Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 4, Episode 15

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From Motherland to Haterville

The ladies are finally leaving South Africa. Both Marlo and Nene engage the help to pack for them. They both call the white housekeepers blue eyes. I didn’t find that offensive but I am sure if The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills called Black housekeepers brown eyes, there would be an issue. Marlo lays in bed and orders the housekeeper on how and what to pack. Kandi and Cynthia discuss Sheree’s gossiping to Kim.

As the ladies leave they are serenaded by some of the hotel staff, which was lovely. Phaedra mentioned that it rained as they were leaving as South Africa was sad to see them go. No, Phaedra South Africa was shedding tears of joy.

Back in Atlanta, Kim is looking for a nanny, she hands KJ to Pinsha, housekeeper #1. Which crappy agency was Kim using, that the resume’s that were sent to Kim, weren’t top quality, that even Kim had issue with the caliber of applicants.

Kim has 2 housekeepers, but still needs a nanny. Kim goes outside and find her assistant Sweetie and daughter Brielle, sunbathing, she whips her (metaphorically of course) and tells her off.

Kim: What are you doing out here anyway, you don’t need to tan

Why does Kim need a nanny, with two housekeepers, a 15 year old daughter and an assistant?

I thought it was cute, Peter obviously looked after his step-daughter Noelle, while Cynthia was away and apparently Noelle, enjoys his cooking better than her mothers. Cynthia didn’t bring back anything for Peter, although a keychain was an afterthought was given to him. Peter announces that he wants to put together a one year anniversary party for her, (in his toast at the party next week, Peter thanks their friend and family and Malorie, hilarious and an ouch). Cynthia isn’t enthused, but understands as the drama with the wedding still irks Peter. Cynthia and Peter talk about Nene’s son being arrested.

Kandi tells her mother about the trip and what was said. Kandi and her mother both state they don’t believe that Kim is racist.

Sheree: Kim would never hold a Black baby

Kandi never said that. In all truth it was Sheree who said it and drew that conclusion from what was said. Kim mentions this to Kendra, who is helping Kim decorate her home. Kendra is the owner of the house Kim is living in right now. Kendra’s home is 17,000 sq ft, what kind of castle is Kendra living in now, as that is her other home? Kim also tells Kendra that Sweetie is not doing her job. What has caused Sweetie to stop doing her job all of a sudden, she was the best a few years ago?

Kim: Sheree doesn’t lie, she’s had my back for 10 years.

And she almost got your wig too, Kim. Did you forget that? Kandi and Phaedra drive through Kim’s neighborhood and eye the homes and like what they see. They decide to view Chateau Sheree or the dirt plot the flies are buzzing, good sound editing Bravo. What the hell is Phaedra wearing? Phaedra stop it.

Phaedra: I’ma have to relive another episode of this foolery

Phaedra, Sheree and Kandi have drinks at Kim’s house and outside Kim decides to bring up the holding Black babies comment. What baffles me is that Kim was so quick to believe Sheree, instead of asking Kandi what happened first before jumping to judgment.

Kim is fishing for an opening for the conversation about Black babies. Insert *awkward silence*. What did you say Kandi about me being in an orphanage? Kandi stated that she didn’t think Kim would do any of the trip. Is that insinuating Kim was racist? I couldn’t see Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives, doing the trip either, because she is bougie. Both Kim and Sheree are making this out to be a bigger issue that what it really is.

Marlo and Nene were both out of place on the trip, they were in designed duds, sequins and all types of wrong, as I believe Kim would be dressed the same as her nemesis too, but because the only white cast member was not on the trip and a black cast member stated she couldn’t see her on the trip, then it’s a problem. Did you see Sheree’s face during Kim and Kandi’s exchange, she was enjoying it way too much, as if to say, see I was right, me and Kim are now tight again. Sheree is a stirrer, instigator and too old to be acting the fool.

Peter meets with Tony, their wedding planner. Why does Peter do this, he has no money. Tony asks about the budget, he wants light food for 150 people. What is wrong with Peter?

I’m just getting back from Africa, I’m exhausted, and all of a sudden Bryson calls me from Gwinnett County Jail. He said that he was arrested several days ago. I said, ‘OK. Goodnight.’ Who in the hell walks into a store and steals two $14 razors? And in a Wal-Mart of all places!

Peter talks with Nene about Bryce who she refused to bail out of jail. Peter believes Nene should bail him out. Nene rightly so should keep his rude self in jail. If you can’t hear, you will feel.

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Next week “Peaches and Screams”
NeNe tries to help her son by reaching out to an unlikely source; simmering friction surfaces among Cynthia, Peter and Mal; Phaedra enlists in an embalming class; and dramas flare up between Kim and her assistant.

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  • Clakbeisha

    I really don’t like Sheree Whitfield friends don’t throw each other under the bus Kandi needs to take her own advice and “Rise Above The Haters”.#justsaying

  • tiny

    I thought it was really racist of nene to call the white housekeeper ‘blue eyes’.  I’m sure she did it on purpose, but with a smile on her face to be manipulative and make it look like she was nice. She already showed being very sensitive about kim supposedly treating sweety like her slave, because sweety is black and now nene and marlo want to switch the roles (from history) and treat some white girl as their slave, just pathetic bitches is what they are.

    • Sheila

      I don’t see that has being racist. I have freinds that I will give a nickname too, did you ever stop to think,maybe she was giving the housekeeper a compliment. I have check into a Hotel, and if the housekeeper have beautiful eyes, I have call the houskeeper baby blue eyes. I don’t see that on the same level, on how she treats Sweetie. Now, sweetie is her best freind for over 10 years, but you fired her because Kim got herself pregnant, and she wants sweetie to drop roll take care of  a dog pissing and crapping on the floor,also see about those daughters, boyfriend, and a new baby.  Did you ask sweetie did she receives a raise, well anyway she was fired, just like the black hair designer as well. You can’t compare the two. She have to take care of her wigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t you apply for that postion. Kim,Kory and her father are racist.

  • Redsweet135

    The Africa trip was calming but THAT DAMN SHEREE!
    Com’on chick…I was on your team until the Kandi and Kim tragedy!
    They must have given you $100 more than the others to be the B.S. starter in this episode. Come now…you will get that house but not by throwing folks under the bus for $100 extra bucks…lol!

    NeNe I applaude you for leaving Bryson ass right where he wants to be. It has NOTHING to do with your parenting but it says everything about his choices and no one is held accountable for that but BRYSON.

  • Jay Dubb

    Sheree was messy and enjoyed every minute of the back-and-forth between Kim and Kandi. Poor Kandi couldn’t seem to put her thoughts together well enough to explain herself, so she came off a little defensive. I like when Kandi stands her ground.

    I agreed with Nene’s reaction to Bryce’s incarceration.

    I didn’t think it was racist by them calling the girl “blue eyes”(unless she didn’t have them), though it was inappropriate considering they knew her actual name.

    • Sheila

      I don’t feel sorry for kandi, Her and Sheree are like 2 peas in a pot. Kandi do the same thing. Good for her I don’t care for either one! Kandi was my girl until she start going back and saying slack things, like Nene is a rich Bitch. What goes around, will come around. So, be careful how you treat others