The Few, The Proud, The Marines | Ryan Culberson

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Briana A Real House-Marines-Wife

Newlywed Staff Sgt. Ryan Culberson husband of Briana, daughter of Real Housewife of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson was interviewed by Marine Corps Times, and shares with them his thoughts on his new ‘lifestyle’. Ryan has been deployed three times and is a member of the 11th Marines at Camp Pendleton, California. He is originally from Burlington, North Carolina.

I doubt any of them, other than Vicki now, understand the military lifestyle. Their reality is different than 90 percent of the country. That’s been the biggest culture shock to me.

His fellow marines have given him a little bit of a hard time about his appearances on the show.

They say they’re going to change my call sign to ‘Housewife,’Ÿ. Most of my superiors’ wives watch it, so they’ll see me on TV and ask if I had makeup on.

As you remember Ryan and Briana broke the news to Vicki that they eloped last year, Vicki was not happy.

Gunvalson replied, “I don’t really like bombs,” and Briana responded, “Well, Ryan likes bombs, he drops bombs for a living.”

May 12 in Santa Barbara, Calif

Gunvalson was upset on the show and said she wanted more than a drive-through chapel wedding for her daughter.

But after 2005 and 2008 deployments to Iraq and a 2011 deployment to Afghanistan that left him communicating with Briana via hand-written letters, Culberson said their decision to get married in the moment made sense — especially after Briana faced a cancer scare resulting in the removal of her thyroid.

“I think the deployment and her health are the main reasons we did this,” Culberson said. “Knowing she was cancer-free and me coming back from deployments where we lost guys and people were getting hurt left and right — it just made sense.”

Vicki hosted a more traditional wedding for the couple on the 12th May in Santa Barbara, Califiornia. Ryan also confirmed he and his new wife are expecting a baby boy. An ultrasound was done before the wedding, but the results of the baby’s gender were kept a secret until they cut their wedding cake and blue frosting on the inside was revealed.

Me being the normal guy, I don’t watch those kinds of shows. I knew it was about rich people on TV, but I didn’t really have a good understanding. What drew me to her [Briana] is that she’s so normal. She’s completely the girl next door.

Vicki is now said she is proud of the choice her daughter made in a husband.

Not being from a Marine family, it is very exciting having Ryan as a new addition to ours. It is fun talking to him about his experiences both on the base and when he is deployed, and I’m so proud of his passion for our country – Vicki

Congratulations again, Ryan and Briana. God bless you and your growing family

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  • SDLinda

    I hope Ryan’s superiors in the US Marine Corps watched the season finale episode of RHOC and are taking appropriate action against him. He is a loose cannon and verbally assaulted an elderly woman… I’d hate to think of how he treats those lower in rank, who he actually has authority over!

  • SDLinda

    Staff Sgt. Ryan Culberson’s behavior on the last episode of RHOC was disgusting and wrong. Seeing him verbally assault a 64 year old woman makes me wonder: How does he treat those he outranks? I can only hope his superiors take appropriate action.