Phaedra Parks Accused Of Mortgage Fraud, Prostitution And Stealing Husbands!

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Another day another piece of gossip. A woman claiming to be a former friend of the attorney is accusing her of being a criminal and accuses the reality star of having an affair with her husband a few years ago. These are obviously accusations and haven’t been substantiated.

Via UrbanBelle:

On how she met Phaedra, Jessica says:

“Phaedra was my son’s godmother. My affiliation started with her back in 2000. I met her through my ex-husband at a huge carwash on Peachtree street. [Her southern belle act] is really cute, but it’s a lie. I started calling her ‘faker’ years ago. You know, just finding out that she was sleeping with my husband, all of the criminal activity that she was involved in, everything that she had me involved in and everything that she would allow herself to do. Now I do believe people can change. I’ve changed; however, she’s still a grimey person. She’s still conniving and sneaky.”

Jessica also says that Phaedra has an alleged criminal past:

“She has her hands in things that people wouldn’t believe that she’s a part of. To keep it real, I’m sure he [Apollo] is cleaner than her. This woman does mortgage fraud, prostitution, all types of things. He didn’t ever involve himself with anything like that…”
“I’m sure a lot of people will come out of the woodworks once my book comes out and I’m sure Fulton County would like to know some things as well.”

“When I met her she was on top of her gold J30 Infiniti, beat up, with makeup all in the car, dirty, in a short dress, clapping her a** in front of Too Short and my husband and several other people at a car wash at 3 o’clock in the morning.”

She even accused Phaedra of having an affair with her husband:

“I divorced him [my ex-husband]. He’s incarcerated. He’s supposed to get out of jail next year. She still takes his calls and has promised him all kinds of things when he gets out. She’s really grimy. She will be your best friend and then turn around be with your man and take everything from you. That’s who she is. She wants to hurt you. She’s very evil and vindictive.”

Jessica Voker

Jessica also spoke on Phaedra’s marriage to Apollo:

“She has a key to the door he wants in right now. I’m sure she has a lot of stuff on him and he has a lot of stuff on her. It’s not love there. You can see that it’s fake. It’s something there that I’m sure will come out eventually.”

Listen to the interview below:

Photo Credit: Twitter
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  1. avatar
    Val Alv Reply
    So..not to pre-judge, but if you have this knowledge of “criminal activity” and the statute of limitations has not passed, why do you have to wait to get money from a book you are writing to report it? IF YOU WERE more upstanding than your criminal husband, Apollo and Phaedra then why didn’t you provide that information that you have had for the past 10-13 years! Wow. Just saying!
    • avatar
      Jennifer Dorsainvil Reply
      True that…. I so agree with you…
    • avatar
      Lisa Marrero Reply
      And if she knew about this “criminal activity” & didn’t tell the cops doesn’t that make her just as guilty in a court of law??
  2. avatar
    Leah Loopy Hollister-Barber Reply
    seriously why has this not come up before on this show, this show has been on several years and the ppl had plenty of time to come out , ppl be hating
    • avatar
      Ashley Leyli Lina Reply
    • avatar
      Gina Love Reply
      No, not hate, but reality…her middle name is shady!!!!!
      • avatar
        Angie Lopes Reply
        wait…I thought her full name was Shady Phae Phae and she just went by Phaedra for short, now you saying Shady is her middle name?? I’m confused!! LOL
    • avatar
      Lois x Brundage Vance Reply
      They did, just not on the show. Phakedra would like everyone to think she’s an upstanding person. There was always talks of her illegal mortgage scams and other things. They’re on the internet.
    • avatar
      tiny5girl Reply
      You can make a contract with the show not to mention anything about topics before you come. Luther was on Oprah for 1 full hour and they never mentioned his sex life. He signed a paper that she wouldn’t.
  3. avatar
    Boo bell Reply
    Who is this chick? Not that Phaedra can’t have a shady past, but on top of a car & dirty? Lol. That seems far fetched.
    • avatar
      Erika Wilson Reply
  4. avatar
    Rochelle Tyler Reply
    another bitch want to be in the spot light go kill herself and to the people who sating here listen you just wasted your time and the people that listen to you time too
  5. avatar
    Shaun Williams Reply
    Poor lil Bunny. Now that was a good read, now tell ask her to tell her story, Unedited. Looks like Phaedra has another stalker. Way to go Phay-Phay from round the Way-Way. Booty clapping all the way to the bank. Tragedy into Triumph.
  6. avatar
    Erika Wilson Reply
  7. avatar
    jazzyt Reply
    I think you are trying to get a spot on tv! Whatever!
    • avatar
      Rhonda Fomby Reply
      Well, Kim did leave show so they could use a new pigmentally challenged cast member.
  8. avatar
    yuyu Reply
    at the end of the day, everyone has a past so who is to say what is real, but why wait til now?

