Porsha Stewart Poses Naked In New Hairline Promo Ad

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart is taking her business serious and her clothes off in a new advert for her new hair line – Go Naked Hair.

The site’s motto is : “Clothing is optional… Ha​ir is not!”

She also states: “I’ve found that the most beautiful women in the world are the ones that wear nothing but confidence. Women that go NAKED.”

NAKED Hair is created by Porsha Stewart for the Porsha Stewart Collection. NAKED was inspired by women Porsha has met throughout her life. She believes that women are most beautiful when they wear confidence and a smile. Needing nothing else; pure, refined and NAKED.

Naked Hair dares you to go deep and get NAKED. Wear the hair that commands nothing else. Naked Hair empowers Porsha Stewart. She feels no greater pleasure than that of servicing the strongest and beautiful creation ever created. WOMEN in our most enchanging form: NAKED – Press Release

Porsha looks sexy in the shot.

The prices for Naked Indian and Naked Brazilian: $130

porsha hair cost porsha hair cost 2Check out the website here. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  1. avatar
    autumn Reply
    Love it! Wanna c the naked indian straight rathar than the up in the air shot! Good luck Portia!
  2. avatar
    autumn Reply
    *straight down…I meant!
  3. avatar
    Yolanda Hawkins Shelton Reply
    Do yo thang Porsha! I’m going to try your new hair line. Congrats!
  4. avatar
    Julie Knutson Reply
    Gorgeous woman you are Porsha! Eat your mean spririted heart out Kordell..
  5. avatar
    Julie Knutson Reply
    You’re a Gorgeous woman Porsha!!
  6. avatar
    Zanne Goldwire Reply
    Loving your hairline Porsha…much success!!
  7. avatar
    uniquebeauty79 Reply
    Go Porsha!!!

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