Cameroonian Pop Singer Dencia’s ‘Whitenicious’ Skin Care Line Stirs Controversy

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Dencias Whitenicious Skin Care Bleaching Line Sold Out In A Day


Dencia Before & After

A pop singer from Cameroon, Dencia, released her skin lightening product a few weeks ago. Whitenicious has to be one of the most strongest skin bleaching products I have ever come across. If this is the only product Dencia has used, this cream is potent. See Dencia’s before and after pictures. A few websites picked up the story and spoke about the outrage Dencia received due to her drastic appearance.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, the high level of mercury in skin-lightening products can lead to permanent kidney damage.

The main adverse effect of the inorganic mercury contained in skin lightening soaps and creams is kidney damage. Mercury in skin lightening products may also cause skin rashes, skin discoloration and scarring, as well as a reduction in the skin’s resistance to bacterial and fungal infections. Other effects include anxiety, depression or psychosis and peripheral neuropathy.

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 77-percent of Nigerian women, the highest percentage in the world, use skin-lightening products regularly. While some lighten their skin to adhere to a Western standard of beauty, many women bleach their skin because it affords them better marriage prospects and a greater chance at social mobility.

Whitenicious by Dencia is a high-end skin care product line suitable for all skin types, from dark skin to light skin, for men and women. Whitenicious by Dencia is founded by international Pop Singer Dencia.

People with dark spots, acne, hyper pigmentation, dark knuckles and knees (all of which can leave your skin looking uneven) have endured decades of neglect among established international cosmetic companies. The continued marginalization of African descended men and women in the world market of cosmetics led to the inspiration of Pop Singer Dencia who later partnered with a renowned chemist to establish the highly innovative Whitenicious line.

Whitenicious products adhere to the highest quality standards and undergo intense scientific and technical scrutiny, resulting in a luxurious skin product made from high quality ingredients and natural plant extracts.

The Whitenicious line currently features two (2) different products:

Whitenicious for Dark Spot Remover to remove dark spots from any part of the body
Whitenicious for Dark Knees, Knuckles, and Elbows. Also works on other parts of the body with hyper-pigmentation.

The Whitenicious line has no harsh bleaching chemicals known to be harmful to the skin. Ingredients like vitamin C & E help to naturally heal and clear the skin.

Say “Goodbye!” to blotchy skin, pigmentation and unwanted marks forever! Whitenicious affirms and understands the value of feeling good on the inside, as well as looking good on the outside, by combining beauty and skin care in each of our skin care products. – Whitenicious

The products range in price from $80-$150, on



whitenicious face

whitenicious hand

Love the skin you’re in. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to either. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • Mixed Chick

    I’ve used ‘bleaching’ agents to get rid of scars but only on the scars, not my entire face or body. I had scars from years of using glasses. I didn’t look like this poor girl. I can’t hate, on her, but I think it’s tragic to try and look like a completely different person. She looks a bit drastic.

    • Ally

      Appreciate your honesty MC, but I am sure you don’t look like this self hating woman. She didn’t just go up/down a shade she completely changed her skin tone and looks white! This is self abuse and lack of self esteem, what the hell was her thought process in making the decision to change color?? I do not believe for one minute that she doesn’t have issues being a black woman.

  • yolanda camacho

    Black is beautiful!! Im not changing my beautiful skin tone for nobody!!. It took an awesome god to create our different skin tones and I for one have plans on staying the way he created me!

  • Thotah

    black men have a duty to not date or be with these women. I for 1 am taking a stand. i dont date bleached bitches.

  • menia

    WoooooW im just so shocked at this… im speechless

  • jen

    this is no different that white people tanning to get dark

  • kay

    So Im supposed to believe that she bleached her scalp as well. These pictures are extremely photoshopped in an atempt to make young black women want to purchase this product. I’m calling BS. If u wanna get rid of dark spots bust out the cocoa butter n vitamin E lol

  • Kristians mommy

    This girl looked beautiful before the bleaching. She needs some psychological help and I’m not trying to be rude or malicious. But if you can’t love the skin that your in who else will.

  • Lisa Rodriguez Perez

    How much do you have to hate yourself to not only do this to yourself but to promote it??? She was beautiful. Wow. Sad.

  • Gee Love

    THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!

    • Monika McCoy

      Why do you think it’s a scam?? Remember the pictures of Sammy Sosa?


    I am really hurt, by this, girls please, love the skin you are in, white or black, it is not just the black women changing their skin color, white women have been tanning for years. If this is true, then she should have kept her black ass black. She looked so much better. LOL IJS

  • Will A Million

    if true, it’s a shame. she had some beautiful skin.. smh

  • AJ Kelli

    I don’t have an opinion about there peoples insecurities IjS

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