    anyways, anyone interested in working from home contact me, doesn’t matter your background, I will help you, email me

  9. avatar
    Ashley Leyli Lina Reply
    I don’t believe this shit one bit. There are a few of Phaedra cast mates who hates her and I’m almost positive one of them put this scandalous bitch up to this lie. Honey, get a life!
  10. avatar
    Ginger Allen Reply
    Money hungry!!!
  11. avatar
    Gina Love Reply
    All you folks will find out about Phaedra (Shady) Park, just remember that Gina love warned you all.
    • avatar
      Realistt Reply
      Who cares? How do you benefit either way?
    • avatar
      Denisia Thompson Reply
      This chick sounds just like Kenya Moore
  12. avatar
    Keneisha Fountain Reply
    Really this woman sounds a little scorned. I don’t trust anyone who wants to capitalize and profit from information. Really what is her motivation for bringing this information to the forefront and bringing it out NOW! If she really wanted to get a criminal off the street or stop a lawyer from practicing while also participating in criminal activity she wouldn’t be writing a book. Something smells fishy!
  13. avatar
    Khadijah Moaning Reply
    And this woman became your child’s Godmother, AFTER you met her on top of a car clapping her a** for men??? Including your husband??? This whole story sounds really ignorant.
  14. avatar
    Lauren Tebo Reply
    Damn every other day its somebody is saying something about Phaedra. I don’t believe she is God but dang ya’ll really trying to bring her down pregnant and alll Wow!!!! Stop hating and look at this girl she is a real I think she is the girl Phaedra is suing boy ya’ll need to stop hating!!!!!! Why she didn’t take all this to court I be damn if I buy this ratchet ass book..
  15. avatar
    sonia Reply
    get a life grow ass woman if it makes you feel better to expose somebodies past you are no better than her and you have kids and you sound ghetto as hell grow up jessica
  16. avatar
    Soncie22 Reply
    What will be interesting, aside from Phaedra’s response to these allegations, is Bravo’s!
  17. avatar
    Elaine Nae Nae Solomon Reply
    everyone has a little shade in their and even professionals can make a mistake so miss anonymous stay that way unknown.
  18. avatar
    Simone_12 Reply
    This is pretty damning information about Phaedra and if it is in fact true, she’s begging for her past to be dredged up on the show next Season. She’s accuse Kenya of being silicone with a Home Depot booty, and called her a whore. Had Kenya done her homework, she could have pointed to all these allegations made against Phaedra, who is literally being accused of being a whore. Phaedra has viewers hoodwinked, but the longer she remains on the show, the more she risks that these accusation will be brought to light.
  19. avatar
    Victoria McGuire Reply
    It was even on the Reunion show that Phaedra as a young child was babysat by Nene’s Aunt and Grandmother in the small town outside of Atlanta that they both grew up in. She is a true southern born and raised lady. This trashy person trying to get in on Phaedra’s success. Well Phaedra is a Licensed Lawyer and shec an surely put a stop to this bitch.
  20. avatar
    Heather Williams Reply
    I do not believe this evil person.
  21. avatar
    Heather Williams Reply
    I smell Kenya behind this.
  22. avatar
    Mindylou Reply
    This Bimbo has lost her mind !!!!
  23. avatar
    Rita M (。◕‿◕。) Reply
    If she has any proof she should show it or shut up before Phay Phay sues her.
  24. avatar
    joyce kennedy Reply
    Damn jessica what do you want are whats the point of you doing this jessica we are from houston texas and we think people that do this damn you bad as kenya.She is not giving you hush money.If she used to do this it is what it is.What have you done.God dont like ugly what goes around comes back to you and it wont be pretty.Find something to do possibly a job or hobby
  25. avatar
    keke Reply
    Jessica go set your tired ass down some where. Maybe she got something you didnt have than and don’t have now. Why are you even having a conversation about someone who clearly have nothing to do with you. You act as if you want to f*** her. What ever she has did in the past is on her she have to answer to god for her mistakes not you . So quit riding in the seat of Phaedra panties. An like I said its in the past, if she f*** your husband oh well she just f*** your husband. An I’m tired of these sad as women getting mad and holding grudges against other women cause your man felt weak and f*****. What about him did he have grudge when he was wax that ass, no, cause he didn’t have consciences nor did his penis. So Phaedra keep you head up, and Jessica don’t write that book to embarrass yourself by letting the world know you couldn’t keep a man.
  26. avatar
    Anetta Ali Reply
    I do not believe this Jessica, person and she should do the world a favor and kill herself. The story is just to far fetched. Jessica, has questionable motives and intentions. And why write a book? I got the answer to that because you are a liar and money hungry, you are just trying to profit off of Phaedra, being in the spotlight.

