Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Rasheeda & Kirk Frost Fired; Joseline Hernandez Suspended; Spin-Off & More

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According to sources Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have been fired from the new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera won’t be back either as we previously reported they have their own spin-off. Thankfully Kalenna Harper and her butler/roommate/husband Tony Vick won’t be back either as they were not asked to come back.

The guests will include Lil Scrappy, Bambi, Momma Dee, Stevie J, Erica Pinkett (WHY?) and Yung Joc will all return for Season 4. As we reported Nivea was added as a new cast member.

Allegedly Nikko will also return with his wife. Interesting.

Benzino and his fiancée Althea Eaton were fired because they pushed one of the producers during the reunion fight. Others believe it was because they provoked Joseline and Stevie J, remember that Benzino said, “It’s that coke”, referring to Stevie J? Well Stevie J recently failed TEN drug test in SIX months and was ordered to attend rehab, so Benzino was telling the truth. There are also reports that Joseline Hernandez was suspended for the first FOUR episodes for her participation on the LHHATL reunion rumble, meaning she will not get paid or appear in those episodes.

The current season includes Joseline Hernandez, Erica Dixon, Karlie Redd, Mimi Faust and Nivea.

Stay tuned for updates. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.


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  • Nicole Edwards

    Thinking the show will suck.. fired rasheeda and kirk they were my fav. not sure if i will be watching

    • Roberto White

      What were they thinking?!?!? They must rehire these cast members ASAP or im off that boat. Those are the people that make the show worth watching and these lames fire them SMFH

  • torhondawalker

    Fired Kirk, Rasheeda Kaleena and Tony awww hell nah I won’t be watching they were the only reason I was watching Mona Scott is straight tripping Rasheeda is the Georgia Peach.

  • Darian Cunningham

    Wow y’all taking the best ones away an there is no reason for Erica pinkette unless she wit scrap but we all know that ain’t happening that hoe is an opertunist she wanted scrapp so bad and felt dumb when he denied that ass at the reunion she should have learned scrapped don’t love them hoes after what he did to Bucky or excuse me Shay,this season sounds trash just like Hollywood an the one on now I think I’m out of my #lhh phase prolly not watching anymore

  • Shirl

    Really this woman don’t care about anything but ratings especially to bring Nikko ‘s wife on the show. She love this fighting and raw foolery. She try to make people think she has standard, no way lady. YOu should have left the others aand not get rid of anyone. Please don’t assume us to believe you have standards, only standards to make that money” by any form necessary. “

  • Mixed Chick

    Rasheeda & Kirk’s storyline was boring and so fake. Nikko, his wife, Erica Pinkett don’t need to be on LHHATL. If the crackheads are back then so should Benzino & Hoethea.

    • Roberto White

      I agree

      • Roberto White

        Bring back Benzino and Rasheeda

  • daygopeach

    Probably won’t watch anymore now without rasheeda and Kirk or Tammy and waka. Those two couples were my favorite.

  • joyce

    Might not be watching. Atlanta season was the best

  • lashae joiner

    I thought it was LOVE(

    • Roberto White

      Without the Original cast members this show will B some Bullshit.

  • smiles

    Guess I won’t b watchin this season rasheeda n tammy was the sexiest one on the show nobody wanna watch them ugly manly lookin bitches

  • Miahasovercomethestorm Drummon

    I’m done won’t be watching

    • Roberto White

      I agree I wont be watching this dumb sh*t either. Need to bring back the entire cast or the show is a wash.

  • Miahasovercomethestorm Drummon

    F*ck Kirk he needed to be fired with his HOT azz now run tell that

  • Kia Kia

    This is going to be a boring season

    • Roberto White

      I agree

  • melise

    Kirk rasheeda wacka and Tammy were my favs. .. to take the two main characters the two people who started with the show off is f****** stupid. to bring nikos nasty ass and his wife on the show is one of the most ridiculous things this show could do… yea I watch every season of every love and hip hop but won’t watch this one that’s for sure

  • Guest

    Yeah, I’m not watching anymore either

  • fifi

    They need an all new cast for atl

  • nicole

    Fired Rasheed and Kirk really.

