Porsha Williams Arrested For Speeding, Driving With Suspended License

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Porsha Williams is bringing on the drama this season as she was just arrested for speeding on an Atlanta highway.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was pulled over today for allegedly speeding the police say she was doing 78 mph in a 55 zone, when I’m on the highway in Atlanta everyone is doing 80+, the police also state she was driving on a suspended license.

The police brought her to jail and she was booked her bond is $1,726. Porsha was previously arrested for assault against cast mate Kenya Moore last season. What’s next? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.


Source: TMZ

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  • Robin Siler

    Wow this chic is off the chain!!

  • poppi

    They throw everyone in jail in Atlanta, especially DeKalb County. They are the worst. They put you in and won’t let you out for months!!! It is really bad there.

  • Pamela June Jenkins-Walker

    Karma is a B@$#&!! She thinks that she is all that because she pulled Kenya’s hair at the reunion and got kudos for doing it! She was supposedly demoted but this dumb hoe keeps popping up every episode! Her mouth and actions are off the chain (that photo shoot where she has on an itty bitty bikini, her treatment & comments to Cynthia and Claudia, her disrespect to Kenya when Kenya was trying to apologize and squash the beef)!! She is running behind NeNe but she is going to learn all about the real NeNe if she does something that NeNe doesn’t like! I just can’t with this girl!

    • Ms sweet

      The police going to arrest you for talking to fu….. Much!

  • thebeautiful34

    She too grown for the that, love Porsha, but get it together boo

  • Margaret McIlroy-McDermott

    Stuck on STUPID!

  • Lisa Wheeler

    She’s just living the Atlanta life.

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