    I am not saying that Phaedra, is perfect, but this is not her. Jessica, needs to move on to lie on somebody else and next time make it believable or kill herself. If we are putting it to a vote I vote you kill yourself.

  27. avatar
    ShonnaK Reply
    sounds like soomeone is trying to promote a book….
  28. avatar
    Diane Dornell-Peeples Reply
    Jessica, you seem just as grimy as the people you’re talking about. You say you’re good and you’re not doing this for the money. Who are you KIDDING?? All I hear is “cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching!”
  29. avatar
    Sonia Smith Reply
    How come the show never research Phaedra background before they have her on the show that is very strength.. From what we all see now on the show is their is a lot of shady shit going with her… That southern belle bullshit I been seeing nothing but a lot of fakeness coming from her… I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew their was a lot of sneaky snake shit with her and Apollo… And everything that glitter is not gold… Their was too much fakeness between Phaedra and Apollo I see right through their phoney betrailed… When Nene and Kenya accused her for being shady it become more clearly to me that she is..
  30. avatar
    Sharon Allen Reply
    Typical Snow Bunny story!
  31. avatar
    Kimmyk57 Reply
    She is a pathetic excuse for an attorney and as fake as a $3 bill. I believe and hope RHOA will get rid of her, as will Appollo!
  32. avatar
    TK Reply
    This is definitely a law suit. Poor Jessica needs a hug or a friend.
  33. avatar
    Giles Carmelia Reply
    Well now sounds like a scorned woman who is out for revenge. I hope you have proof of what your saying or phaedra will also be owning your home your car your bank account and anything else you may own. I think your putting this out to promote your book well if a lot of us find out that you are lying you can forget about anyone buying your book.
  34. avatar
    No1Curr Reply
    I don’t know what to believe but I honestly don’t care. Its just amazing how people are so wrapped up in this show and want to see Phaedra fall. Also Im just gonna have to give Phaedra props. She was gangsta. She was a madame, drug affiliated, did car theft rings, mortgage fraud, worked for insurance, CNN, Fox and Bobby Brown over 20 yrs and was never caught or exposed for anything criminal until she got shine on a show. If Phaedra is this bad Ima need someone to come with something recent so she can go to jail for life. Not something from 15 yrs ago where no one cares. What I gather is that Phaedra probably did sleep with her husband which causes for an ass whupping. But I find it funny she’s ride or die for her ex husband and worried about what he’s doing. He was wrong. He was an infamous drug dealer but you were along for the ride. I’ve looked up other info on Voker. Turns out she’s been around but she feels she’s more worthy cause she’s more upfront about her past. If Phaedra doesn’t wanna shout from the rooftops she f***** a drug dealer 15 yrs ago she doesn’t have to.

