Ray Rice’s Wife Janay: “The Media Ruined Our Lives”

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janay-ray rice
Janay Palmer Rice, the wife of Ray Rice featured in the shocking video is breaking her silence about the video showing her then fiance knocking her unconcious in a hotel elevator by defending Ray and blaming the media.

In a post from her Instagram page Tuesday morning, Janay Rice writes,

“I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend. But to have to accept the fact that it’s reality is a nightmare in itself. No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted options from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass of for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific. THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is! Ravensnation we love you!”

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  • Mixed Chick

    No dear sweet naive Janay, that punch your husband gave you ruined your lives. Don’t blame the media for your KO. This woman was unconscious and she’s blaming the media! We get it you forgive him, but we are still horrified!

  • Sandrine Calme

    Is she saying it was ok for him to be violent to her when they were engaged? So she married him for his money not for her dignity. The world and the media are disgusted by his behavior either it happened yesterday or yesteryear. The Ravens managers have got a reputation to preserve. And no,the Ravens are not going to send the image to the rest of the world that lifting a hand to your fiancee is alright because it is not. I am on the side of the Ravens managers for taking the decision to sack him. Visibly, Janey Palmer Rice is married to him for his money. She has nothing if she does not have the security of his paycheck. How sad is that!

    • nadalotta

      Sandrine, we don’t know if that’s why she married him.
      It’s very possible Ray sweet-talked her again, telling her if she’d forgive him they’d get married ASAP. I’ve known women like this – they WANT to believe this time will be different and they fall for it over and over until they finally run or they’re dead.
      And, on his side, he knows spouses aren’t compelled to testify against each other.

      • Sandrine Calme

        You are 100% right nadalotta!

      • Sandrine Calme

        I did not know they were married. You must be right: he must have sweet talked her to convince her to say “I do!”. I wonder now how their marital life is since he has been fired.

  • Marya Mzcheech McClain

    she’s flat out as dumb as her husband was for punching the life out of her , she’s more concerned about the money then the fact that she’s with a man who could kill her next time women need to wake up and know their own worth !

    • Lavelle

      True, but at the same time women need to stop provoking men and try to be like one. Women will get enough getting into a man face being physical and confrontational. It is coming to the point men dont care, because women use this to provoke and the justice system use this to keep men down.

      • unknown

        Bullshit it doesn’t make it right for a man to hit a woman period. If a man touches a women he’s a coward ass man. Ik dey wouldn’t be hitting another man in that manner

        • Miz BabiiGurlArt


      • Paulita

        Wow! I guess it’s okay to punch away when a woman gets in a man’s face. I get in my husband’s face all the time but he has NEVER hit me. Unbelievable!

        • nene

          Just like it’s okay if a kid gets all in your face and hits you? Right or naw?

      • brown_sugar

        Lavelle are you crazy, getting up in a man’s face doesn’t warrant being physically attacked and knocked out. Maybe in your small world, but in the real world no one deserves that.

        • delicia

          She spit on him TWICE! That’s why her ass got knocked out! That’s no excuse for women to hit men either! Women need to stop acting like men! Y’all females gone learn today lol! That I’m a woman, u can’t hit me even of I hit you mentality is DONE!

  • JackieO

    I don’t think she’s saying it’s ok, and she’s wrong that the media ruined her life, her hubby did that. For those saying she’s in it for the money, yes at this point probably … but that’s not to say that up to the elevator incident she didn’t love him… maybe her home life before him was worse than this and she doesn’t know a better one. For us to look at her and judge so harshly is why so many battered women don’t step forward, because people blame them for staying, instead of finding ways to help them leave. Instead of pointing out how dumb or naive she is perhaps more attention should be given to the fact that he got away with it legally … sure his career is over, but why are we so focused on her, and not on the gaping holes in the legal system that the incident was video taped and yet he got a slap on the wrist?

    • Miz BabiiGurlArt

      AMEN to this entire comment 100%!!!

  • Just, wow! She clearly doesn’t get that if he would’ve “beat her ass” in private, she would then have no one else to blame it on, but him! She could be dead right now, under ground in a coffin. To marry him right after this, proves she is stuck and probably scared to death of him. I wonder if she will stay now, when the check stops rolling in??

    • Beverly Durant

      She will for a while. He still has money and the baby is a factor in itself.

  • Spanisheyes1963

    WOW, WOW, WOW, she is the poster woman for abused women, she is so on point with the denial, scared shitless and embarrassed, but does not have the strength to leave. She did not marry him for the money, the timing was for HIS benefit, he was hoping that she won’t not have to testify, but the tape messed that angle .

  • lovepony31

    No its your then fiance and now husband’s fault that both your lives are ruined. The sad part is that you live a life where you accept this behavior and you think its love wow. I’m praying for you and him he needs help and you do too.


