Real Housewives Of Atlanta Preview | Part 3 Reunion

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Nene Leakes joins the ladies at the reunion.

Kim Fields’ Husband Confronts Kenya Moore | The ladies address the rumor about Chris

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Don’t Be Tardy I Dream Of Nene Kandi’s Wedding

Real Housewives of Atlanta Don’t Be Tardy I Dream of Nene Kandi’s Wedding USA, LLC

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  • itdsn’tmttr

    this may be a first but for once I agree with Nene…Kim F is too classy for this bunch. I guess, for NeNe, she got hungry for a check and had to come back to the show that made her. It amazes me that people like Kenya & Pheadra don’t seem to see their own contradictions. Kenya is so desperate for attention that she will say anything to stay relevant. IMHO, the only reason she went to her mothers home was for attention and sympathy. I agree with Aunt Lori, she doesn’t have the right to show up, unannounced on her mothers doorstep. It appeared to me as a pathetic attempt for a story line.
    Then there is the legend in her own mind Pheadra. Everything she seems to do & say is so self serving. I have no doubt in my mind that she called the feds. The best line that I’ve seen in the preview was Todd telling Pheadra that she knows so much about what he’s doing but she didn’t know what her own husband was doing in their own home. Can you say “Burn!” LOL

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