Pennsylvania Woman Says God Told Her To Throw Bricks At White Men

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Jasmine Fox, 31

Pittsburgh police say a homeless woman told them she “had a prophecy from God and was instructed to throw brick at white men” when she was caught throwing bricks at a car in Carrick.

The woman, who is white, was taken to the Allegheny County Jail and held as “Jane Doe” until being identified as Jasmine Fox, 31.

The incident happened around 9 a.m. Monday near the old St. Basil School.

When officers arrived, the victim said he got out to confront the woman after several bricks were thrown at his car, but that she ran into the abandoned Catholic school.

Officers say they found the woman in a locker room and arrested her. An online docket shows that she is charged with two misdemeanors — propulsion of missiles and criminal mischief — and a summary offense of defiant trespass.

The victim’s vehicle had “several rather large dents” from being hit with the bricks. Officers also observed about a dozen other bricks lined up on the sidewalk.

The woman did not have identification and refused to tell police who she is — only that it was the prophecy that instructed her to throw the bricks at white men.

Fox is scheduled for a preliminary hearing May 17.

Source: WTAE

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