    • Jacqueline Battle

      I like them both and their story line but the truth is they do not bring drama because they are so grounded and Kirk played like most men do . But they got back together. Why can someone be real on the show. Everyone is not ratchet in true life.
      It is so unfair and Joseline is still coming back?

  • ♫ShaSpeaksMusic♪

    to be honest if you watched love and hiphop for anything with substance, you watched the wrong show. There was pretty much no love and K was the only one who really made music. Joseline and stevie is the show really. Rasheeda and Kirk should have been fired cuz the shows about drama,JUST BEIN HONEST, besides him cheatin, there’s no drama left with them. Kalena and tony in my opinion didn’t ha e massive drama.I think that was how they lived real life. Zino and thea I cant stand because their relationship just seems fake. Not reality show fake but fake fake. If you watch Tamar and Vince this season and saw them explain how they got together,you’d think something was up too.

  • jOOcEEj

    Seem like everybody that’s in love is getting kicked off

  • lovely

    Really! This show is going to go down hill with out rasheeda kirk Althea and benzino wgaf about Jose and Stevie..really the network is focusing on GHETTO TRASH!

  • babygirl

    I won’t be watching because they took the best people off the show !

  • Roberto White

    The people that got fired are the people that really make the show interesting. Listen, yall f****** up on this network im sure you all will loose lots of Viewers including me… WTF!

  • Sunny Ninja Assassin

    They should just call this Sex & Crackheads Atlanta. Everyone saying they won’t watch anymore, you damn well know you got your menu planned out for the premiere. I will be watching, I aint frontin. Ratchet lhhatl is messy and I enjoy it!

  • cathy mashburn

    NOPE I wont be watching anymore all of my favs are gonna be gone. So bye felicia

  • Lenicebeing MommyComes Beforei

    Good i hope the whole show get canceled its pointless and stupid were worried and glorifying the wrong things and people today grown ass people sitting participating in this foolishness and grown ass people watching it smh

  • Carolyn Bolivar

    Rasheeda and Kirk had a great story line. Wow.

  • Diana Sanders


    • Steddy

      I am thinking that it had nothing to do w/their storyline and more or less something on the business side of their relationship with VH1…

  • Carmen CaBoom

    Nivea???? This lineup is wack and I won’t be watching. I stopped watching a while back anyway.

  • metry

    wth, now Love n hip hop atl is tripping, they knew the FANS loved kirk and rasheeda, they gave the show some ACTION and SPICE! Kalenna and Husband, Tony, were an interesting couple..why weren’t they asked to come back..thinking the show wont be AS good anymore, hell FIRE STEVIE J AND JOSELINE HERNANDEZ manly looking ass

  • Richgeana White

    This is messed up they fire Kirk and Rasheeda for what but keep the junkies on the show that’s some Mona Scott bullsh*t if I ever seen it and to top it off she must be speaking up for Stevie OR SOMETHING I never heard of someone failing 10 tests that were ordered by judge to keep you out of jail you fail all ten and still don’t have to go to jail she must be speaking up for them it’s obvious Mona likes them better , is doing drugs with them or they got dirt on her and that’s why they haven’t been fired STEVIE AND JOSELINE ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE FIRED DAMN DRUGGIES

  • Richgeana White

    Well I wasn’t crazy about Karlenna so i’m not sad she’s going but I liked Rasheeda and Kirk even tho the hoe thought she was all that I bet they fired them because of Joseline because they had a lot to say during the reunion about the melee and Joseline probably threatened to start more sh*t it’s obvious Mona like the drama this drug addict brings

  • Michael Wilson

    Rasheeda is beautiful. She is the glue that holds this bullshit show together. Benzino,

  • Nzari Mimi

    Just end the show

  • Blessed and highly favored

    Well Tammy and Waka Floka was trash any way I Love Rasheeda she should saty i think she only leaveing cause Kirk is a cornball and they dont want him back no neck and hoe thea well they wont be missed any way as long as i get to see the dream team stevie J & Joseline im good they crazzy but the give the show life

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