absolutely right: fame really makes peoples head get big. See you in court.

  • Shamaura9

    Well she shouldn’t have slapped her, I felt like she was punking Jen, well now you see what she about poor or not

  • Pauline Tuck

    Well, Nia Jenn really wasn’t ur friend….A real friend doesn’t act like or treat you like tht but the slap was uncall for but then wen she said I’m gonna sue tht bitch it was a change reaction she deserve tht slap…I’m jst not gonna say tht it shuld’ve happen bcuz us as women tht culd’ve been handle in a better way!!

  • Cavinessmichelle

    They was freaking each other off  or tricking w/the same dudes and jenn decided to stop playing their (Evelyn/Nia) lil game and they got mad so they started making lil grade school sh*t up (like stop actin like lil b**ches) like really.Evelyn mad cause jenn said her soon to be husband was a attention/man whore lmao,these chicks are too funny.Evelyn n Nia better stop worrying about jenn before they miss the “Gravy Train” (they better get they weight up) remember jenn was already a trust fund baby (she’s gonna always be good). #BOOM

  • Girl please! You gets no sympathy from me. If you didn’t want to be blasted all on television you wouldn’t have been filmed. You welcomed all the ridicule just like Jennifer welcomed the slap. Whomp Whomp.

  • K. Marie

    Hmm….I wonder if she knows that this statement will probably hurt her in court. Ignorant AND ratchet, SMH…

  • Psan

    OMG how stupid do you sound know one cares who Jen friends are. What you and Evelyn need to do admit it Jen hurt yawl poor little feeligs bcuz she want play with yawl no more boo boo boo. Nobody cares about all that you action is what got you where you are deal with it. Thumb up for Jen she welcome the slap you welcome the lawsuit.

    • Cavinessmichelle

      Say it again cause they might not have heard you (side eye)!!!Mind you these are “So Called” women.

  • I wish u would still don’t give yo ass the right to invade anyone’s personal space, so get it how u live u brought it and she should bring it back point blank!

  • Lildanshale

    ok wat eva u never should been der n da first place. U should of talk to her 1 on 1. does not matta who she friends with dat dont give u da rite to say she diffrent person.n put your hands on any one.she was raised very diffrent from u n u say she your friend den you kno she didnt know how fight but u still got up n slap her. no need to cry now deal wit it.

  • Berry_brezy_08

    At end of the day Jennifer is a mean girl. Her and Eve were best friends. The last few seasons they were the ones that picked on other people. I WILL NOT side with Jennifer because she runs her mouth to much so she needs to stop acting like she has “balls” when she doesnt. Jen is doing all of this now because the tables are turned on her. Yes, Nia was wrong for slapping her but like she said, she did welcome the slap so you cant be pissed because you tell someone I wish they would and when they do it you get mad and take them to court. All these Ladies need to grow up and start acting like grown women. I hate to see a 14 year friendship thrown away because Jen is jealous of Eve relationship with Chad. They have been cool before him and there is NO REASON why they cant be friends. Im just glad they hugged and hopefully will continue their friendship. I really do hope Jennifer drops that lawsuit against Nia because I would never want someone to go to jail over a slap too!!..

  • Camillllle

    boo hoo – that world is not for classy ladies – when u c one respect one, then you want be facing charges – no grown woman gone fight you with their hands – this is 2012 we evolved – someone tell BBW we evolved past that – now we discuss issues and if they can’t be worked out we agree to disagree or we part ways. Well that’s grown women, those with careers, children and something to lose.

  • guest

    People need to learn in life that you can’t take up another person’s FIRE RAGE… Think before you DO.. Your thoughts become your ACTIONS

  • Tash

    I think Jennifer should NOT pursue this lawsuit. However Nia u should really think before u go around putting ya hands on ppl. Smh… I guess ppl know who to do what too. Clearly Jennifer is NOT the fighting type. I think Nia is wack for doing that. KEEP YA HABDS TO YOURSELF & U WONT HAVE TO CRY LATER…



  • Billie Bob

    You went there with the intentions to smack Jennifer, so pay for what you did.  Shaunie took Jennifer off because she won’t (which she shouldn’t) drop the charges, so I won’t be watching anymore.   I used to like Evelyn but this season I see how fake she really is

  • mrswalker

    Next time i bet you will think twice before you slap anybody. You are getting what you deserve.

  • No sympathy over here your an adult & need to take responsibility for your actions IDGAS about your upbringing thats just an excuse now suck it up & go pay the PIPER hopefully your loyal friend evelyn will help you with those hefty attorney fees that you’ve accumolated …#selfcontrol