    Iyanla come fix this broad life! N she said real love too. Smh sad!

  • Confused

    Wait, is she serious? We ruined your life? Im confused.. SMDH Domestic Violence is such a vicious cycle.

  • ????

    I understand what she is saying about the media and the cameras. If you get an assault on camera and someone does not want to press charges, that is there option. They should have to sign a waiver. Something must be done in regards to all the video being released, it is only happening cause someone is getting paid. I hope she is aware she is worth much more than a man punching her lights out. But at the same time everyone makes mistakes. One mistake is all you should get. Major public apology to fans and everyone especially this good women that is still defending him.

  • deb

    The media ruined your life?
    Not the guy who punches you?
    What’s this girls’ IQ????
    You can try and convince all you want, but our society is NOT going
    to tolerate a man beating a woman, even if YOU do!!!

  • Paulita

    Next time, you may not wake up after he beats you. No amount of money is worth all that. Think about it

  • Tenaya Martinez

    You are a woman of domestic abuse. Of course your going to justify the massive blow you took. Im a die hard fan of the ravens but no longervof your husband. Seek hlp my love because its not ok what he did to you. I pray you realize this I have been there.

  • Lenicebeing MommyComes Beforei

    No the media didn’t ruin your lives u just mad that you ain’t gonna be spending all that money you thought u was u took that punch and said its OK I’ll stay cause he got money smh if u wanna stay with a man slapping u upside the head more power to you one day he will punch u so hard u won’t wake up

  • Vanessa Reyes


  • Lucy C

    That hit must have knocked her brain loose. She missing the money now, he got the right women.

  • Myrna

    Abuse is a terrible thing, I’m sure she’s still afraid of him but, has to defend his actions out of fear. She obviously is in denial. If she ever gets away from him which will be difficult since they share a child, she would be able to see that she is in an abusive relationship. He needs to go to counseling ,because if he thinks what he did was right, he’s really sick. If anything the Media saved her life but, she doesn’t realize that right now. And yes, I agree with others, the money seems to be the most important factor with both of them. And that is so SAD! You can’t hug money or laugh with it, or dance with it, or grow with it, or admire it! So get it together folks and enjoy the simple little things .

  • kandice

    Yea she stupid but I feel her its they life so if she want to stay and keep getting hit by her husband dats her choice and if he dont want to keep playing football and stay out of jail and have his family on his side then thats his stupid ass and they still young let them grow up.

  • kandice

    It’s crazy how they suspend him but u have football players still playing while they doing drugs and bullying team members, friends, and sometimes family.

  • Michelle Sacco

    No stupid ur husband ruined your lives .. So now everyday when u look at him just know he ruined ur lives… Not the media !!! It seems like you’ve been beaten in the head to much to even think that this is in any way the median fault … It’s ur husbands fault for one piecing U in the head …. But since ur an obviously abused woman you would go ahead and say it’s everyone else’s fault but his but hopefully something makes u see the light before it’s too late

  • Imjustsayin444

    This is the first time that I have actually been able to see this video as clear as i have today and I must say that I am in shock. People have been dressing as them as a couple for Halloween and there have been some mixed views on this. Some think it’s funny and some people are simply enraged that this sob knocked her out like this. People fail to realize that she is a battered woman and abused women make comments like this all the time. It’s hard to come to terms with something like this and be forced to have to admit to it because it’s on video. Let us be real. He has been knocking her around for awhile now. I believe this is just the first time that he has been exposed like this. I’m not really familiar with this mans upbringing but he may have some anger issues or he may have grown up thinking this is acceptable. I do not care what she said or what she did, this is never okay. He hit her like she was a man off of the streets. She got in his face, yes and so what but I’m still trying to figure out what the hell SHE did so badly to make him knock her out like that and still be with her. Seems like Mr.Rice is the issue here. To Lavelle. Brother please!! She did not provoke him. He has a problem. If you are with a woman who makes you feel like doing that then you need to leave. We as a human race need to stop blamming others for our actions. That’s not her fault that HE knocked her out like that. It sounds like you may have been in some trouble with the law or know someone who has. News flash. We all have and at the end of the day you have a choice and he chose to stay in her life. She is wrong for not making him take accountability for what he has done to her but she’s embarrassed and humiliated. Yes, we know that it’s not the medias fault he has done this but in her head she feels that if it never would have been exposed they would be fine and that is not the case. Everything happens for a reason and this needed to be in the open. For him to take accountabilty for what he has done and for her to HOPEFULLY see that this is not okay and that leaving will be in her best interest as opposed to staying.

  • Imjustsayin444

    Oh yes. Janay my dear, spitting is one of the most disgusting things you can do to anyone. I’m sure this was impulsive. He could have put his hand over her mouth and pushed her punk ass off of the elevator and left her where she was. I should have noted how out of order she was because that was just plain nasty and childish. I just think that KO was too much. Period.

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