    She has no right to expose anyone elses past. Especially based on what she does on the show. Phaedra is a different in real life I’ve heard. Everyone has a persona on the show that works for them. Bottom line, Voker is just as dirty as Phaedra allegedly is but wants to expose Phaedra to bring her down to where she is. She claims she’s writing a book about her life but Phaedra twerking for Too Short has nothing to do with her being a prostitute in Chicago. She’s name dropping in order to sell. But Phaedra isn’t even popular. If you cant get shine off NeNe’s secrets then you cannot profit off of Phaedra. If Phaedra sleeping with your husband hurt you to the core you should of whupped her ass and saw her as dead. I can’t necessarily respect and ride for you for admitting to doing similar stuff but claim you’ve changed. Why cant Phaedra change as well? Cause of what you see on a show where its your job to bring the drama?

  35. avatar
    Inxplcbly_Xplct Reply
    I don’t know what to believe but I honestly don’t care. Its just amazing how people are so wrapped up in this show and want to see Phaedra fall. Also Im just gonna have to give Phaedra props. She was a madame, drug affiliated, did car theft rings, mortgage fraud, worked for insurance, CNN, Fox and Bobby Brown over 20 yrs and was never caught or exposed for anything criminal until she got shine on a show. If Phaedra is this bad Ima need someone to come with something recent so she can go to prison. What I gather is that Phaedra probably did sleep with her husband which causes for an ass whupping. But I find it funny she’s ride or die for her ex husband still. He was an infamous drug dealer and had hoes but she was along for the ride.

    She’s name dropping to sell. Phaedra isn’t even popular. If you cant profit off NeNe’s past then not her either. Phaedra isn’t running for President. Also the statute of limitations is out for the alleged crimes so no prison. She’s admitting she’s just as dirty as Phaedra allegedly is but wants Phaedra to be looked down and exposed like her. Twerking for Too Short doesn’t have anything to do with you being a prostitute in Chicago. And I cant respect and take your side just cause you’re “honest”. You still seem like a snake. You slept with peoples husbands, snitched on your husband and now wanna expose an ex best friend out of pettiness.

  36. avatar
    Danita Ford Reply
    wow what kinda friends does phaedra have with her style i thought that she was hanging with people with class not trash.And if she did have a friend like this what was she doing not checking out her surroundings because when you are on tv or if you are a lawyer you should know better to deal with trash,I hope that this lady is not talking about the phaedra i see on the house wife of atlanta because i would be very upset.And if it is true then this lady is trying to get some money from her and hope all ends well for phaedra.
  37. avatar
    Sweetpeach Reply
    She sounds like a woman scorn… ok so she found out that Phradera is not her friend… she needs to move on….Phradera is a grown as woman and a lawyer so how she lives her life is her biz….
  38. avatar
    ~*I Can Only Be Me*~ Reply
    Oookay. ppl really don’t like phadrea some other chick already supposely air her “dirty laundry” Soo wats next
  39. avatar
    LaShandra NewMe Adams Reply
    I feel like ppl always got something to say…..she obviously is mad Phaedra probably dont f*** wit her and she mad it shol toook her a long time to say something.
  40. avatar
    Mzb OfPhilly Reply
    Who put u up to this dumb mess??? Kenya? Chile, ain’t nobody interested in your book full of lies mixed with a drop of truth from the PAST!!! 80% of us are MUCH more intelligent & see through this money making book selling scheme. U said u met her & she was twerking but then u made her your child’s GodMother: Uhhhh: Do u really think that make sense?!!! Chile please!! Phaedra: U & your Man: keep on livin’, luvin’ & making beautiful babies. Ignore negativity but sue the hell outta this chick, please!!!

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